What are the important responsibilities of a store keeper job?.

What are the important responsibilities of a store keeper job?

When you walk into a store, you usually don't know much about what's going on outside the store. Work in any store does not begin at the cash desks and in the administration, but the warehouse. It is there that all the necessary inventories are brought, they are sorted there, and from there all the inventories are taken out to the trading floor or to those who are making orders to buy them. And of course, for all this work to be done, certain people are needed who will do it. And so the job of a storekeeper was born. And, without such an employee, for those people who work in stores, the work would be much more difficult. From this, we can conclude that the work of a storekeeper is very important, although it is possible that it is not paid as well as we would like. But there is one big plus - such work can be found in almost any corner of the earth, since there are shops everywhere, and everywhere the shops have warehouses where they also need to work. And even if you want to find such a job, not in the country in which you live, then most likely you will be able to find it. In addition, there are not very high demands for an employee for such a role, which further simplifies the process of finding a job for such a vacancy.

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What does a storekeeper do?

The job of a person who works in the position of a storekeeper is to organize the arrived materials, receive them, maintain them in proper storage conditions and issue them, if necessary, to anyone who needs them. And the storekeeper is obliged to keep a permanent record of all movements of inventories - arrival, issue, write-off, and so on, to ensure that all applications for the import and export of any product are executed in a quality manner and without errors. The storekeeper also must regularly inventory the materials, identify shortages or oversupply of certain inventories in the warehouse, determine defects and write them off.

What does a storekeeper do?

It seems that this is a fairly simple job that does not require much effort. But, while working in such a job, you will have to work as a loader, a cleaner, an accountant, and so on. Not always all this work is done by specially hired people, and this responsibility falls on the storekeeper, therefore, to work at this job, you will need not only computer skills and the ability to count but also many others, perhaps even those that you will learn about already working in this job.



As already mentioned, for a storekeeper, salaries around the world are not the highest. Nevertheless, there are places where you will receive more money for such work, and there are those in which the same work is paid very badly. For example, the average monthly wage for a storekeeper in the UAE is about $750 per month, in the United States such workers will be paid $18.28 per hour or about $2,800 per month, it all depends. In Britain, workers in such positions earn an average of £20,625 a year, or £1,715 a month. Agree that compared to the salary for the same role in India, which is about $ 200 per month, such a job in different countries is a good opportunity to earn money. In Pakistan, the situation with salaries for such vacancies is even worse - there the average salary per month for such a role is about 125 US dollars per month, which is very little. And compared to the salary in Saudi Arabia for such a job, which is about 1800 US dollars per month, this is very little and if you have the opportunity to go to work in another country, then you will get more benefits and you can earn more.



Even though this would seem to be a fairly simple job, and does not require any complex skills,

  1. Know and understand how to organize warehouses, in what order and under what conditions it is necessary to receive, issue and store the stored inventories;

  2. Know the safety rules for working in a warehouse;

  3. Know how to properly label materials, look for defects in a batch and pack what is stored in a warehouse. You may have to master the use of special devices for this, which are needed to make the inventory correct and simpler;

  4. Be able to use programs like 1C, as well as Excel or any other calculating system. Even though 1C is an accounting program, you will also need it;

For everyone who works as a storekeeper, it is also necessary to have organizational skills, creativity, and the ability to be on the same wavelength with the team. And also to be responsible enough in work, and not to forget about it. Still, everything that happens in the warehouse is under the responsibility of the storekeeper, and his mistakes can seriously harm the business.

Pros of being a storekeeper

To get this job, most likely the requirements for you will not be too high, and you can get this job without any problems if you want to;

A good work schedule that fits into all work norms;

A salary above the minimum, which will provide you with all the means you need for life and even a little more (provided that you work in the corresponding country);

A fairly large number of available vacancies, and the ability to find a job in any place you like (various stores are everywhere, there are warehouses in stores, and storekeepers work in warehouses);

This profession does not require constant development, or advanced training, and is generally not very demanding on employees. The main thing is that the worker can think and work with his hands.

Disadvantages of this kind of work

Lack of career growth, or extremely small growth prospects. You can only be promoted to warehouse manager (probably), and management in the warehouse is not so different from working as a storekeeper;

You have to do the same thing over and over, every day. Very routine work, you need to take this into account when choosing;

Quite a lot of responsibility for what is in stock. Not necessarily working as a storekeeper can mean working with products, it can be any store that can sell expensive materials. And storekeeper job duties include availability of materials, their integrity and safety;

Sometimes you have to work in not the most pleasant conditions. The warehouse is not a place for customers, so the conditions there are not the same as on the trading floors, and you will have to work in them;

If you work in a not very large workplace, there is a chance that you will have to do the work of a loader, that is, unload the materials and load them if necessary.

You should choose this job, like any other, only if you are satisfied with both the pros and cons of this job. If not, consider whether you are ready to sacrifice your comfort for the sake of work.

How to become a storekeeper

How to become a storekeeper

To become the owner of such a profession, you need to look for a job and find out what are the requirements for employees for such vacancies, usually it is written in the description. You can do this on various job search sites, and on this one too. Requirements, by the way, can be very different. Some employers will have enough of your practical knowledge and work experience, and some of them may even require specialized secondary education in the field of administrative and economic activities. For all employees, it is imperative to be able to handle equipment and, in particular, a computer, and programs that help keep records of various data. Work experience also depends on the preferences of the employer, and each workplace has its requirements. Somewhere they can take without work experience, and someone may require several years of successful work in a large company. In this regard, this job is no different from any other vacancy.

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In fact, working as a warehouseman is more like a job as a loader than you think. A loader-accountant who likes to organize things.
It's quite hard work, my dad was a storekeeper and he was very tired from this work every day. Of course, modern technologies simplify this work, but not in every place everything will be so developed.
It seems to me that storekeepers are very underestimated, and they deserve much higher salaries than they are paid. After all, half of the work in every store rests on them, they are really underestimated.
Good job overall, I guess. You go, check the goods, keep records, enter data. It's not for you to lay bricks under the sun for days.
Of course, the warehouse may not have the best conditions for work, but at least storekeepers do not work on the street, and this is already a big plus, especially in summer and winter.
Md.Abbas Ali( Sumon)
Any Pharmaceutical companies store keeper
Md.Abbas Ali( Sumon)
Please give me any company and anywhere place
Asif Hussain

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