Complaints Policy.

How to file a complaint about a company or job posting? Here are the main situations you should contact support about:

Fraudulent vacancies:

Layboard takes user safety seriously. Our quality control department checks thousands of jobs, sites and employers every day for fraud. Unfortunately, scammers sometimes find ways to advertise with us. If you are asked to provide personal information (passport or bank details) before an official job offer or are asked to pay a fee for consideration of your candidacy, we do not recommend this. Also, please contact trusted verified companies with checkboxes.

Errors in the ad:

The description, salary, region or contact information does not match the reality in the ad. If a vacancy found on Layboard is no longer relevant or is not available for application on the site.

Illegal activities

Prohibited work or work that requires breaking the law (performing illegal actions). For example, distribution of drugs/weapons or other prohibited items

Complaint about a vacancy

To submit a complaint about a vacancy, use our portal. In the description please indicate:

  • Link to the vacancy. If the position is no longer available or you cannot find it, please provide us with all the information you remember. For example: the full name of the vacancy or company, the date of response to the vacancy, or letters that you received from the scammer.
  • Evidence of fraud A screenshot or scanned copy of fraud from the employer.

Email our support team [email protected]

Layboard is not involved in the selection of candidates and will not be able to answer questions regarding the decision and communication with the employer. You can write directly to the employer and clarify all the points you are interested in.