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Picturesque Vancouver, with its magnificent mountains and the sound of waves on the west coast of Canada, attracts thousands of people. You can get an idea of ​​how desirable Vancouver is by just searching how much it costs to live here! The city has the highest rents, but the mild climate and relaxed lifestyle make it a dream come true for many young professionals looking to start their careers here. The sheer number of applicants, coupled with the ever-increasing cost of living, creates huge barriers for those wishing to enter the Vancouver job market.

The job market in Vancouver is niche. According to the provincial government, the main industries here are tourism, film and television, banking, finance and high technology. The city has opportunities for climbing the career ladder, but this is not the best place to realize ambitions. Vancouver doesn't have very many big company headquarters, but home-grown companies like Lululemon Athletica (a sportswear retailer) thrive here. Job opportunities in Vancouver are also hard to find because most companies in Vancouver are pretty conservative when it comes to hiring outsiders, regardless of their skills and experience.

What jobs are in demand in Vancouver?

  1. Sales associate.
    This work in Vancouver is very much in demand, and this is not surprising. Most businesses are in the business of selling goods, and when the economy is doing well, they need people to help make the sales. This is usually a permanent job.
  2. Administrative assistant.
    In 2021, those assistants who can perform traditional office work tasks as well as more specialized tasks related to accounting will be in great demand.
  3. Driver.
    This occur to Vancouver jobs for Indian and others too! Drivers of all categories are in demand jobs in Vancouver for foreigners. From truckers to delivery drivers.
  4. Software Developer.
    It's no surprise that in the modern age of technology, developers are one of the most sought-after professions. In fact, the tech sector is the fastest growing in Canada.
  5. Registered nurses and doctors.
    Nurses were always needed and the pandemic only made things worse.
  6. Customer service representative.
    This work can be done both in the office and at home.
  7. General labourer.
    These jobs in Vancouver Canada for Indian were always needed .This term is rather a composite hodgepodge for describing many different jobs, mainly in the field of production and logistics. Specific responsibilities can range from rolling dough on a food factory conveyor line to moving heavy loads in a warehouse. This is usually piecework for large companies that often turn to recruitment agencies to hire workers. You are billed on an hourly basis and typically range from $ 16.90 to $ 19. Qualifications vary by position, but "experience usually trumps education."

What are the requirements for employers in Vancouver?

  1. Knowledge of the language
    In any case, you will have to communicate with the locals, even if you find a job with Russian speakers. Therefore, you need to come to the country already knowing the language at least at an acceptable level for communication. And if you are planning to move to Quebec, then learn French as well, since this language is the main one here.
  2. Education and skills
    In Canada, for the most part, specialists with significant experience and certain knowledge are required - it is difficult to find a non-core job here. The level of education is of great importance. If you did not graduate from a Canadian, British or European university, then most likely you will need to confirm your diploma. In particular, if you are going to do a business that requires a certain qualification (doctor, teacher, engineer, architect, etc.).
  3. Medical board
    A medical examination is required to obtain a work visa. First you need to get a referral from the Canadian embassy and go through an examination within a certain period. The result is valid for 1 year and after receiving it is sent to the Canadian Immigration Medical Center, where it is considered within three months. The final conclusion is sent to the embassy.
  4. Official employment
    You shouldn't work illegally in Canada. And it's not only about deportation with a ban on entry, but also about poor conditions and complete insecurity in a foreign country. You will not be able to work unofficially in a good position, you will also not have benefits and guarantees. In addition, under Canadian law, illegal employment can result in a fine and possibly jail time.

What is the cost of living in Vancouver?

The total cost of living in Vancouver for two people with an average consumption for one month, excluding the cost of housing, will be $ 1466.50.

What salary can I expect in Vancouver?

Jobs in Canada Vancouver are one of the best paying jobs for foreigners.

  • Sales and Marketing - Median Base Salary $ 57,810
  • Sales Representative - $ 43779
  • Sales Manager - $ 70112
  • Clerk - $ 80,000
  • Product Manager - $ 77932
  • Real Estate Agent - $ 66,917

How can I get a job in Vancouver?

  1. Constantly improve your knowledge of English and / or French, because without language skills it is almost impossible to find a good job.
  2. When looking for a job, a lot of candidates are eliminated at the stage of submitting their resume. Ideally, if your resume is only one page (maximum one and a half).
  3. Get ready to send lots of resumes. And it will be ideal if you redesign each resume to suit the requirements of a specific vacancy.