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During the operation of the Site (hereinafter - the Company) may collect certain information using cookies in your browser or mobile device.

COOKIES are small text files that store information directly on the user's computer, mobile phone or other device.

With the help of cookies, the web server can save, for example, preferences and settings on the User's computer, mobile phone or other device(s), which are then automatically restored at the next visit. In other words, cookie files are intended to make the use of the Site more convenient, for example, so that the User does not have to repeat the process of logging into the system during the next visit. The company uses both permanent and session cookies.

Persistent cookies are stored on the hard drive of the computer or device (and, as a rule, depends on the lifetime of cookies set by default). Persistent cookies also include those placed by websites other than the one you are visiting - "third-party cookies". Session cookies are automatically deleted when you close the browser window.

The Company may allow third parties, such as providers of advertising and/or analytical services, to collect information using cookies directly on the pages of the Site or mobile application to collect information about how you use the Site in order to optimize your experience as a user and for the purpose of displaying advertisements outside of this Site. The data they collect is subject to protection in accordance with the applicable privacy policies of those third parties.

Depending on the purposes for which cookies are used, they are usually divided into the following categories:

Mandatory cookies allow you to use the website and its main functions. They are usually set in response to your actions, for example, logging into your own account on the site. These files are necessary to use the Site.

Functional cookies are used to remember you when you visit the Site again and to provide an improved personalized service. For example, the Site may ask you for certain information, or remember information about your choice of language or location. These cookies collect information anonymously and cannot track your visits to other websites.

Analytical and operational cookies allow you to store information about how you use the Site and how many times you visit it. For example, the Company stores information about which pages you visit most often and whether you receive error messages. This allows you to improve the operation of the Site, including providing quick access to important information that interests you. These cookies serve only to improve the quality of the Site.

Targeted or advertising cookies are created to remember the number of visits to the Site, as well as the list of pages you open and links you follow. These cookies are designed to ensure that you receive only relevant advertising information that matches your preferences. They serve only to limit the number of times you receive advertising messages and to help measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. We may also transfer this information to third parties (for example, advertisers) for the same purposes.

You can refuse to save cookies on your device at any time. To do this, follow the instructions below.

Changing your web browser settings. If you want to delete the cookies stored on your device and set your web browser to refuse to accept cookies, you can do so in the settings section of your web browser. Usually, the navigation options related to cookies can be found in the "Options", "Tools" or "Settings" sections of the web browser you use to access the Site.

However, depending on the web browser you use, different methods can be used to disable cookies. For more detailed information, see at the following links:

We draw your attention to the fact that by changing the settings of your web browser and refusing the use and storage of cookies on your device, you will be able to browse the Site, but some options or functions may not work properly.

All terms in this text are used in accordance with the terminology Service user agreements