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urgent vacancy


Medicine - Pharmaceuticals - Healthcare

850 $


Period of Contract : 2 Years Food : Provided Accommodation : Provided Insurance : Provided Mode of Selection Online interview

The Manpower HR


Job consultancy
Escort - Massage - Entertainment

1200 to 1700 AED


Electrician salary - 1500 to 1700AED Plumber salary -1500 to 1700AED Helpers salary - 1200 to1300AED Contact +971543377836



Restaurants - Cafes - Hotels

3500 QAR


Food in beverage department all other head of department. .Ensure that all menus are constantly updated paying special attention to seasonal availability. To ensure that all menus are corectly calculated to ensure maximum gross profit

Shaqab abella catering services


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Warehouse worker at Mainfreight
Warehouse - Logistics - Customs

2100 €


Location - Netherlands, Heerlen A gross salary of €11.83 per hour Responsibilities: Checking and registering incoming goods Picking and packing orders Checking labels and preparing packages for transportation What's in it for you? Accommodatio...



Immigration Consultant
No experience - Students - Other

4500 SAR


This is the Season for MALTA WORK PERMIT! 100% GUARANTEED PROCESS - VISA ISSUED IN 2 - 3 months Hassle-Free Application, Ease of Appointment Booking for Visa Stamping (Next day appointment), and Attractive Salary Packages and Employment Benefits! Work Permit issuance + Temporary Residency P...

SteadFast Services


Handymen - Working specialties

2000 €

Germany (Berlin)

Job offer: Co-Founder / Mechanical Engineer We are looking for a co-founder / mechanical engineer to work along with us in the Hot-dog vending machine production. It’s required to have a sound experience in SolidWorks. Being able to own the whole process from designing to final drawing...


Direct employer

Jobs in USA.

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No experience - Students - Other

0 other


Requirements: CV PASSPORT COPY 72 units in COLLEGE Where to work? CANADA Conditions: Study and Work Visa- with Family, Pls send me your CV [email protected] SUBJECT- STUDENT



ESL teacher
Engineer - Technologist



Online Academy of English is currently recruiting qualified candidates for the position of ESL teacher. The position implies remote work. We teach businessmen, coaches, sportsmen and artists who are focused on the result. We are looking for teachers, who are ready to act fast and dea...

Online Academy of English

Direct employer

Search Engine Evaluation
No experience - Students - Other



Requirements: You are a native speaker of English and are currently based in Canada Alternatively, you are a fluent speaker who has been living in Canada for at least 5 years. The online queries can be very local and related to culture, slang and lingo of the country. Therefore, bei...

Pactera EDGE


Jobs in Africa.

Countries to work in Africa
Popular jobs in Africa.
Handymen - Working specialties

3000+ $


Only serious applicant should submit their CV and international passport to our hiring manager on WHATSAPP +2349042136684 Supervisor Electrician Driver Capenter Foreman Safety officer Crane Operator Forklifter Fabricator Pipe Fitter Welder Plumber Time Kepper Store Keeper Mason JCB O...

Poole construction company

Private person

Job Offer
Handymen - Working specialties

3000+ $


We are urgently hiring people who are interested to work abroad and live here for period of 3-4years... Interested applicant should forward their resume and inquire through email or Whatsapp [email protected] +2348069787243 Hope to enjoy our work time the goal getters .



Urgently Hiring
Handymen - Working specialties

3000+ $


We are urgently hiring people who are interested to work abroad and live here for period of 3-4years... Interested applicant should forward their resume and inquire through email or Whatsapp [email protected] +2348069787243 Hope to enjoy our work time the goal getters .



Jobs in Oceania.

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Career status: candidate Employment Type: to work weekends or holidays
Agriculture - Agribusiness - Forestry

2150 $

New Zealand (Rotorua)

Work area: Agriculture - Agribusiness - Forestry Career status: candidate Employment Type: to work weekends or holidays Location: Rotorua New Zealand WORK EXPERIENCE: with work experience EDUCATION: Master's Degree LANGUAGE: knows basic English OUR GUARANTEE: salary is paid at the end of each...

Tifler Global Recruitment


Vacancy in Wellington New Zealand
Security - Security - Power structures

2370 $

New Zealand (Wellington)

Vacancy in Wellington New Zealand 3 to 5 years’ experience in to work weekends or holidays for a decent salary start from per month 2370 USD depends on position physically fit to handle the duties handyman to ensure stock rotation knows basic English pay on time transportation to and from work duty ...

Tifler Global Recruitment


We urgently needed a passionate
Marine specialties

1100 $

New Zealand

Responsibilities: no work experience fluent English to work weekends or holidays Job description: we urgently needed a passionate candidate to negotiate in New Zealand on a competitive salary start from per month 1100 USD we guarantee salary is paid by contract sharing accommodation duty meal friend...

Tifler Global Recruitment


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Today, working abroad is one of the most popular and optimal options for earning and developing.

Why do people go to work abroad?

The main reasons are:

-          Difficulty finding a job in your country or lack of the desired vacancy;

-          the possibility of large profits in the short term.

These are the two main reasons that people go abroad for work. The first reason is not entirely true. Vacancies and any job are everywhere, another thing that many people consider inappropriate, but coming abroad, most find the same job, only the salary will be an order of magnitude higher. For example, the work of a collector of vegetables, fruits, maids, waiters, couriers does not require higher education, high qualifications and extensive experience. It can be concluded that the main reason for employment abroad is high wages, but we should not forget that in large European countries there is also a problem of unemployment, so finding a good job is not so easy.

What kind of work can you get abroad?

All work abroad is divided into two categories: formal and informal. This work is divided into all groups: Highly qualified staff (doctors, engineers, managers, managers and others); Handymen (construction workers, waitresses, salesmen, field workers, kitchen workers and others).

Both groups of vacancies are in demand, only for highly qualified staff there will be other requirements, for example: work experience of 5 years and above, perfect knowledge of the language of the country, high level of training and so on. Low-skilled staff is valued for high efficiency, diligence, and performance of large volumes of work. According to their experience, everyone chooses a suitable job for themselves.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of jobs in foreign countries?

With successful employment on jobs abroad and overseas jobs you have the following opportunities:

1.      Learn a foreign language;

2.      High salary;

3.      Opportunity to move permanently to another country;

4.      There will be an opportunity to get useful acquaintances;

5.      A great opportunity to see the world and expand your horizons;

6.      Possibility to obtain citizenship. If your career grows, you can easily apply for citizenship.

Disadvantages of foreign jobs:

1.      First of all, these are psychological factors. It is not easy for everyone to leave everything at home and go to a foreign country where there may be a language barrier, a different culture, lack of acquaintances, friends and family. But if you are serious and know why you are doing it, you can gather your will in your fist, gain courage and go to your goal;

2.      Difficulties at work. In other countries, completely different working conditions. The work is more tightly controlled, quality is monitored, and there is no possibility to "tinker". If you do not follow the daily plan, you will need to take overtime;

3.      Large financial costs. When moving, in any case you will have to rent a house, buy food, spend on transportation, and the cost of these services is much higher than in Ukraine. Many Ukrainians save a lot, limit themselves in something to avoid unnecessary expenses;

4.      And the worst thing you can face - unscrupulous employers and fraudsters.

Best countries to work abroad.

Jobs abroad 2021 are available in almost every country. The choice is up to you. Our site Layboard has made the list of the top countries best for work abroad hiring. It is not only Europe, work abroad jobs can be suitable for you also in Asia and overseas countries.

Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Germany and Lithuania are members of great popularity today. Also interesting vacancies can be found in Canada, USA, China, Italy, UAE, Turkey and Australia.

Professions in demand abroad.

Work abroad 2021 can be seasonal and long-term. Each country has its own areas of work where foreign workers are needed. Countries with developed tourist infrastructure regularly offer jobs for animators or guides. Countries with developed agricultural sectors are invited to work in agriculture. There is always a demand for highly qualified specialists, regardless of the continent.

The most demanded job openings abroad for foreigners are:

-          builder;

-          the driver;

-          teacher;

-          service worker;

-          IT specialist;

-          nurse;

-          collector of seasonal crops;

-          handyman for production;

-          engineer.

As we can notice, job hiring abroad is made not only for informal employment or people without education, but also for high positions in offices, where specialists are needed.

Countries for hiring abroad and salary.

In Canada you can earn about 5,000 dollars per month if the employee is a good professional.

Work for foreigners may not always be long-term, as there is simply no opportunity to leave the country for a long time. In this case, the best option would be seasonal employment, which can be found in Finland. This work is to collect berries or mushrooms, as most of the country is covered by forests. The monthly salary on local farms ranges from 800 to 1,500 euros. Seasonal work can also be found in Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy and the UAE.

Why should you choose

Layboard is a website dedicated for finding working places and job hiring abroad. We provide all the nuances and information regarding employment, vacancies, countries, employers and also offer you help in case of difficulty. You need to register and make your own form, also choose a country, with us it is also possible and incredibly convenient, and you can start working in the country you have been dreaming of for a long time!