How to get job in UAE from India?.

How to get job in UAE from India?

For all job seekers around the world who want to earn good money and get to know the world and people from many countries, I advise you to pay attention to the UAE. It is a popular country among those people from India and other countries who want to work in rich countries and want to improve their standard of living. Jobs in Dubai are more than enough for completely different people. Dubai's job market is designed for workers from all countries, local laws are designed for foreign workers and protect their rights as well. Dubai businesses hire foreigners, as they come to work here very often, and they do it very well, since the local population of the UAE is not enough to fill all the jobs and maintain the necessary productivity of all companies. Do not forget that dubai jobs are primarily created for local residents of the UAE, but unfortunately for the emirates and to the delight of all foreigners, including a large number of people from India, the local population either works in too high positions or is not enough for work at a regular job. This creates a lot of unemployed jobs in Dubai for the job market in the United Arab Emirates due to the fact that the local population is not enough or they are not satisfied with the working conditions, and such circumstances force many Dubai businesses to hire people from India and other countries. People who help business development of local organizations are very much loved here.

Why should I get jobs in Dubai or UAE?

Any job in the UAE can offer every hard worker earning good money and in most cases a social package. The problem is that many developing countries cannot provide their entire population with a decent level of income that will be enough for a normal life, and because of this, many people, for example from India, look for work around the world, where you can get a higher salary, a higher standard of development and living available to everyone, not just the richest, even while working part-time jobs in Dubai. This plays a big role in choosing a country for work. In addition, if you work hard in the UAE, after a while you can even get UAE citizenship, although this is a very long process, and not everyone is willing to wait that long.

Is there anything that can make me unable to work in the United Arab Emirates?

Yes, there are some illnesses, in the presence of which you will not be able to obtain a visa to work in the UAE. This, for example, tuberculosis, leprosy or HIV. When you apply for a work visa, you will be required to undergo a medical examination, a chest X-ray and prove that you do not have any of the above or other diseases that will not allow you to obtain a work permit in the UAE. All medical records will need to be taken with you along with your visa documents. You will also need to submit a certificate of absence of any criminal record. Their presence can also complicate your permission process.

What skills do you need to have in order to get a job in the UAE?

In any case, no matter what job you apply for, you definitely need to know English at a level sufficient for communication. This is a must because without this skill you won't even be able to do all the most important steps in applying for a job and getting a visa. Also, you will not be able to talk to your HR and discuss all the details of your work. In short, without knowledge of English, the road abroad from India is closed to you for work. Knowledge of Arabic in the countries of the Middle East and in particular the Persian Gulf is welcome, but not mandatory, since people from all over the world come to work there, who can only be united by one language - English, as the most common and in demand.

If you apply for a higher-ranking job, then the requirements for you will be higher. In order to get such a dream job, in which you will receive a large amount of money, you need to have a correspondingly high qualification and sufficient work experience. Vacancies for such people are usually extremely competitive, since any Dubai company wants to have good specialists in their field, especially a foreigner. It often happens that big companies in Dubai offer foreigners much better conditions for cooperation than in their home country, even for not very highly qualified specialists.

Where can I find employment in Dubai?

It was possible to find jobs in Dubai and the UAE before, but recently, due to the pandemic and other circumstances, a lot of things have been transferred online. This, in turn, greatly simplified the life of people from India, and the process of employment in the UAE in general, since now you can safely apply online for a job in Dubai, and even get an interview from India or another country where you live. 

All employers who provide jobs in Dubai on the labor market, in addition to specialized sites, try to use social media networks, as it is easier to find people to work there. Still, there are hundreds of times more people on social media than on job search sites, and advertising on them can help someone dare to find a job and work in the UAE. In addition, there are a lot of diverse online communities that are dedicated to job hunting in the middle east, and track all gulf news that relate to employment. These are actually very useful communities that contain a lot of necessary information regarding employment and which are shared by people who have gone through all this. There you can find a handy guide on the whole process of employment in the UAE and Dubai, visa requirements for people from India, how to apply online correctly, how long to wait for the visa process to end and how to get the right emigrate system documents for the level of employment at which you will work. Such sites unload the entire migrate system and make it easier, since it is much easier to find out what job opportunities await a person in the UAE from someone who has already worked there and knows what you will definitely encounter. And also you will be able to make useful contacts on these forums with people who are already working in the United Emirates, since employee-referenced candidates, if they meet the requirements of the boss, still have a better chance of finding a job than just any person.

Understand the market

Understanding the local job market will give you a good understanding of ​​what jobs are available here and what kind of work you can find here. We all use social media networks and we know what the UAE is most popular for - tourism, oil, gas, rich people. Dubai jobs, respectively, affect all these areas, and for their proper functioning, a large number are needed. Annually, recruitment agencies place hundreds of workers from different countries to work in Dubai, for a wide variety of vacancies, ranging from health and medical services workers to working as a nanny for some rich sheik, and Dubai's general directorate sets the rules and passes more and more laws that would protect all foreign workers who are going to work in Dubai.

Is there a job in the United Arab Emirates that foreigners have a lot of chances to get?

In the UAE, there are many professions for which there are not enough workers. Most often, the scarce workers are people with a high level of skills and education, since there are quite a few people who want to work here, since such people in most cases go to Europe and America and work there, even though in the Emirates, they can receive more salaries than there. The professions for which there are not enough workers in the UAE include all medical workers, teachers in schools, in particular science teachers are in great demand, workers in the field of IT and computer engineering technologies, the field of gas, oil and other minerals, aviation workers in airports . If you have the necessary level of skills and knowledge, you can safely submit your application for employment and start business development in the Arab Emirates. If you have already worked in some place, and just change the type of employment, that is, move from one job to another, then hiring internally will be much easier and faster than if you were completely settled in a new place. The local job market can offer jobs to job hunters with a wide range of skills in one job. For example, if you work as a teacher and you have the right education, you can start working as an English teacher, and if it doesn’t suit you, you can change to a job as a science teacher. The local job market really needs a good specialist, so having a lot of skills you will not be left without a job here.

Documentation required

As you already understood, in order to work in another country, whether it is the UAE or any other country in the world, you need a special permit for this. In order to confirm the fact that you will really work in this firm, you will need to receive a job offer from the employer, then you will need to conclude an employment contract with your boss, and after that start applying for a visa that will give you the right to work in the  . You can forget about illegal work without a work visa, as this can turn into big trouble for both you and your HR.

The visa process begins with the fact that you submit all the documents necessary to obtain it. If the employer does not deal with your documents and employment at the job vacancies you have chosen, then you will have to do everything yourself, having received a tourist visa in order to simply come to the Arab Emirates. Along the way, you can see how people live here, and whether work here suits you. By the way, if you have already applied for any visit visa, your data should already be in the databases, and applying for a work visa may take a little less time than if you applied for them for the first time, but if you entered the country on a tourist visa, you must leave country, and then re-enter on a work visa. Here is a list of all the documents that you may need to obtain a work visa to work in the UAE:

  • Completed application form (Dubai Visa Application Form)

  • 4 color passport photo

  • Passport copies

  • Invitation from the firm (original and copy). It should contain information about the details of future work and guarantees provided to the applicant.

  • A cover letter from the company in the United Arab Emirates where you will be working.

  • Documents on income that the employee already has.

  • Medical records confirming that you do not have diseases such as HIV, tuberculosis, syphilis, hepatitis B and C. A health card is a very important condition for obtaining a visa.

The term for issuing a work visa can take from 2 weeks to 1.5 months, it all depends on the circumstances. When you arrive and start working, your РК will definitely have to issue a labor card for you. This is another very important document, and if a person working for an organization does not have this labor card, if he does not issue it within 60 days upon arrival in the country, the firm which hired you may receive a very large fine. In general, the local company takes full responsibility for issuing a labor card and a work visa. There is also one rule - if an employee has received a visa and a residence permit, he must live in the Emirates for at least six months.

Prepare a CV

A well-prepared resume in most cases, even before the interview, decides whether you will work in this company for this vacancy or not. Dubai's job market offers a wide range of vacancies for which an interview, and even more so a CV, is not so important. Although even if you work as a waiter or a driver, you need to write a resume in which you must talk about your skills not to fall, be polite and know several foreign languages, or about your ability to drive different types of vehicles with a driver's license obtained for this.

  • In general, all new hires of job seekers in any firm in the Arab Emirates must be accompanied by a resume. This is a document that should tell HR about you, tell why out of all the job seekers who applied for this vacancy, the HRshould choose you. Moreover, if a HR person wants to hire someone from outside the UAE, he will have to deal with various job seekers, which is more difficult than hiring a local resident. Your CV should convince the boss to go crazy and hiring you internally as a better employee. But a resume is only the first step in the process of your employment, there are several more after it. And the next step is an interview with the employer or representative of the company that is recruiting.

  • An interview is a rather complicated process, but despite this, you need to go through it with dignity. Here's a short handy guide to some interview tips to help you navigate what you need to do in the actual interview.

  • The most important thing is to prepare well in advance for the interview. Good preparation will give you confidence in the interview, and you will be able to think through all the answers.

  • If you have an updated CV, and did not send a new version to themanager, then mention this as well and tell us how you added it.

  • Dress like you would for networking events of any serious company. Clothing should be modest and mature.

  • Do not forget that the interview is not a game of question and answer, but a dialogue. And just like your HR asks you questions, you too can ask about the job.

  • Do not late, come 5-10 minutes before the interview.

  • Don't lie. Do not forget that in the modern world, most facts about a person can be verified or found. Answer honestly, even if it seems to you that a negative answer to a question could put you out of work.

And most importantly - believe that you will succeed, be confident and honest.

What you should NOT write in your resume or CV?

Your biography

Curriculum Vitae is a separate document that is required in some countries in some cases. When applying for a job in the Emirates, you must show yourself as an employee and nothing else, all other details of your life do not matter much to the employer. If your future boss wants to clarify some information, he will ask you about it already at the interview.


If your hobby has nothing to do with your field of activity (example: you want to work as a waiter but love volleyball), then HR at the stage of reading your resume does not care at all about what you like to do outside of work. You may be asked about this already at the interview, and then you can talk about your hobbies.

Work experience, skills and education that is not related to your job.

For example, if you are applying for a job as an accountant, HR does not need to know that you have completed vocal courses, but if you are going to work as a singer in a restaurant or bar, this information will not be superfluous. And yes, if you are submitting your CV for a variety of jobs in Dubai and the Arab Emirates, you will need to write a separate CV for each potential job.

Family status

An ideal resume takes one sheet of A4, do not write in it the information that is simply not needed there. Remember that if HR is interested in the details of your life outside of work, he will ask you about it already in the interview.

Apply online

For people not living in the United Emirates, applying for a job can be done online, as in most cases they do not have the opportunity to do it themselves. This is very convenient, because, as already mentioned, in order to come to the UAE you need a visa, but in order to work here you need a completely different one. And if you came to apply for a visa on your own, and have already received a tourist visa, in order to start working you will need to leave the United Arab Emirates and then return back. Therefore, in order to avoid extra costs, you can do it all online. In any case, the paperwork is handled by the company that hires you, so you just need to provide all the necessary documents on your part and entrust all the affairs to your boss.

Get the right visa

In order to get the right documents, you need to familiarize yourself with the types of visas and permits that are generally issued to those who come to the UAE. For example, in the UK, the type of permission depends on the scope of your activity, and for example, a manager and a waiter will receive different visas for work, and will not be able to work on a type of visa that does not belong to their type of employment. Luckily, things are a bit easier in the United Arab Emirates and you only need one type of entry document to get a job. At the first stage of your employment, that is, as soon as you arrive in the UAE, a residence visa is issued. This is a document that allows you to live and work in the United Emirates and Dubai for up to 2-3 years, after which the document must be renewed in order to continue to legally stay in the country and make money. It is also a prerequisite for obtaining a visa to undergo a full medical examination at a local clinic. Yes, there are diseases that you cannot work with in the UAE.

Can I work in Dubai without a visa?

By law, you can't. In practice, there are people who risked working illegally and paid the price. Illegal employment is very dangerous for both - the boss and the foreign worker. If an employer illegally hires a worker, he risks losing his license to employ people, and an employee who dares to break the law can be deported and deprived of the right to enter the United Emirates. The obvious disadvantages of working without a visa include complete insecurity. With legal employment, each employee, together with the employer, signs a contract that specifies all working conditions, salary, number of working hours, etc. If a person gets a job by oral agreement, that is, illegally, this means that his life is not protected at work, he does not have any rights, the employer may not pay money, and the working day of such a person is not standardized in any way. In fact, the use of illegal workers is not only a violation of the law of the country, but more often than not, it also violates the right of any worker to a safe job. And if you also take into account that a person is from another country, and in the UAE he is defenseless, unscrupulous employers can take advantage of this.

What other document is needed to work in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai besides a visa?

After the visa, a work card is required, giving the right to get a job in the Arab Emirates. The document is issued by the General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs of the United Emirates. Valid for 2 - 3 years with a subsequent extension for the same period, as well as other documents. A work card must be obtained no later than 60 days after moving to the United Arab Emirates. Since it is the employer who will receive the fine, it is in his interests to do this as quickly as possible. But just like for a visa, in order to get a work card, you need to meet local criteria. Only if these conditions are met, you will be able to get a work card in Dubai:

  • Age from 18 to 60 years.

  • A valid (not expired) international passport.

  • Availability of work in the UAE for which workers are needed and for which you came to work

  • UAE residence visa, which you should have obtained in advance

The work card is issued within 10 days after the application is submitted. Also, all your documents - passports, diplomas (if any) and other documents must be translated into Arabic and English.

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