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Liverpool is one of the ten most visited cities for both foreign travelers and local tourists. According to the Telegraph Travel Award, according to readers of the publication, Liverpool is ranked seventh among the best cities in the UK. Today Liverpool is not only a port and musical city, but also a center of warehouse jobs Liverpool and retail jobs Liverpool. The good news is that students can also get a job and there are also part time jobs Liverpool for students, so that students can study, work and rest as all their time can be reasonably scheduled thanks to part-time work! A lot of other professions are present.

What jobs are in demand in Liverpool?

There are such jobs in Liverpool that can also be your full time jobs Liverpool and weekend jobs Liverpool:

  1. IT specialists.  If you are a good specialist in this field, excellently versed in the latest technologies and fluent in modern programming languages, it will not be difficult for you to find a job in the UK.  The average salary of an Information Technology Specialist in the UK is currently £ 34,550 per year.
  2. Entrepreneurs.  A separate Tier 1 Entrepreneur category has been developed for foreign entrepreneurs wishing to open their own business in the UK.  The country is interested in the inflow of foreign investments and the creation of new jobs
  3. Nurses.  The local NHS health care system has a huge need for different types of specialists.  Most of all, nurses are in demand - all newspapers trumpet about their shortage, nurses are even included in the list of scarce professions.
  4. School teachers. The teaching of individual subjects is even listed in the shortage list.  Among them are teachers of mathematics, chemistry and physics.  The minimum salary for qualified foreign teachers is £ 21,438 per year.
  5. Financiers with local education.  London, having justified its title of the world financial center, and specialists in the field of finance are especially in demand here.  Of course, the chances of finding a job are painful for professionals with local experience and education, but even without them it is quite possible to hire a job in the UK, if there are really good specialists. 6. Sales managers.  Local job search sites are full of job advertisements in sales.  The ability to sell is in demand in any country, and in England it is especially appreciated due to the huge competition in the local market.
  6. Engineers.  Certain engineering specialties have even made it onto the shortage occupation list.  For example, in Britain there is not enough oil and gas with engineers in the industry.
  7. Lawyers.  Do not forget that it is in the UK that some of the most prestigious law schools in the world are located: Cambridge, Oxford, Glasgow and others.  The income of a good lawyer with work experience, however, is lower than that of a surgeon - it is only 117 thousand euros
  8. Managers.  The top manager is still a popular position.  The average salary of an Englishman in this position is approximately 180 thousand euros in a year.  The main responsibilities, as a rule, include the effective organization of a company or enterprise, responsibility for the most efficient functioning of the team and the promotion of goods and services.

What are the requirements for employers in Liverpool?

English proficiency. To officially get a job, you must have at least B1 level of English according to the European CERF system. You can present one of the following certificates: TOEFL, IELTS, UCLES, ILEC, ICFE, BEC, FCE. Proficiency in a second foreign language (for example, French or German) will be a significant advantage.

Summary. It should be ideal: without "water", cliché phrases and, preferably, separate for each organization (taking into account its characteristics). Indicate at least two contacts who can vouch for you and give a positive description as a specialist. A sample template and guidelines for filling can be found here. Be sure to supplement your resume with a cover letter, where succinctly explain why you are interested in working for this company and what benefits the organization will receive if you join it. See here for good examples.

Recognition of qualifications. Often, education received outside of Liverpool England will have to be officially confirmed on the territory of the kingdom. You can determine how your documents comply with local regulations through the National Recognition Clearinghouse.

What is the cost of living in Liverpool?

Total cost of living in Liverpool for two people with an average consumption for one month, excluding housing costs, will be $ 1355.90.

What is the salary in Liverpool?

  • Maximum -15663.38 $;
  • Medium - $ 3221.64;
  • Minimum- 402.24 $.

It is matter also if you have part time jobs Liverpool or work from home jobs Liverpool. Take it into account.

How can I get a job in Liverpool?

The best option is to enroll in a local university and come to the country for the first time on a student visa, which allows you to work a certain number of hours per week. But if you do not have time or opportunity for such an option, you will have to be patient and start an independent search.

You can also use such a site to search as a Layboard, there are many vacancies and information available here.