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Not much is known about Bristol. Although it is one of the largest cities in southern Britain, it is not very popular with tourists, although next to this city is a very famous monument about which later. The population of this city is half a million foreigner people. Many foreign students apprenticeships in bristol. It is also called "the city under the bridge" or "the city near the bridge". Bristol is a port city and it is easy to guess from the nickname that Bristol has many bridges. This city is also famous for its ancient buildings. But the biggest attraction is almost on the outskirts of the city and it is Stonehenge. I think this building (if you can call it that) is known to all and needs no introduction)

What vacancies are in demand in Bristol?

The unemployment rate in Bristol is 6%. Bristol has a wide range of vacancies and professions, from company executives to janitors.

But for example, if foreigners who studied to be doctors, lawyers, managers, accountants in other countries, then to get a job in Bristol, as in England in general, you actually need to study again. In addition, in Bristol, there are the work from home jobs in Bristol and graduate jobs in bristol. But for programmers there is always work in the country. As for engineers, in order for this industry to be sufficiently developed in the country, new specialists, qualified and experienced, are needed. Engineers are taught by many universities around the world, so the competition for the vacancy is great. In order to find a job in the UK, a civil engineer must have a relevant higher education and be accredited by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE). If a foreigner has good knowledge, a good education, it is possible to build a career and grow professionally in England. But foreigners without a diploma are looking for warehouse jobs in bristol. But, for example, an electrical engineer can start working with a diploma in almost any engineering specialty. It is possible to find a job even with an unfinished higher education, but with excellent professional abilities. Professions such as Bristol are in demand

  1. Civil engineer
  2. Mechanical engineer
  3. Programmer
  4. Doctor
  5. Lawyer
  6. Senior manager
  7. Accountant
  8. Economist, financier

What are the requirements for employers in Bristol?

Full-time jobs in Bristol are eight to nine hours. Employers in Bristol are quite demanding of their employees and thoroughly check all the information about them. Illegals in Bristol as well as in Great Britain in general. In order to get a job in Bristol

Have a valid work permit in the UK.

Post an invitation from the employer or positive test results. The tests are conducted by the British consulate in the country where the foreign national lives.

And also a mandatory requirement - to enter into an employment agreement (contract) with a potential employer.

Knowledge of foreign languages ​​other than English (eg Spanish, French, etc.) is also welcome.

It is also important to have an education (minimum bachelor)

  • punctuality
  • education
  • stress resistance

What is the cost of living in Bristol?

Like any city, Bristol has its pros and cons of living. Let's focus mainly on the pros of living in Bristol, as well as the peculiarities of life in it

The first opportunity that I would like to note is the unrealistically beautiful nature, many architectural monuments, and the opportunity to swim in a boat (not for nothing that the city has the informal name "the city near the bridge")

The second plus is the strong economy of Bristol, in this city you can build your own career and your own business.

Bristol often hosts music festivals, sporting events, local pubs and some of the best in the UK.

Bristol has quality medicine, education and infrastructure

English is the most popular language in the world and is spoken by the majority of the population of Bristol

The people of Bristol are very tolerant and polite towards foreigners.

Life in Bristol is not as expensive as in other cities in the UK, but a wide wallet will be needed here. For example, renting a studio apartment in Bristol is about 600 pounds. 1 kilometer taxi ride costs 1 pound, renting a car will cost a foreigner 20,000 pounds. Prices for products

  • A box of milk -1 pound
  • Cheese (1 kg) - 5, 5 pounds
  • A bottle of beer - 2 pounds
  • Sausage (1 kg) - 9 pounds
  • Lunch at an inexpensive restaurant will cost a foreigner about 20 pounds
  • Cappuccino-4 pounds
  • Espresso - 2 pounds
  • Potatoes - 1, 5 pounds
  • Bananas 1.5 pounds
  • Tomatoes-2 pounds
  • Apples (1kg) 2, 5 lbs.

As we can see the prices in Bristol are not too "biting" in comparison with other cities of Great Britain.

What is the salary in Bristol?

The average salary in Bristol is 5.5 pounds per hour. The minimum average salary is $ 850. Which allows you to rent a small room in the city, eat on your own, and save money. Most in Bristol receive medical and financial workers (50-60 thousand pounds / year), teachers can count on a salary (30,000 pounds / year)

office workers receive from 20 thousand pounds / year.

The cashier in Bristol receives from 15 thousand pounds.

Consultants from 17 thousand pounds, security guards from 20 thousand pounds. Men usually work as builders or handymen, and women often work in the beauty or fashion industry.

How I can find a job in Bristol?

To find a jobs in Bristol you will need knowledge of English, experience with an employment contract and a work visa.The British are negative about those who want to work in the country illegally. Formal employment is a guarantee of peace on both sides of labor relations. You should not expect to get to work in England, if you have at least once violated labor laws and were illegal here.

For seasonal work, the consulate opens a Tier 5 visa for up to 6 months. Its condition is mandatory travel outside the kingdom after the expiration of the visa period. It opens in countries in just one week.  There is also such a  thing as part time jobs in bristol for students. It usually lasts up to six hours.

When applying through an agency in coyntries CIS, the migrant will be offered to spend as follows:

  • about 270-290 euros - visa fee;
  • 200-250 euros plane ticket (for service professions, the employer often pays for the flight);
  • 1700 euros - services of intermediaries (400 euros - advance, 300 euros - for a successful job interview, 1000 euros - for a contract with the employer).

 You can go to work if you have an invitation from the employer and a work contract. As in England in general, the following categories can cross the Bristol border without these documents:

  • students;
  • staff;
  • artists;
  • teachers;