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Small, cozy and clean Halifax at first sight impresses with its ancient architecture and unusually narrow streets. As the capital of the picturesque province of Nova Scotia, the beautiful city is located on the peninsula of the same name. Halifax Harbor is a central area and the main attractions are concentrated in it. The waters of the quiet harbor do not freeze in winter, which ensures the functioning of the port all year round. On a hill in the historic center is the citadel, which offers a wide view of the harbor and islands.

What jobs are in demand in Halifax?

Halifax is a major economic and financial center of Canada, its transportation hub and educational city. Oil refining and fish canning industries are successfully developing in the city. The automotive and shipbuilding industries are growing rapidly, and the annual cargo turnover in the port exceeds 10 million tons.

You can also find a work in Halifax in the tourism sector, which receives more than 600 thousand tourists a year. New deposits of natural gas are being developed in the vicinity of the city, which will bring new jobs to the labor market. Your job search should start with a resume that employers consider before inviting you for an interview. For a positive result, it is advisable to live in Canada, know the language and have positive recommendations.

What are the requirements for employers in Halifax?

At the moment, there are now a lot of cases when a student cannot find a job in a profession he has mastered, because without experience he is not taken anywhere, but it takes a lot of time to train him. But in this case, do not despair, but you need to boldly go forward and this excellent article will help with this.

Make your resume unique and competent, but don’t forget to include your skills.

Take courses, seminars in the chosen direction (if the knowledge gained has been forgotten a little). You also need to remember about the presence of a certificate, because it increases the value in the labor market as a specialist.

Find a professional mentor for yourself in your chosen field, but preferably with a lot of knowledge and experience. But in the event that this is not possible, then you can always use professional forums, websites, video courses, and so on.

Post your resume on the bulletin board and wait for responses.

If you follow these points, then the desired jobs in Halifax will not keep you waiting too long.

What is the cost of living in Halifax?

The total cost of living in Halifax for two people with an average consumption for one month, excluding the cost of housing, will be $ 1371.63.

What salary can I expect in Halifax?

There are a lot of Halifax job opportunities and a lot of Halifax employment opportunities.

What is the salary can you get for full time jobs Halifax?

  • Maximum - $ 9816.81;
  • Average - $ 3344.92;
  • Minimum - $.1104.42.

There is a list of jobs and salaries to it:

  • Call center employee - $ 2822.16;
  • Sales manager - $ 2831.73;
  • Marketing - $ 3131.39;
  • Accounting and finance - 3258.77 $;
  • Construction, installation - 3282.33 $;
  • Sale of electronics - 3386.15 $;
  • Government - 3681.4 $;
  • Information technology - 3825.71 $;
  • Executive power and management - $ 4553.89;
  • Engineer - 4786.55 $;
  • Personnel manager -5 5921.16 $;
  • Services, maintenance, repair - 6626.51 $.