How Indians can get a Dubai visa for work.

How Indians can get a Dubai visa for work

Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates and one of the largest and most popular deep sea ports, the main administrative center of the eponymous emirate, (the most important commercial and financial center of the UAE and the entire Middle East) these facts make Dubai very attractive in terms of improving financial position for foreigners. It is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf.

Also, Dubai is famous primarily for its skyscrapers and for futuristic design solutions, which are famous all over the world. One of the most famous structures is the Burj Khalifa skyscraper. Also, it is the tallest tower in the world. Investment and tourism have played a job huge role in the development of Dubai. 

    There are a lot of luxury hotels made for tourists, so in fact, the best vacancies for people who want to start working in Dubai are in the hotel business: reception, administrators, translators, maids, bartenders, waiters, headwaiters, lifeguards water parks, animators, teachers in dance groups, clowns, musicians. For all service staff, there exists a special system of surcharges: for service, monthly bonuses, and tips. This type of work is not hard, but it can be exhausting and sometimes unpleasant, but it’s well paid. It’s not the full list of jobs, but the most popular, but if you are talented in some area, you can, for example, become a massage therapist, hairdresser, fitness instructor, etc.

Dubai visa for work

How can I get a work permit in the UAE?

    There are 3 main stages you need to go through to get a Work Permit in the UAE. Firstly, you need to get a working entry visa. Your employer has to submit the first application on your behalf to the UAE Ministry of Labor. 

    If such approval is obtained, the employer will present his employment contract to the ministry. Along with your signatures, you will have two months to move to the UAE if you receive an entry resolution. Then you will need to get an Emirates ID, you will need to get an ID to pass a medical examination to get a residence permit. 

    To get an ID, first, you need to make an application for it, to do this you should contact the center of the Emirates identity authority. You have to carry with you an entry visa, passport, and a copy of your passport. In the future, with all these documents you will be able to make an application to get a visa for permanent residence, so if you get these documents, you can get permission to work. After all these long and exhausting stages, you can breathe freely, because the most difficult part is behind.

How to get a visa for Dubai for work?

Working visa for people from other countries is a resolution for long stays in a country with the aim of getting income. To make these documents, you need to have:

  • foreign passport and its previous copy;

  • questionnaire (It must be already filled out);

  • original and copy of work permit documents;

  • letter from your employer;

  • information about the vacancy, profit, and present savings of the applicant.

    But even if you have the entire list of documents, more details on how to get a UAE working visa you can get from professionals. There are a lot of factors, and only people who understand the field of obtaining foreign documents can take into account all your personal circumstances. 

    Sometimes you need to have a mental health certificate, and with the help of professionals you can be ready for strange requirements. But the most frightening and one of the most important stages is the interview. 

Visa officers will ask a lot of questions, but the most important is “Are you going to stay in this country in perpetuity, or return home? ” The most acceptable answer is that you visit the UAE to get work experience. In the end, we can say that the best way to get a working visa is to ask for help from specialists. So after all that difficult things, you can move to the UAE and start your new life on your new, and maybe dream job.

Types of Work Visas in Dubai

  1. Juvenile Work Permit: According to the main fifth article of the UAE's Labor Law, it is prohibited to apply underage students, those between the age of 15 to 18 years. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation does not issue work permits to juveniles.

  2. Temporary Work Permit: A transitory work permit is subject to the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation. To recruit a national or an expatriate worker residing in the UAE, to carry out a certain work within a period of not exceeding 6 months.

  3. Part-Time Work Permit: Part-time work gap is initially made for workers whose job is going to last only for six months or less. Prospective employers should apply for it when hiring a UAE national or expatriate worker. 

  4. Training Permit:  any determination may enroll students aged 15 years, who can train in the UAE, and can get hired. A work agreement must clarify the nature of work, its last, the salary, weekly holiday, and the number of daily working hours. Usually, it lasts for 3 Months, (Like the usual school holidays). 

  5. Residence Visa Holder Work Permit: this is valid for up to two years. The employee's work permit will be listed as part of the residency visa. Once the work permit is accepted, the employee can officially start working.

  6. Self-employed visa work permit: The freelance visa in Dubai is a type of UAE residency, meaning that you can live and work with your family members in the UAE for anywhere from 1 to 5 years. The freelance permits are available for UAE nationals, citizens, residents, and non-residents.

Work Visas in Dubai

How long will my visa take to process?

    Usually, the visa processing time is approximately 3 to 4 working days if all stages of registration of your documents and interview were successful. But if you are not ready for all this fiddling with documents, and didn’t take it seriously, like many people, all this will be delayed for more than one month. So the fact is that the best way to get a working visa for the UAE is to contact a specialist. 

    Nowadays, the Internet is full of numerous experts that can help you for a relatively small amount of money. Do not spare money, it will pay off anyway, right after you start working in the place where you want.

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The most interesting article about the Working Visa in UAE, all the info which was given here is compact and astonishing. My regards
I think in my country this info would be more than welcome, because all you know is that India is a poor country and when I get a visa, I want to become a doctor and help people
Thank you so much for this information. I am a young student and I never guessed that there are so many pitfalls.
Wow, getting a visa to the UAE is not that hard like I thought, I think I'll try. My mum always said to me that I would never have opportunity to go abroad, but with help of your article I hope to become the greatest man in my village when I find The job I wanted, and prove otherwise to my mom))))
There is no superfluous info, I like it. Because everywhere I tried to find something about getting a Working Visa in the UAE on other sites, but they could not give me the right info.
Mohammad Rafi
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Driver job
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Balinder Singh

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