Moving to Dubai for Work: The Ultimate Guide for Job Seekers.

Moving to Dubai for Work: The Ultimate Guide for Job Seekers

The state of the United Arab Emirates, UAE, is located on the shores of the Persian Gulf. The country has large oil fields. This, thanks to the correct policy of the authorities, provides the region with a luxurious and prosperous life. A huge number of tourists come here to look at the Arab miracle.

The center of tourism of the Emirates is the city of Dubai. Something interesting is constantly happening here: unusual ultra-modern buildings are being built, artificial snow resorts are being erected, tall skyscrapers appear. The flow of those wishing to see paradise, to live in it, does not end.

But not everything is so simple. Beautiful carefree life in the region has both positive and negative aspects. Sometimes, the judgments of people who have visited the country are diametrically opposed. Someone speaks of it with delight, someone with hostility, others try to give an objective assessment. You need to know about the high cost of living and transportation. This article aims to show the good as well as the bad side of how foreign citizens live in the UAE and how to keep balancing work and personal life. What attracts them, and what scares and alarms. After all, a beautiful outer cover sometimes hides a lot of flaws. To avoid such surprises and have an idea about life in the country, you should familiarize yourself with the facts below.

Dubai is a popular destination for jobseekers

Why Dubai is a popular destination for jobseekers

Dubai has many job benefits for employment of migrants from India:

  • Economic stability. This is perhaps one of the main factors that ensure a decent life in the region. Prices do not jump, which is due to the constant exchange rate of the local currency over the years. Loyal tax policy is aimed at the inflow of foreign capital. And this is constant investment and jobs, which is an important factor for economic progress.

  • Wide possibilities. More than 9 million people live on the territory of the state. Of these, 70% are foreigners. Indigenous people almost do not work, so there are great prospects for foreign workers. Top-level specialists receive high salaries. For ambitious, energetic people, there are excellent opportunities for successful career growth and business development. A number of bonuses are also provided: profitable medical insurance, a trip home, sometimes renting an apartment, using a car, and much more at the expense of the company.

  • Health care system. Huge amounts are allocated for the development of medicine. Medical care here is one of the best because the latest developments in this area are applied. It is free for the local population. Employed foreigners take out annual medical insurance. The cost of the insurance package is different, but this does not affect the quality of service. It's top-notch here.

  • Tax policy. Taxes are provided only for companies producing oil, and other minerals, as well as for foreign banks. Therefore, the UAE is called a tax haven. There are no taxes on business, personal income, or salaries. All money goes to the accounts without deductions. So you don't have to worry about taxes.

Preparing for Your Move to Dubai

Now the territory of Dubai and other Emirates resembles a blooming oasis with an abundance of ultra-modern skyscrapers, chic shopping centers, cozy park areas, well-kept gardens and coastal areas. The government of the country is investing a lot of money in the development of investment real estate, tourism, international business and agriculture, opening up new jobs. The main specifics of the Dubai job market in the state is that almost 90% of jobs are occupied by foreign citizens, so finding a decent job in Dubai is quite easy. You need to know some housing options to live in.

Researching Dubai's job market and economy

Dubai is the most popular destination in the UAE, not only for tourists but also for migrant workers. Therefore, it is there that they look for suitable vacancies in the first place. Thanks to the well-developed tourism industry, most of the vacancies for Russian citizens will be relevant in this direction.

The following vacancies are most in demand as of 2017 in Dubai and other emirates: bartenders, animators, security guards, moving logistics specialists, waiters, cooks, hostesses, in restaurants and hotels; fitness instructors; sales consultants; flight attendants; scientific staff; representatives of the construction industry: both engineers and ordinary workers; doctors and nurses.

If vacancies in the hotel and restaurant business are available to many applicants who speak English at a sufficient level and ideally have a diploma in tourism or hospitality, then it is more difficult to get a doctor's or nurs`s position in the UAE. Physicians in this country are valued, besides, the level of remuneration of doctors and other medical staff is very high, so there are significant requirements for applicants.

Indian diplomas of medical education are not valid in the UAE, therefore, before obtaining the desired position, the candidate must pass a profile exam and receive the relevant document from the Ministry of Health.

Understanding Dubai's visa and immigration requirements

The main basis for employment laws in Dubai will be a work visa. Only an applicant who has received a position in one of the country's companies can count on it. A request must be submitted by an enterprise ready to hire a foreign citizen, and during the validity of the visa, he can work exclusively in this company. Prior to applying for a visa, you need to prepare a document on education, bringing it in line with the Work visa requirements of the official representation of the UAE in Russia. So, documents are certified by a notary, translated into English or Arabic, for which they contact a specialized translation agency, and also certified at the UAE consulate.

Job in Dubai

Finding a Job in Dubai

The easiest way is to contact a recruitment agency that specializes in the search and employment of foreign personnel to work in the country. In addition to vacancies, it provides comprehensive information about the most popular specialties, conditions for obtaining a work visa, and the intricacies of employment. It should be borne in mind that these services are paid for, and the applicant will have to pay for them. The cost of employment can reach $1,000. Sometimes these costs are reimbursed by the employer.

Searching for job opportunities in Dubai

One of the job search strategies is looking for jobs on websites. On the Internet resources where you can look for a job in Dubai, a wide range of specialties is presented. Among the most famous sites, it is worth highlighting:








  • (the site provides information about the country: hotels, events, upcoming events, rental housing and cars, tours, visas, news, etc.)

  • total jobs

  • Dubai Duty Free (here you can find vacancies in the duty-free zone of the airport in Dubai).

Navigating Life in Dubai

Moving to Dubai from India provides for grounds for residence in the state, a stable income or savings. The list of requirements depends on the specific method of immigration.

Adjusting to Dubai's cultural norms and etiquette

The state religion in the country is Islam. But other religious movements are tolerated here as well. Every emirate has built at least one Christian temple. The people here are no less tolerant of other religious denominations.

Women wear black abayas for cultural norms - long completely closed dresses, unbelted and with long covered sleeves, but can be decorated with embroidery, beads, and expensive rhinestones, of course, with the permission of her husband.

The art of the Emirates is subject to Islamic traditions. You need to know local etiquette. This is manifested in literature, painting, and architecture. For example, in modern forms, even high-rise buildings, the Arabic style is clearly distinguished.

Navigating Dubai's healthcare system and insurance options

The healthcare system in the UAE is considered to be one of the best in the world. The level of medicine in the UAE is so high that in total there are 231 doctors per 100,000 inhabitants. According to official statistics, the country's public sector operates 45 hospitals, employing 8,322 doctors and 20,480 nurses. The private sector is more voluminous in terms of indicators: there are 98 hospitals, where 14,785 doctors and 33,435 nurses are involved.

For foreign citizens - tourists and ex-pats - only emergency medical care can be free. Note that emergency medical procedures are free of charge, but further treatment will be paid. In all other cases, when the disease does not require emergency intervention, foreign citizens need to take out health insurance.

New Life in Dubai

Settling into Your New Life in Dubai

Getting a job in the Emirates is a great option for those who want to earn money, see the world, improve their English or learn Arabic. But do not forget about language considerations.

Adjusting to the work culture in Dubai

The bulk of the population of the UAE is Muslim. In view of this, almost all places of worship in the country are Muslim. And most of the holidays are associated with religion: the Prophet's Birthday, Rajab Bayram, the Feast of Conversation, etc.

Also, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, and adherents of other religions live in the United Arab Emirates. Some communities have their own shrines. So, for Christians, the Church of St. Philip the Apostle was built in Sharjah. And in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there are Hindu temples.

Despite the rapid development of modern technologies in the country, the Arabs honor their traditions. And one of the characteristic manifestations is the national dress, which is worn not only on holidays, but also in everyday life.

Arabs are very hospitable, even if you know a local for only a couple of days, you can easily be invited to your home. Guests are usually treated to strong coffee with cardamom and other spices. Refusing food is considered extremely impolite. Please note that you should only take food and drinks, as well as serve them with your right hand.

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