Date: 02/29/2018

At Layboard LTD we are committed to combating modern slavery in all areas of our business. Conscious of the importance of dignity and human rights, we recognize that modern slavery violates fundamental principles of human rights and commit to actively working to prevent and eliminate it.

Our Commitments

We undertake:

  • Recognize and Prevent Risks: Conduct risk assessments regarding potential human rights violations, in particular modern slavery, in our own operations and supply chains
  • Develop and Implement Anti-Slavery Policies: Develop and implement strategies to prevent modern slavery, including a policy of eliminating the use of forced labor and child labor in all aspects of our business.
  • Work with Employers: Work with our suppliers to ensure that adequate human rights standards are implemented and to reduce the risk of modern slavery in our supply chains.
  • Provide Training and Awareness: Provide training and awareness to our employees and stakeholders on the issues of modern slavery and how to prevent it.

Responsibility and Accountability

We accept full responsibility for any breaches of our anti-modern slavery commitments and will ensure that any breaches identified are addressed promptly and with appropriate preventative measures.

Call for Cooperation

We call on other businesses, organizations and governments to join our fight against modern slavery and work together to create a world where the rights and dignity of every person are inherent values.

This public declaration is an expression of our strong commitment to the principles of justice, equality and respect for human rights.

Denis Popov

Layboard LTD

This declaration is a public document and is available at