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Great Britain is a powerful "magnet" that attracts everyone who wants to improve the quality of life and get high-paying jobs in UK for Indians. Are you also among the applicants? We tell who and what opportunities one of the leading European countries provides, as well as what salaries different specialists should expect. Nowadays jobs in England for foreigners are rather popular.

Every year the unemployment rate in the country is decreasing. Now it is 4.1%. And in terms of the number of residence permits issued, the UK is leading among the EU countries. The state provided 25.8% of the total number of residence permits. But keep in mind that the competition is very high.

Although if you are a specialist with the qualifications and skills in demand. Then you can more than count on a job. In addition, English employers are very meticulous and, when selecting a candidate, take into account a lot of points. These are education, experience, personal achievements, recommendations, level of language proficiency, etc.

It's good if your specialty falls into the list of scarce professions. This now include programmers, engineers, architects, scientists, doctors, ecologists, analysts, creative people, etc. If you are a highly qualified person, the most profitable way to get jobs in UK for Pakistani in the country is through the HSMP program (now a Tier 1 visa). Low-skilled employees in the field of agriculture, restaurant. And hotel business are also in demand. There are numerous England job opportunities for Indian. You just need to look carefully.

You can check how your education complies with UK standards. As well as whether professional experience and specialty will be in demand in the country, on the website of the state agency NARIC. Here you can also get all the information related to employment and job opportunities in UK.

How to find UK job vacancies?

The best option is to enroll in a local university and come to the country for the first time on a student visa, which allows you to work a certain number of hours per week. But if you do not have time or opportunity for such an option, you will have to be patient and start an independent search.

The financial center of England is London - most of all jobs in England for foreigners are offered here, including in international companies. But there are many good options in the southeast of the country (Guildford, Oxford, etc.). Finding a location in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales will be more difficult.

Even if you do not have a local education - your experience, skills, and knowledge of the language can be the decisive point for jobs in England for Indian. Before moving on to specialized resources, make a list of companies you are interested in, bookmark their sites, and check regularly for offers. A good option would be a free temporary internship in your specialty (internship, work placement), which will allow you to get comfortable in the country and establish yourself.


First of all, register with the UK Government Portal. Then you can add your resume to the database and receive news about vacancies by mail. It also contains valuable legal and organizational information about employment in the country and many offers directly from employers. To find jobs in Northern Ireland, use the JobCentre. And Fish4Jobs covers all regions of the country.

Other methods

Recruiting agencies. For a complete list of recruiting companies, visit The Recruitment & Employment Confederation website. There is also information about courses and training, about the specifics of employment in the country. Among the centers for the search for employees, one can note Manpower, Kelly.

Labor exchange. The official website of the Employment Center in the country is Jobcentre Plus. All British cities have offices of this organization, and you can visit them in person to obtain England job vacancy.

Internship in the UK

A great way to look around the country, having lived in it for some time, as well as accumulate the knowledge and experience necessary for employers. Internships are offered in almost all professional fields.

Both students and already working people can take an internship. In the latter case, the program lasts 12-24 months, during which you are paid a salary. Upon completion, the trainee takes an exam and receives a certificate of continuing education.

Requirements for foreigners

English proficiency. To officially get work in England, you need to speak English at least B1 level according to the common European system CERF. You can present one of the following certificates: TOEFL, IELTS, UCLES, ILEC, ICFE, BEC, FCE. Proficiency in a second foreign language (for example, French or German) will be a significant advantage.

We mentioned the specialists most needed by the kingdom in the list of scarce professions. Also, the country constantly needs experienced engineers, architects, marketers, economists, programmers, technologists, doctors. It is quite possible to find work for secretaries, tutors, nannies and social workers, managers in the tourism business, sellers, art historians, seasonal workers.

Keep in mind that men in England earn significantly more than women (about 17%), but their work schedule is the busiest. If for women and adolescents there are norms for overtime, then for men this is not - the limit is indicated only in the contract. In practice, on average, representatives of the stronger sex work 43 hours a week.  Without "water", cliché phrases and, preferably, separate for each organization (taking into account its characteristics). Indicate at least two contacts who can vouch for you and give a positive description as a specialist to obtain job opportunities in England. A sample template and guidelines for filling can be found here. Be sure to supplement your resume with a cover letter, where succinctly explain why you are interested in working for this company and what benefits the organization will receive if you join it. See here for good examples of England job vacancy for Indian.

Recognition of qualifications

There are vacancies in England as a country of employment in the company. They are ready to hire foreigners with corresponding experience to get a good salary. As for the industry, which is in global demand, there is always an opportunity for a different wage. Also, there is always a special requirement for visa. It has to be learned before.

Often, education received outside of England will have to be officially confirmed on the territory of the kingdom. You can determine how your documents comply with local regulations through the National Recognition Clearinghouse. Then you can get jobs in England for Indian freshers.