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If you've ever wondered about getting a job in the UK, chances are you've always imagined a job in London. This is the most popular city, and accordingly there is a lot of work in it. But the problem is that absolutely everyone who wants to work in the UK for some reason wants to work in London, forgetting that there are many cities in Britain where you can work. One of these cities is Sheffield in South Yorkshire. Historically, this city is part of East Yorkshire. Despite the fact that this city is relatively small, there are still a lot of different part time jobs in Sheffield for international students. This city is a real find for those who would like to work abroad. Also, given the fact that this is far from the largest and most high-tech city, part time jobs in Sheffield offer those who want to work for them very favorable terms of cooperation, adequate requirements and a good salary. Jobs in Sheffield are completely different and for people with different levels of education, qualifications and work experience. And Sheffield part time jobs for students are popular both among the local population and among foreigners, so you will need to compete not only with the same visiting workers like you, but also with the local population.

What jobs are in demand in Sheffield?

All workers are in demand in Sheffield, as in any city, all spheres of the economy are more or less developed here. The most accessible jobs for foreigners are information technology, manufacturing, construction, education, medicine, tourism, services, financial and banking sectors. All highly qualified workers can find work there. But more often than not, most foreigners are looking for unskilled work, mainly seasonal. For example, these are such vacancies as:

  • Harvest picker

  • Loader

  • Nanny

  • Nurse

  • Cleaner

  • Mechanic

  • Cashier

  • Waiter

  • Hostess

...and etc. These professions are relatively affordable, and almost everyone can get them. Work in the service sector is also in demand, since there are a lot of not only locals who like to relax and spend money, but also tourists. Sheffield part time jobs for students are also available in this area. Occasionally, creative professionals are needed in the fields of art, fashion, design and media. Full time jobs in Sheffield are also available, but such vacancies come less often than temporary jobs. The reason is simple - to work in a high-paying full-time job, you need to have a very high level of knowledge and qualifications in order to have an advantage over local workers.

What are the requirements for employers in Sheffield?

In order to get a job, even such as a warehouse job in Sheffield and similar ones, you will need to meet some of the requirements that every employer has. There are general requirements, but there are also individual requirements. The general requirements are almost the same for all vacancies. These requirements look something like this:

  1. Having a visa. And getting your visa is the most important thing in the process of moving to Sheffield for work. In most cases, for qualified specialists who have received an invitation to work from an English company, a work visa to England of the required category is issued. In order for the employer to issue this visa, he must have a sponsorship certificate. In addition, the so-called "points" system has been in effect in the UK since 2008 to control migration processes. For example, to obtain a Tier 2 work visa, which is issued to qualified specialists, a foreigner needs to score 70 points, for other types of visas, other points. Visa processing begins 3 months before leaving for England. The term for consideration of documents is approximately 15 days. And if you enjoy living and working in Sheffield, after 5 years of legal stay in England on a work visa, you can apply for permanent residence and even get British citizenship in the future.

  2. Good knowledge of English is also an extremely important requirement. Any job, especially retail jobs in Sheffield, requires knowledge of this language, as you will need to contact different people. And for this you need to know English. And in general, looking for a legal and well-paid job abroad without knowing English is a waste of time, since you are unlikely to be able to find anything. Having a good command of languages ​​other than your native language and English increases your chances of getting a good job with a good and high salary. Highly skilled and educated workers are highly valued here.

  3. Work experience and education. They are at the end, as these are not the most important requirements, especially education. In most cases, the employer wants an employee with work experience who already knows what he needs to do. But some employers easily offer various Sheffield part time jobs for students who do not yet have work experience, and give a chance to start a career working with them. The very last requirement on this list is education, since it is mandatory only for full time jobs sheffield. To work in such vacancies, you will need to have everything at once - both the required diploma and work experience in the required field. Salaries for such vacancies are higher than for part time jobs sheffield. But the requirements for potential employees are also higher.

What salary can I expect in Sheffield?

The wages in Britain are very good, and foreigners who legally worked there can confirm this if you do not believe the official statistics. The minimum wage is approximately $ 1,970 per month. This is the absolute minimum, and in practice, most workers get more, since here they often calculate the salary by the hour, respectively, if you worked more hours, your salary will be higher. The average salary in England in 2021 is about $ 3450 per month. This is one of the highest rates in Europe. The salary is approximately the same as average and higher for workers on full time jobs in Sheffield for professionals. If you don't have a college degree, you can expect to be paid roughly between the minimum and average wages. Also, a certain tax will be deducted from your salary. In Britain, use a progressive scale of income tax - from 0 to 45%, it depends on the size of the salary you receive. By analogy with the minimum wage, the rates are revised every year. The amount of income that is not subject to taxation is 12,570 pounds per year, but since few people receive such a small salary, taxes are paid by everyone, even foreign workers.

What is the cost of living in Sheffield?

The big advantage of living in Sheffield is that it is not a very popular and large city. This makes it inexpensive in terms of cost of living compared to London. On average, if you lead a fairly wasteful life, rent an apartment, eat well and buy a travel card, you will spend about £ 1100 - 1400 per month on living. But often employers provide their employees with housing, which is either cheaper than renting an apartment yourself, or free, depending on each vacancy separately. But in general terms, your salary is enough to live on without unnecessary restrictions.

How can I get a job in Sheffield?

It used to be quite problematic to find a job abroad and go to work there, but in the era of the development of the Internet and technologies, it has become much easier to do this. There are many websites that are dedicated to helping people from different countries find work in highly developed countries with good salaries. One of these sites is Layboard, which hosts many relevant vacancies that you can go to work for. There you can also find current part time jobs in Sheffield for international students, with all the conditions and requirements.