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A fairly high standard of living and economic stability makes Denmark very attractive to work. The very high level of earnings makes it one of the leading countries in terms of employment and finding jobs in denmark from india. High wages coupled with good conditions are attracting more and more. The state currently is in need of workers, thanks to which it is very easy to find a vacant place for work.

What are the most popular jobs in Denmark?

So how to get a job in denmark from india? Being very picky about finding jobs, Danes refuse to work in agriculture and choose business. Due to this, the number of vacancies in agriculture is enormous. Its seasonality is very convenient for foreigners. The type of these works does not imply additional education and special training, it consists in harvesting and caring for animals.

But there are also vacancies in Denmark strictly by specialization. The list of job vacancies in denmark includes:

  • medicine;

  • scientific activity;

  • IT technologies.

  • The most popular vacancies were:

  • electricians;

  • engineers;

  • welders;

  • carpenters;

  • technicians

  • doctors of various levels of training.

Each year, the government approves a vacancy project that is valid for a year and is submitted for consideration to the state's immigration service. It gives real job opportunity in denmark. And denmark jobs in demand are permanently available.

The most popular type of  work in the country is in agriculture. Since it is great for those who do not speak the state language. Minimum proficiency in English will give the opportunity to work on farms, where the specialization consists of caring, raising animals or plants. Such jobs for foreigners in denmark are constantly available. The advantage of such vacancies is seasonality. For a job with a more prestigious status, knowledge of the state language is required.  As for english speaking jobs in denmark, they are more well-paid.

In order to apply for a job, you must have a residence permit. It is issued by special services on the basis of an employment contract. Also there are part time jobs in denmark.

How can I get a job in Denmark?

There are many ways to find a job, but there are several main ones:

  • come to Denmark and look for a job on your own,

  • use the services of intermediary firms,

  • look for a job on the Internet through specialized sites or with the help of advertisements of Danish enterprises and companies,

  • graduate from a Danish university and take advantage of the job search privileges provided by the Danish state.

The easiest way is to enter the country on a non-working visa with a subsequent change in status. For example, you arrive in Denmark with a tourist or visitor permit and then contract with an employer who can officially certify that they are providing you with a place. You can also find such a person in different ways, in particular, through advertisements in the press. If you are already within the country, then one of the options is to use the services of an employment office. Moreover, they are completely free. Intermediary firms and recruiting agencies professionally and guaranteedly select vacancies for those wishing to find a job in Denmark, but they charge a high fee for their services. Foreign students who graduated from Danish universities are subject to special job search conditions. They have the right to officially remain in the country for up to six months for employment.

What is the salary in Denmark?

Physicians and technicians are the highest paid specialties in the state. Employees in these areas have an earnings of 2,500 euros. Managers get the least from 1,800 euros, and a typical seller about 2,000 euros.

Working on a farm, you can earn very decent money, because the pay is hourly and is 100 kroons per hour. Denmark is also one of the leaders in social security for workers. Foreign workers can use almost all social guarantees, have the right to learn the state language free of charge.

Can you work in Denmark without knowing danish?

There are different ways to go to work to Denmark. One of the most popular is internship programs. Working in Denmark without knowing the language is practically inaccessible. Each participant is obliged to pass the international KET test, with which he will confirm his level of English. Danish is optional.

How to explain your qualifications to employers?

The applicant's application is considered seven to ten working days, and then they give a positive or negative answer. A work visa is valid for one year. This document can be renewed directly in Denmark for a period of three or four years. According to the classification accepted in Europe, this is a category D national visa. The list of documents for a work visa is quite impressive. It includes:

  • a passport, valid for three months after the end of the trip, as well as two photocopies of its first page. If you have an old passport, then it must also be submitted to the diplomatic mission or visa center;

  • internal passport with the address at which the applicant is registered;

  • a correctly completed visa application form;

  • two photographs in accordance with EU requirements - color, on a white background, 35x45 mm;

  • original letter of invitation from the employer confirming that you will be employed. The invitation must contain the address and details of the firm, company or enterprise, details of the position, as well as the necessary guarantees. These documents are not sent to the embassy, ​​but to the person who applies for the visa;

  • a request from the employer indicating the duration of the work contract and the required visa;

  • a certificate (for example, from a bank) that you have sufficient funds or a letter of guarantee from your employer;

  • certificate of payment of the visa fee;

  • documents confirming professional or scientific experience, degrees or titles, experience in a specialty, and so on;

  • medical insurance in the amount of at least 30 thousand euros and its photocopy.