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Finding a job in England can be tricky if you don't know where to start.

Research is an important element of your job search, but it is equally important to assess your goals: whether you want a career, find a part-time job, gain knowledge and experience, or try yourself in a new field and find jobs in London for Indians.

How do companies look for employees?

Most companies hire personnel through recruiting agencies, posting job vacancies London. For a closed position, the employer pays a demand of agent remuneration in the amount of 10-30 percent of the employee's annual salary. Therefore, many firms are ready to consider an application from a suitable candidate who will independently contact them. Companies sometimes post job opportunities in London on their corporate websites. Therefore, when looking for a job, you should look at the sections of the websites of companies that interest you. There are jobs available London for foreigner candidate with corresponding experience and qualification for employment. Each opportunity helps to earn in the chosen company.  But for this must be done a global search.

Where to look for a job?

On the internet, on job search sites like,,,, on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn.

On volunteer sites -,

On the Internet, in the section work on popular English-language message boards, for example, GumTree, London Craigslist to find London job vacancy for Indian.

On the website of the state agency Jobcentre Plus, where direct vacancies from employers are published

At government employment centers that are found in all major UK cities. Some people are always ready to help you find a job that matches your knowledge and experience.

At the nearest private employment center, where you can apply in person to get work in London. For example, in London, you can contact Manpower, Kelly Services. Agency staff will assess your skills and work experience and suggest suitable vacancies.

Through friends. Expand your circle of friends in London. If you don't have any contacts or friends, you can always find them on forums, social networks, and chats.

What are the types of employment in England?

These are:

  • Permanent employment;

  • Temping (temporary work).

Also there are such variants, as:

  • Contracting. The salary in these jobs in london UK is usually higher than in a similar position with constant employment, but there are drawbacks: there may be long breaks between contracts, no vacation, frequent travel.

  • Internships (internship). Allows you to gain professional experience. Usually, such work is unpaid and lasts 8-12 weeks.

  • Apprenticeship (apprenticeship). A type of craft training for those who want to become skilled worker to get jobs in London for Pakistani.

  • Graduate Schemes (programs for employment of graduates). Such programs usually offer permanent paid work that includes training for the first 18 months or more (usually no more than 3 years)

  • Volunteering. Unpaid work is not suitable for everyone, but it does provide the experience needed to find a paid job in the future

  • Sеlf-employee (individual entrepreneur). Starting your business in England is simple and convenient, just register on the HMRC website and pay taxes on time

  • Freelance (work remotely, freelance) - by registering on one of the sites, for example, UpWork, Guru, BookExpertOnline, you can work with customers all over the world.

Jobs and salary in England

The average salary in England in 2021 is about 2,480 pounds per month ($ 3,435). Jobs in England for foreigners in 2021 are mainly offered by large British or international companies In addition to the above resources, you can search for vacancies in the UK on the websites of the reputable newspapers 

In terms of wages, the UK is one of the highest in Europe. The economy is in the process of constant dynamical development. The situation in the modern market is absolutely stable. The income of people who work here is stable..

The economic leader of this island state, England, is especially popular among labor migrants from around the world. In particular, a job in London generates an average income of £ 4,000 (approx. € 4,650) per month. Of course, we are talking about qualified specialists.

The UK population in 2021 exceeds 67 million. According to the British National Statistical Office, the employment rate among people aged 16 to 64 is 75%, that is, about 33 million are officially employed. Unemployment is only 4.9% (1.3 million people).

On the other hand, there is an expansion of the market for low-skilled labor, whose representatives claim the minimum state-established income from labor activity. Such in 2021, there are about 20% of all working in England.

With regard to the employment of immigrants from the Asian countries, there is a peculiarity: they will be able to take a vacant position, only there were no applicants for it among the British or citizens of the European Union.