Wedding planner Jobs in Israel

  • We urgently required skilled candidate

    Culture - Hostess - Services sector
    Agency Jing Hau

    2490 $


    we urgently required skilled candidate to build rapport with on a competitive salary start from per month 2490 $ depends on position salary is paid at the end of each week Requirements: 5 - 7 years knows basic English hiring in maximum of 2 weeks we guarantee: duty meal transportation pay on time
    Agency  Jing Hau
    Jing Hau



How much do Wedding planner earn in Israel?

The average Wedding planner salary in Israel is 1500$ per month. Entry-level settings begin at 1000$ per month, while most skilled workers make up to 2000$ each month.

What is the best Wedding planner jobs in Israel

One of the most prominent types of jobs for Wedding planner in Israel:
  • We urgently required skilled candidate

Are Wedding planner in demand in Israel?

Working in Israel as a Wedding planner is obtaining simpler annually because of the expanding variety of jobs in the industry. It can be a lot less complicated to get your Israel job permit and find a well-paying task if you're a competent Wedding planner.