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Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia


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Abha, like the rest of the cities of Saudi Arabia, is favorable for employment not only for citizens but also for foreigners. Expatriates jobs in Abha offer you such a big number of vacant places and you can visit Abha in order to get the most appreciable and adorable job ever!

What are the most popular expatriates Abha jobs?

There are a lot of companies, which offer you such job like: manager, manufacturer, seamstress, machinist, driver, loader, porter and so on. There is one rare popular profession- Chemist production paint. The main task is to plan the production process, deal with their defects, manage the production team and of course test these products. You need to have about 5010 years of experience, enough knowledge about manufacturing, and paint manufacturing.

What is the cost of living in Abha?

Well, the average price is 793 dollars in one month.

What salary can you expect in Abha for your job?

The smallest after-tax salary is 1893 dollars per month, of course it will depend on your profession, working hours and skills- three main reasons about your wages!

What are the features of working in Abha?

1.      A visa is required to enter the kingdom. But tourist visas don't exist. Visas to Saudi Arabia are transit, work and business, as well as for visiting Muslim shrines in Mecca and Medina - they are drawn in the lottery
2.      Two thirds of the population is under 30, and a third are labor migrants
The people of Abha are young. About 67% of the total population of the kingdom is under 30 years old, and the median age is 28.3 years (versus 29.6 years in the world).
3.      The most prestigious and highly paid job is for the state. But now officials will be paid for the result. In the public sector, where mainly citizens of the country work, wages are higher and working conditions are better. In addition, citizens are entitled to free education (in the country or abroad), health care, interest-free housing loans and other benefits. At the same time, there are practically no taxes for the citizens of the country.
4.      Strict censorship, and morale is monitored by a special police
5.      Here moral standards are strictly observed. Censors gloss over in the print press, in advertising and on television everything that they consider to be at least a little threatening to public morality - for example, naked parts of the body of women and even their faces, people add long sleeves or simply remove.
In general, the choice is yours. Just find a suitable job site for you or there are special companies that can help you with your job search. Hoping our site- Layboard clarified your questions to you, you also found a suitable vacancy and now you can safely follow your dream.