How to get a job abroad without experience.

How to get a job abroad without experience

There is a fairly popular paradox that they will not be hired without experience, but experience cannot be gained without employment. Next, we will dispel this myth and tell you how to find a job without experience abroad.

It is worth starting with the fact that experience is a fairly broad term. Very often, people try to fit only professional employment into the experience. Of course, if you have rich experience, then this must be indicated. But what about a person who is just starting his career? How to get a job abroad without experience? Read in this blog post.

Finding a job abroad is not so difficult. Here it is simply important to approach the issue correctly. Now there is an agency for employment abroad, as well as many private individuals. Today we will look at how to do everything right and learn the job as quickly as possible. After all, if you do everything yourself, then it will be effective. For example, a firm for employment abroad will take money from you and no doubt, but cannot guarantee anything. The only person who can do it right is you.

First of all, it is necessary to separate - work in the profession and seasonal work abroad. In the case of working abroad in a profession (for example, somewhere in the office), most often they are employed for internships / practices. Also, often this is all free of charge (since the work is only a few hours a day). And this is also your job opportunities to take advantage of it.

First of all, they won’t demand much from you here, on the contrary, you can take initiative and learn - all this is job opportunities to stay in this UK company to work on a paid basis. And if not, this is still the first experience. Therefore, in any case, it is worth taking advantage of the practice / experience, it is even worth going to several international companies at once so as not to waste time.

Going further, if we talk about seasonal / temporary work, then endurance is valued first of all. Most often, this is work for 8-10 hours, in the fresh air (collecting vegetables / fruits or construction). Therefore, here the employer does not require experience, but requires ingenuity and efficiency.

If you're looking for a seasonal job abroad, it's a good idea to write in your cover letter about your personal skills (which fit the fact that you learn quickly and can work in difficult conditions). For example, it can be noted:

  • that you go in for sports (running / gym / a specific sport) 

  • skills (what you can do and how quickly you learned it) 

  • or did a similar thing but, for example, at home (have your own garden / kitchen garden or repaired something).

Follow the rules below and you definitely find the dream job.

Redefine experience / harness the skills you already have

  • If there is no experience

If you recently graduated from a university, school or are still studying abroad or have college degree, then your lack of experience is understandable. But before choosing the “No work experience” option, think: is it definitely not there? If you have completed summer internships and internships, this is already experience, and it should be indicated. Here is an example. More detailed recommendations on what should be written in a resume for a novice specialist can be found here.

If during your studies you worked not at all in your specialty (for example, as a salesman, waiter, call center operator, teaching English abroad or working in organic farms), and now you are one of the job seekers in your specialty, this is no reason to hide your experience. It will be useful to you - we also talked about this.

Let’s say you haven’t had any internships or internships yet, and remote work, too. But for sure there is some other information about the period of study that will help draw the attention of potential employers to you. For example, you wrote a thesis on a topic that is important for the field in which you are looking for a job abroad. This should be indicated in the window immediately after the “No work experience” mark. It will appear in the "About Me" section of your resume.

A suspicious case is when studies are indicated as the reason for the lack of experience, but it is clear from the age and year of graduation that you are not yesterday's graduate. It seems that the data in the resume is unreliable or incomplete.

Explain your situation in your resume more precisely. For example, your graduation coincided with the birth of your children, and you did not go to work while you were raising them. Or all the time after your studies you are looking for a job overseas in your specialty, but so far without success.

  • If the experience is small or incomplete

We interviewed employers and we know that they are interested in information about a candidate's work experience over the past five years in a resume. Of course, this does not apply to novice specialists who do not yet have and cannot have such experience. Representatives of working specialties also do not have to describe five years of experience - you can limit yourself to the last place of work.

In other cases, if you indicated less than five years of experience on your resume, the moderators will compare your age or year of graduation with the current year to understand whether you are a beginner specialist or not. If the data doesn't match, your resume will appear to be incomplete. For example, it is clear that you finished your studies a long time ago, but your job overseas experience is indicated only for the last year or two.

Learn the language

Knowledge of the language, at least at a basic level, of the desired country in which you are going to have a job overseas will be an advantage. Of course, the most universal language is English. To work abroad, English is useful for IT specialists in all foreign countries of the world. With knowledge of English, you can find good and highly paid open positions for a hotel administrator, sales manager, etc., in Poland or the Czech Republic. But, for example, to get a good job abroad in Germany or Austria, English skills will not be enough - you need to know at least basic German. To get a job overseas in Belgium or France, you will have to learn French, and in Italy and Spain almost no English is spoken. Therefore, knowledge of local languages ​​at the level of communication is vital for labor immigrants.

There is data from the Economic Cooperation Organization agency, which characterizes the overall picture by country.

Rating of the international agency:

  • Australia

  • USA

  • Czech Republic

  • New Zealand

  • Canada

Get certified

Today, more and more people want to leave their home country and go to get jobs abroad. They want to find a desired destination where their profession will be valued and well paid. The employment of such people is carried out by special private organizations. However, recently, most organizations have begun to deceive their customers and do not fulfill their direct duties.

Many people gave a lot of money for employment, and received nothing in return. To reduce the number of such organizations and greatly simplify the lives of international workers who want to go to have jobs overseas, the authorities created and implemented a bill, and the organization must have a license to work abroad.

Attention: An employment license is issued only to proven companies that can definitely provide a workplace for a overseas jobs. This license has significantly reduced the number of fraudsters.

What a company needs to do to obtain an employment license:

  • Write an application for an employment license; 

  • Provide a statement of the presence of your own office where clients will be received; 

  • A copy of documents that confirm cooperation with foreign companies that need new workers.

This license is the main document of the employment organization. If you came to an agency that wants to send you to work abroad, but it does not have such a license, then most likely you are dealing with scammers. Checking the authenticity of a license is quite simple! It is issued only by the Ministry of Social Policy and has a single copy. You just need to find on the Internet what the license should look like and request it from the organization that provides you with the job abroad.

The Ministry of Social Policy, recently, has been closely monitoring organizations that employ Indians abroad. That is why, if the agency violates at least one clause from the contract with the worker, the state will immediately deprive him of this license. If the organization violates the terms of the contract very strongly or does not have a license at all, then the director of such an agency can be imprisoned.

Due to the fact that the workers in the city are a sought-after labor force that foreign other countries want to receive, many agencies have been created in the city that are able to find the most worthy job abroad. However, despite the fact that specialists in the city are in demand, there are also scammers here.

Get your visa

Almost everywhere a work visa is required for employment, with the exception of Poland. But even there, now due to COVID, you will not be accepted without working holiday visas. In addition to work visas, it is necessary to issue a full package of documents: a passport, insurance, a questionnaire, and others.

At the first employment abroad, you cannot do without an intermediary. The main thing is not to fall for scammers! Due to the high demand for the service, many fraudulent agencies have appeared that send job overseas offers, arrange other open positions with undesirable working abroad conditions, "pull" out of your money and disappear. Your main daunting task is to choose a trusted agency with a license, more than two years of experience and reviews. Look for reliable visa sponsorship. 

Interim job

In many countries, there is not enough of their own workforce, which is why employers are looking forward to employees from other countries - this applies primarily to those jobs abroad that do not require a doctoral degree and which will last only for some specific time (that's why it is called seasonal). For a prospective employee, this is a great opportunity to earn money, gain valuable work abroad experience, and, of course, see new places. In addition, you can make acquaintances, improve your foreign language, and maybe establish a longer working relationship with the employer and stay longer or even avoid moving abroad to this country.

Now some statistics: 70% of seasonal work abroad is associated with physical labor (more on the type of seasonal jobs abroad below), but there are no specific safety requirements for workers anymore. On average, people leave for such earnings for a period of 3 to 6 months - during this time, with an adequate salary, a normal working abroad day and - most often - all you need to daily life - free accommodation, health care and food, you can earn excellent money and, moreover, relax (no one cancels free time and weekends ). In search of everything possible, employment attracts people under 30, and there are reasons for this: the possibility of a fairly easy income + new experience + travel abroad + dating. However, older people also travel frequently for seasonal work. Let's start learning tefl course right now. 

Gain relevant unpaid experience / volunteering first

Anyone who consciously and unselfishly works for the benefit of others can call himself a volunteer. Anyone who is ready to devote their time and skills to voluntary work in any area of ​​public life where it is required can become a volunteer.

But why do people volunteer their time and effort without any financial gain? First of all, the most important motivation is the desire to help others, to make this world or someone's specific life better. And to combine business with pleasure is doubly good. As a volunteer, you can learn new things, improve your skills and gain very useful expat experience that you may not find in any paid new jobs. It is also a great way to meet new people, visit new places and instill in others human values ​​by example.

Volunteering doesn't have to take all of your time. Often people cannot realize all their desires and needs by working abroad only in their profession. Volunteer jobs abroad can bring variety to life, allowing you to escape from the daily routine.

Volunteers are not always pure altruists. As we have already said, in addition to everything, this is a great way to gain new experience, skills, knowledge, and useful connections. Volunteering is often the path to a successful career. Here you can always prove yourself from the best side, try yourself in various professional fields, decide on the choice of life path.

In foreign companies, an entry in the resume about volunteering is a weighty argument in favor of the candidate. In Indians companies, this practice is also gaining momentum. After all, if the candidate was engaged in volunteer work, you can be sure of his active life position, positive human resources, and love for work. Such workers are always valuable. In addition, you can always count on recommendations from the coordinator, which will also be a good plus for employment.


Useful human connection and acquaintances are one of the discovered ones, by which you can search and successfully find a job in overseas job fairs. In the chosen world, this is a civilized practice. And her name is networking.

There is a law in networking - the law of large numbers. That is, all established contacts are random, equal, like the contacts of your friends. And the more of them, the higher the likelihood that they used.

But not everything is as simple as it seems. Set up society and relationships requires combination and organization. Therefore, networking needs to be learned, to be able to competently build and regulate communication in order to develop in the development of their fruits.

Many people are confused by this “take advantage”. It seems that networkers are only looking for personal gain, they act dishonestly according to what they observe to people, they manipulate others. Is it so?

Networking rests on completely different rules, which are based on interaction, respect, good attitude, maintaining and developing connections, and sincerity.

Moreover, the first question you have to answer in the world of networking is: “How am I useful to other people?”.

Personal connections solve problems that even money cannot solve. For example: find your dream international jobs, investor, doctor, tutor, employee, partner; turn on a profitable attack; increasing the resolution of bureaucratic issues; get a discount on services or a ticket to the theater, etc.

Networking is for business and for life abroad. After all, the more acquaintances a person has, the brighter and richer he lives. So don't forget to have good relationship with other expats. 

Keep an open mind 

If we consider people from the point of view of self-esteem, then most often we find a division into two groups - with high self-esteem and with low self-esteem. A group with a normal or objective assessment is either not interesting to study, or does not exist as such. How to determine which group a person belongs to? Which group do you belong to? For example, by comparing your own opinion about yourself and the opinion of society. But who is right when opinions differ radically? It can be argued that the assessment of others is a priori subjective, since no one knows a person better than he knows himself. I am more inclined to believe that there is no right answer at all, because all methods, parameters, estimates, categories are essentially relative. Self-evaluation comes from the inside out. When society evaluates, the direction is directly opposite, an assessment of internal qualities is given through the prism of external factors.

If we consider the assessment of professional qualities, then the assessment by third parties will be more truthful (in case of discrepancies), since professional qualities should give a result, the result is easily tangible, that is, visible, tangible, measurable. In a word, be useful. In this situation, as they say, "you can see it from the side."

  • View jobs abroad at the pay level you want, read all about the application process.

  • Highlight the required competencies in employers list for a given “price range” and job description. 

  • Honestly (!) compare with your own level of proficiency in these skills in job offers.

  • Determine the level of foreign language proficiency according to the general scale of levels (ALTE or according to the recommendations of the British Council).

  • You can be tested by a specialist for compliance with a particular position (at a recruitment agency or employment agency in Facebook group).

  • Conduct marketing research among the environment on the subject of self-assessment as a specialist. You can ask the opinion of the immediate supervisor, subordinates, employees from related departments or just acquaintances. Decide if you are qualified candidates. In the process of such research, you can learn a lot of interesting, but not always pleasant. You have to be ready for a permanent position. Tune in to the perception of constructive criticism. 

  • Evaluate yourself according to the results of your own work. You can work poorly, you can just work, or you can work effectively. The fact that an employee is never late for work and always comes fresh after a corporate party does not mean that the company will acquire a valuable staff in his person, which will give a new qualitative impetus to its development. What did the company get as a result of cooperation with you!? Achievements must be measurable. For example, an increase in the client base by a certain number of times or a reduction in extra costs by so many percent, some innovations or a proposal to optimize a process. Difficulties with the wording of the answer to this item can be a warning signal for you and an incentive to reconsider your attitude to get a job adroad as such.

The most important and most difficult thing is to be honest with yourself. And be able to take constructive criticism. It is often a surprise for a person to see how his colleagues perceive him.

If you think that you can be a director in the full sense of the word, go through all the competencies from budgeting to optimizing business processes. Determine if you put the same meaning into these terms and processes as employers.

Assess yourself and find your niche. After all, even for the position of "director" there are many gradations and types with different required functionality and competencies.

Now you understand how to get a job abroad without experience and have job opportunities.  Find your way and fair wind!

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