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Edmonton is a very attractive place for foreigners to find work here, because there is a good pay and career prospects, along with housing, nice travel and medical facilities, and this city offers a high standard of living for foreigners especially.

What jobs are in demand in Edmonton?

The economy of Edmonton is based on natural resources in general, based also on the large reserves of oil and natural gas too. It should come as no surprise that Edmonton has the best employment center for gas and oil, which is the city's largest workplace.

However, the jobs in Edmonton Canada are not entirely based on oil and gas. Edmonton has other opportunities to work in a wide range of other sectors, including financial branch, information technology and biotechnology as well.

What are the requirements for employers in Edmonton?

The state language in Canada is English, and perfect command of it is encouraged. You can get work and technical positions, as well as in the service sector, without knowing English, since there is a lot of Russian-speaking population in the city. An interesting job as a mechanic in a transport company can be obtained due to high qualifications, work experience and good business qualities.

Of course for jobs in Edmonton for Indians and others experience and education are welcomed, but it is not necessary for labor men for example, and everyone can find full time jobs Edmonton.

What is the cost of living in Edmonton?

The total cost of living in Edmonton for two people with an average consumption level for one month, excluding the cost of housing, will be about 1380 dollars.

What salary can I expect in Edmonton?

Canada is one of the most successful and stable countries in the world. This is evidenced by its level of GDP, living standards and wages in Canada. The wages in this country are really high. In 2021, the average worker earns 4,140 dollars.

If a person does not have a specialized education, there are a lot of job opportunities Edmonton, then one may well get a job as a well driller. True, initially a person will need to go through a trial period, during which he will be taught and explained all the subtleties of the work process. Drillers' salaries depend on the number of hours worked.

On average, drillers make between 30 and  40 dollars in an hour. The bulk of migrants work precisely at construction sites. Builder's salary starts at  1,500 dollars per month.

The foreman can receive more than 3,000 dollars monthly, but he must have the appropriate education. A person who has no education, but has a driver's license, can find a job as a truck driver.

Working as a driver is very dangerous and unpredictable, but it allows you to earn pretty decent money. On average, truck drivers earn up to 30,000 dollars in a year. But if the driver has his own truck (car), he may well receive up to 90,000 dollars per month.