The Most In-Demand Jobs in UAE: Skills, Education and Experience Required.

The Most In-Demand Jobs in UAE: Skills, Education and Experience Required

The UAE is a colorful and richest country with fine sandy endless beaches, azure waters, and unique "cosmic" architecture, which has no analogs in the world. The latter, by the way, as travelers note, changes every year!

The United Arab Emirates annually attracts hundreds of Indians with its legal employment in the service sector in hotels and restaurants.

Employment in the Emirates increasingly requires foreign workers who speak English at an intermediate level. They are incredibly in demand in almost all sectors of the country's economy.

Over the past 40 years, the population of the United Arab Emirates has grown more than 20 times. A significant part of the inhabitants are foreigners who came with a working purpose and stayed forever. More than 80% of the workforce in the UAE are migrants from different countries, incl. Syrians and Pakistanis. Native Arabs, as a rule, are employed in promising positions - in large top companies, government organizations, private hospitals, etc.

This article will answer the most common questions of migrant workers: what is the average salary in the UAE, how to get a job in the Emirates, and what a non-resident needs to know to build successful career prospects?

The United Arab Emirates is one of the few states that do not have problems with unemployment. Moreover, employers offer comfortable conditions and decent wages to every interested specialist.

Native Arabs receive an average of $10,000 per month. The salary of a qualified migrant is no more than $7,000.

Foreigners who come for seasonal work receive between $1,500–2,000 per month. For comparison, it is worth noting that the salary of many highly qualified specialists in the countries of the former CIS hardly reaches $ 1,000, while in the United Arab Emirates, this amount is earned by an ordinary slab stacker or gardener.

Foreigners planning employment and residence in the Emirates must undergo preliminary training. The first thing to do is to get to know the culture and mentality of the UAE, the local climate, and the laws. For this, one tourist trip to Dubai or Abu Dhabi is enough.

The next step is to find an employer. This can be done both over the Internet and during a regular trip. The employer conducts an interview with a potential employee and sends a job invitation. It must be submitted to the consulate along with other documents when applying for a work visa and residence permit.

Particular attention should be paid to a medical examination: without healthcare certificates, a migrant has no right to work in the UAE.

The absence of diseases such as tuberculosis, HIV, rabies and other diseases that can develop an epidemic in the country is being checked. The examination is carried out, as a rule, in the Arab hospital at the place of arrival. If a migrant has a dangerous disease, he is immediately deported to his homeland, and the work visa is canceled.

To officially find a job in the Emirates, a foreigner must obtain a work card. The document is issued at the General Directorate of Foreign Affairs of the UAE. Valid for 1000 days or more. The card must be provided to the specialist no later than 2 months after moving to the UAE.

Тop companies hiring in UAE

Тop companies hiring in UAE

For many residents from India, working abroad, for example in Dubai, is not only a way to improve their financial situation, but also to look at the world. There have been many different rumors about the UAE for a long time, but they all agree that it is prestigious to work here and this is a great opportunity to gain a very valuable professional experience. It is quite possible to get a job here. This is due to the fact that before the start of the tourist season, most local resorts announce hundreds of vacancies for foreign citizens.

Employer search

It is advisable to look for a reliable hiring employer even before your arrival. He will be your sponsor. A potential director will help you get a visa, and a work card and provide housing. The first step for a potential employee is the issuance of a resident visa (prototype residence permit). If you receive it, you will be able to live in the city without any problems for 3 years, then the documents are extended, up to obtaining permanent residence. But UAE citizenship, with all the desire, is almost impossible to obtain.

The next step for a potential employee is an examination in a hospital. Here the presence of various diseases is checked. If they discover AIDS, tuberculosis, then deportation will be inevitable. In addition, a foreigner will be banned from visiting the country for six months.

Be sure to write a resume along with a cover letter. Write here about skills, education, and unique abilities, and attach certificates and diplomas. It is better to send resumes to emails of official companies. Without knowledge of English, finding a job will be extremely difficult. With it, the chances of employment increase three times.

There are several ways to find a job abroad and related job grabjobs. The first - is through friends, and acquaintances, the second - independently without intermediaries, and the third - by contacting a company specializing in this market segment.

As practice shows, it is almost impossible to find jobs in Dubai for Indian-speaking citizens on their own. The most desperate, who are ready to leave their established way of life and recover in search of a better life in the UAE, have a slightly better chance. But the share of risk here is quite large and not suitable for everyone.

Another way for Indians to independently search for work in the Emirates is to regularly monitor specialized sites, ads in local media, and also on forums. You can find job advertisements on the official portals of hotels, manufacturing enterprises and other organizations.

Most of our fellow citizens find work in the United Arab Emirates through specialized intermediary firms. The average cost of their services is about 600-900 US dollars. It should be noted that payment can be made not immediately, but in installments, but there is a chance to fall for scammers. Therefore, it is very important to learn as much as possible about the company before concluding an agreement, reading reviews, and recommendations, and finding out legally how it operates.

Salary range: what jobs pay the most in UAE

Few people know that the indigenous people of the UAE do not engage in physical labor. The entire workforce consists of visitors. Therefore, for many, a trip to work in Dubai is a great chance. The salary in Dubai depends on the field of activity in which you want to get a job, ranging from 300 to 3,000 dollars.

There is always enough demand for jobs because the state is developing. The government is interested in supporting innovative projects, so it invests heavily in their implementation.

jobs in UAE

What specialties are in demand in Dubai? Whatever profession and prospects you have, there is always the opportunity to get a job in your specialty - from a janitor to management positions in private firms. If you have higher education and excellent command of spoken English, then finding a well-paid job will not be difficult.

Works with the use of manual labor imply low wages. However, it is not clear how this minimum pay scale is supported by labor law in the UAE. Currently, the salary range of a maid is: in Bangladesh - 750 dirhams, in India - 1100 dirhams, in Indonesia - 800 dirhams, in the Philippines - 1400 dirhams, in Sri Lanka - 850 dirhams.

Work in the tourism and services sector is also low-paid, but quite demanding. For some reason, many Indians think that working in tourism in Dubai can bring them big money. But they are wrong. Most of the people working in the tourism industry also came to Dubai from Asia.

Administrators and secretaries in Dubai have low salaries, however, when they get promoted to personal assistant to the boss of a large company, their salary becomes more attractive, especially if the employee knows Arabic and some other languages.

Middle managers, most of whom are usually Asians, have good salaries, but the requirements for them are quite high.

As for teachers, this is one of the professions that has a minimum wage. It is 2000 dirhams per month. However, this condition is not always met. Teachers in foreign private schools have salaries in the range of AED 5,000-15,000, while few earn up to AED 20,000 per month. Salaries sometimes differ within the same school, depending on the teacher's nationality. It is worth noting that teachers in public schools earn 25,000 dirhams or more, depending on their qualifications and experience.

Architects, lawyers, accountants, pilots, as a rule, have a fairly large salary. The same goes for doctors.

Chief executives and managing directors of large companies tend to earn quite high salaries, but it is very difficult to achieve a top manager position in Dubai.

Below is a table of the average salary in Dubai for different positions in dirhams.

  • Accountant 3000 – 20000

  • Pilot (captain) 30000 - 50000

  • Business Development Manager 10000 – 35000

  • Bar manager 5000-25000

  • Driver 1500-2500

  • Director 50000-70000

  • Mechanical engineer 10000-25000

  • Software engineer 10000-20000

  • Assistant Director 15000-25000

  • Interior designer 17000-65000

  • Head of kindergarten (foreign) 12000-20000

  • Laborer 600-1500

  • Cleaning lady, nanny 700-3000

  • Marketing Manager 11000-34000

  • School teacher 1000-10000

  • Office manager 8000-16000

  • Project manager 12000-75000

  • Project architect 20000-30000

  • Research Assistant 8000-12000

  • Sales Manager 5000-25000

  • Sales consultant 1500-2500

  • Headmaster (Indian Schools) 7000-12000

  • Head of school (international schools) 25000-45000

jobs in United Arab Emirates

Most demand jobs in UAE

In the UAE, for Indian-speaking immigrants from the countries of the former CIS, employment in the service sector remains the most attractive. Traditionally, security guards, animators, bartenders, waiters, chef assistants, traders, parking attendants, baristas, hostesses, shop assistants, photographers, and so on are invited here.

Teachers of higher educational institutions with academic degrees can be employed in the Emirates under the exchange program.

Temporary employment in the UAE among students is also very popular. This is due to the opportunity to combine a well-paid work activity with traveling around the world, making new acquaintances and experiences. By the way, the average salary in the country for foreigners is 3 thousand dollars.

It should also be noted the construction industry in the country, where there is constantly an acute shortage of labor. But according to statistics, the percentage of Indian citizens involved in construction is quite low. The leaders here are people from India, Iraq, Pakistan, and some others.

In the last decade, the number of students coming here for practice has increased. First of all, this applies to students in the areas of hotel, restaurant, and tourism business.

Among the many advantages, professional activity in the UAE also has some disadvantages. These include: Muslim traditions, hot climate, an employment contract is rarely concluded for a period of less than 1 year.

You can find related jobs in the United Arab Emirates in various ways, but more reliable and promising is to contact a company specializing in the selection of foreign specialists. Although the services are paid, in the process all this quickly pays off.

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