Petroleum Engineer Jobs in Canada

3000+ $

Canada (Toronto)

Canada Oil and Gas Solution Company Kempt Head Road Kempt Head, NS, B2X 4R9 Canada. Contact No: +17806670555. Sir / Madam, Our Canada Oil and Gas Solution Company is seeking highly motivated and qualified individuals from the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, South America and Asia with...
Agency  Canada Oil and Gas Solution Company
Canada Oil and Gas Solution Company


Experience required
Full time job
English speaking jobs
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Vacancy available

Engineer - Technologist
Agency O and G company

3000+ $

Canada (Toronto)

Job opportunity Petroleum engineer A passport copy and resume cv Free accommodations
Agency  O and G company
O and G company

Direct employer

Without experience
With accommodation
Full time job
No English required jobs
Biometric passport
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How much do Petroleum Engineer earn in Canada?

The average Petroleum Engineer salary in Canada is 1500$ each month. Entry-level settings begin at 1000$ each month, while many skilled workers make up to 2000$ per month.

What is the best Petroleum Engineer jobs in Canada

The most preferred types of vacancies for Petroleum Engineer in Canada:
  • Vacancy available

Are Petroleum Engineer in demand in Canada?

Working in Canada as a Petroleum Engineer is obtaining much easier every year as a result of the expanding number of jobs in the industry. It can be a lot simpler to obtain your Canada job permit and discover a well-paying job if you're a skilled Petroleum Engineer.