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Business Unit Assistant

Handymen - Working specialties
Agency iCorpPro

250 $

Saudi Arabia (Riyadh)

A hardworking and honest individual required for full time remote work/job. One should be good in English language , business communication , focused to details, energetic, computer literate with good skills in Office 365 and internet, good learner, cooperative, can work in pressure, can organise an...
Agency  iCorpPro

Private person

Experience required
Without accommodation
English speaking jobs
For all
Remote job

REMOTE - Company Placement Manager

Manager - Secretary - Communication
Agency Virtual Internships

1500-3000/month $

Saudi Arabia

Virtual Internships - top 100 Global Ed-Tech startup backed by 500 startup. We are looking forresilient, multi-faceted problem solvers. Benefits: Multi-national working environment with members from many countries around the world. Several chances of being promoted, our Head of Company Experie...
Agency  Virtual Internships
Virtual Internships


Remote job

remote sales agent

Handymen - Working specialties
Agency arad_branding2023

3000+ $

Saudi Arabia (Riyadh)

if you are looking for remote job with high salary and flexible time+commission contact me
Agency  arad_branding2023


Without experience
Without accommodation
Contract job
No English required jobs
For all
Remote job

Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Would you like to work and live in such prosperous and auspicious country as Saudi Arabia? Well, Arabia jobs are the most favorable and best country to earn and many workers choose working in Saudi Arabia. 

What are the advantages of Saudi jobs?

-          an eight-hour working day on average;
-          employees are given housing and transportation (from their country to Saudi Arabia and from and to work);
-          high salary (as you know, salary in Saudi Arabia is famous for good prices for your work, it also depends on your specialty and education);
-          conclusion of a contract (the employee has the right to realize the abilities to productive and creative work by the conclusion of the employment contract at one or at the same time at several enterprises, in establishments, the organizations);
-          registration of a work visa;
-          provision of health insurance;
-          payment of your vacation once a year.
Jobs in Saudi Arabia include many areas and specialties. People from different social faiths can get the desired job. In addition, the agencies provide their valuable employees with everything they need, so that you will not need anything, only good work is required from you.

What are the most popular jobs in Saudi Arabia for foreigners?

Saudi jobs include a lot of branches where to work. For example, English teachers are required. Now there is a very extensive search for people willing to teach different age groups of English. Teachers earn a decent salary and by the way, you can also learn a little Arabic on the go! Sounds interesting, doesn't it? By teaching others you develop yourself.
IT specialists are quite in demand, by the way, we can refer this work to expat jobs in Saudi Arabia. Emigrants are quite popular in this wonderful country! Don't be afraid to show yourself Saudi Arabia will only welcome you with open arms. It managers earn about 12,000 dollars.
Among Saudi expatriates jobs is draftsman. Draftsman performs drawing works (drawings of parts, assembly drawings, general arrangement drawings, dimensional and assembly drawings and other design documentation) according to sketch documents or from nature in the required scale in ink or pencil, observing the drawing rules. Draws up diagrams, specifications, various statements and tables. Draws up drawings, makes the necessary inscriptions and puts down symbols. All you need is initial vocational education without requirements for length of service or secondary (complete) general education and special training according to the established program without requirements for length of service. The salary is about twelve thousand dollars. This work can also be performed remotely.

How and where to look for Saudi jobs and what should you do?

For example, let's consider this option: your friends or acquaintances arrived full of impressions of the job opportunities in Saudi Arabia and after listening to their speeches and admiring exclamations, you were also eager to try it on yourself. Then there are several options for events: you poll your interlocutors more specifically about vacancies or companies, obtain information, all beverages and all disadvantages, think it over and next time they buy a ticket for you too! There is another option, you are also impressed and find a lot of sites with job offer in Saudi Arabia on the Internet. Here is our site that introduces you a lot of information about working in Arabia, you just find and read what you think is necessary, our Layboard will help you with employment. Then you just contact the employer or manager, send your CV if it is required and then, your newly minted boss is already buying you a ticket, providing you with a flight and accommodation, and you, with peace of mind, begin your work adventure in a country that has received a lot of positive feedback from your friends. Here the choice is only yours, there are a lot of opportunities.

What is the cost of living in Saudi Arabia?

The total cost of living for two people with an average consumption level for one month, excluding the cost of housing, will be about seven thousand dollars, but do not forget that only the average salary in Saudi Arabia is on average 10 thousand. Yes, Arabia spares no salaries.
Migrant workers, however, will still need to request permission from the Saudi authorities, which can refuse a foreigner to leave the kingdom if the latter has unpaid fines or other debts. After the expiration of the contract and subject to a number of conditions, migrants will be able to change jobs without the consent of the previous employer.

But what are the advantages of working for foreigners in Saudi Arabia?


People of any faith are allowed to visit the country, not only Muslims.
To obtain any visa, as well as "ikama" - this is a residence permit in Arabic - you need a sponsor. Employees are sponsored by their employing company.
It is believed that it is impossible to obtain Saudi Arabian citizenship, but this is not the case. Formally, the country has a special law that describes the rules for obtaining citizenship and regulates this entire process. Citizenship can be applied for by both men and women who were born in the country or have family ties with the Saudis, as well as foreigners who have lived in the KSA for a long time and are suitable for all conditions: long-term permanent residence, knowledge of the Arabic language, permanent place of work, no criminal record etc.
In Saudi Arabia, workers do not pay payroll tax.
Think well, work hard, and open your own business in Saudi Arabia, get an amazing job and life!