The best career options to settle abroad for Indians.


Denis Popov

Some Indians tend to go abroad to find work there. They dream that in other countries they will make a career, earn a decent amount under excellent working conditions.

Many people in India are trying to find work in order to legally immigrate. Finally, the last reason for looking for work abroad is disappointment in Indian reality. Is it easy to get a job abroad?

Working abroad is an experience that we all should experience at least once in our lives. This can help expand your range of options. The benefits that working abroad can bring, whether in your field of specialization or in another sector, far outweigh those that internships within national borders can bring. Working for Indians abroad not only improves language skills but also enhances social and professional skills. There are many benefits to your resume of working abroad and completing a professional or work internship. Discover them!

Not only the experience gained is important, which will allow you to perform other similar jobs. Also of decisive importance is the wide range of professional opportunities that open up for you at the end of an internship or employment contract. An internship or work abroad for foreigners can be a milestone in your professional career and an unforgettable personal experience.

Working abroad requires direct contact with other people and therefore constant communication with them in the language of the country or, otherwise, in English. Learning to speak English fluently is one of the most sought after skills by employers today and any professional should have it in the top ten. In addition, working in another country will allow you to expand your vocabulary related to the world of work in general or to a specific sector.

Jobs abroad for foreigners

Most demand jobs abroad for foreigners

We have compiled a list of in-demand professions for immigration. Here are the specialties that are well paid abroad for people with different education and skills.

IT specialists

This category includes a wide range of professions. Programmers, testers, designers, and analysts are extremely desirable and in-demand professions abroad.

Software developers are among the most needed workers in Europe. Since most technological processes are based on the maintenance of computers and programs, the need for highly qualified employees is growing. And IT-specialists from India is considered among the best in terms of level.

You can choose any programming language and find a job with a high level of income with the right experience.

You don't have to go to university and get a bachelor's degree to become a developer. Many online schools and courses provide distance learning and not very long periods of time.

If you are good at math, then a job as an analyst or Data Scientist will suit you.

For those who understood computer science and could write simple Pascal code in school, it is worth trying front-end or back-end development. In these areas, there is a whole range of options: you can make websites or develop applications, work with bots and artificial intelligence.

Wages in IT abroad range on average minimum $3,000 to $10,000.


If you have a diploma in higher legal education, and you ask yourself the question of what professions are needed abroad, then lawyers are one of the highest paid specialists in any country.

For those who know Italian, want to live by the sea, and are ready to learn the laws of the country, Italy will be a great choice. The most popular ones there are auto lawyers, divorce lawyers, and notaries. They can receive more than 90 thousand euros per year.

Medical workers

Professions with which you can go abroad, have prestige, and have a high level of payment are medical workers and pharmacists. Often doctors from India need to retrain. But in many countries, they are waiting for good Indian doctors and specialists in healthcare, for example, caregivers and nurse practitioners.

The countries of Europe, Canada, and the USA are suitable for those who want to gain professional experience, and knowledge in a narrower field, learn the spoken language, grow professional contacts, and attend conferences and seminars.

In terms of income, American doctors win. Even the lowest paid family doctor gets around $14,500. In the European Union, the situation is as follows:

  • Switzerland - $7,800;

  • Great Britain - $7,000;

  • France - $6,000;

  • Germany - $5,500;

  • Italy - $5,200;

  • Spain - $5,000;

  • Finland - $2,500;

  • Poland - $1,500;

  • Lithuania - $900.

The Indian average salary for a doctor is around $800.

If you have a medical education, then in the USA there is an opportunity to undergo retraining and enter a residency.

Doctors are retrained in medical schools. After graduation, students take exams and receive a doctor's license. The term of study is from 4 years, and the cost of the study is 30-60 thousand dollars. The residency allows you to get trained in America, get a certificate, and work in one of the American clinics.

The easiest option for Indians is jobs in UAE for foreigners. It is easy to get there, there is a pretty good salary and you can improve your skills. But working conditions, of course, are far from European. Very high requirements for doctors in the UK.

Work abroad for Indians

The best career for settling abroad for Indians

It is no longer news that many students receive a diploma and go to work abroad. The reasons are different: the desire to travel, to learn a foreign language better, to receive a decent salary, etc. Work in India and abroad is different both in nature and financially. Let's figure out what professions are most often chosen by Indian emigrants.

Field of engineering

Knowledge of the language and high qualifications make it possible for engineers of a narrow profile to find work in another country. Thus, many companies in Latvia, Canada, and Australia need good energy engineers in the aerospace, mechanical engineering, and oil production fields. Salaries for these professionals start at $5,000 per month.


Drivers (most often truck driver and taxi drivers) can also find their professional niche in a foreign country (USA, Austria, England, Norway, Lithuania). Overseas, the demand for professional drivers is high due to the advanced economy. Logistics today is a well-developed industry, and it needs valuable employees (the salary of an ordinary expatriate driver is approximately $ 2,000).

Senior Manager

This profession has several directions: chief director, executive director, chief manager, top manager, and analytics. The profession is very responsible and has a fairly large list of functional responsibilities. The success of the enterprise, its development, and its prosperity depends on the high qualification of the manager, and on his professionalism. Large and small firms abroad provide salaries to their managers much higher than in our homeland - from 170,000 to 250,000 per year. And this is without taking into account the various bonuses that the manager receives directly from senior management and the company. Heads of well-known brands can even pay millions in salaries - they can afford it.

Which country has the most job opportunities for Indians?

In today's world, millions of people regularly move from one country to another for the purpose of education, business, professional activities, family reunification, and for many other reasons. The most popular motive for migration is employment. The opportunity to find a well-paid job and stay in a successful developed country encourages people to leave their native countries, including foreigners from the post-Soviet space.

Almost every state seeks to protect its domestic market from the influx of labor migrants, therefore, in most cases, the primary right to fill a vacancy is given to local citizens. However, many countries are experiencing shortages of skilled labor and are striving to attract a certain number of specialists that the local economy needs. For this purpose, labor migration programs are being created and the norms of labor legislation are softened.

Next, we will find out where it is best to go to work abroad from India and other foreigners in 2023.

  1. The United States has the most powerful economy in the world, which needs representatives of a wide variety of professions - from domestic staff to doctors. This country is good either for tourists moving and traveling or looking for jobs. Of course, in order to cope with the competition and obtain an American work visa, you must have a high level of qualifications, experience, excellent knowledge of the English language, and other valuable skills. Note that the average salary in the US in 2023 is $1,010 per week.

  2. In order to attract scarce foreign specialists for the Australian economy, Australia has professional immigration programs. The specialized Skill Select service greatly simplifies the search for a suitable vacancy and allows qualified applicants to obtain a work visa relatively quickly. The main requirements are experience, qualifications, proficiency in English and the demand for the profession in Australia.

  3. Germany has the most stable and largest economy in the European Union. Even during the global crisis, unemployment does not exceed 5%. In 2020, the law “On Immigration of Skilled Workers” came into force in the country, according to which labor migrants from all over the world (under certain conditions) have the opportunity to come to Germany for up to six months in order to look for work, and the requirement for a priority recruitment of citizens Germany and the European Union canceled.

  4. Canada is one of the best places in the world not only to work but also to live in general. A very beautiful country with rich natural resources, vast territory, and a high standard of living. The local government has developed fairly transparent and efficient professional immigration programs. To obtain a work visa to Canada, the applicant must score a certain number of points. What matters is age, profession, qualifications, education, language skills, and work experience.

  5. The ranking of the TOP-5 best countries for employment abroad is closed by the most beautiful northern country - Norway. According to some studies, Norwegian workers are the most satisfied with working conditions in comparison with other European countries. The most accessible and sought-after professions in Norway for foreigners are most often associated with the oil and fish industry. Average Norwegian salaries reach 5 thousand euros per month.

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This is an interesting article that will help you choose the perfect job abroad. I have long decided to leave India and now I will try


Quite an informative article that will give you an understanding of what you can expect when applying for a job abroad. I chose to go to Canada.


I love reading this kind of content. It is interesting and easy to understand and motivates you to change your life for the better.


I have previously been a labor migrant from India to the US and I want to note that this article is filled with important points that will help facilitate your move.


Thanks to the authors. You really put everything on the shelves and now I know my future path.



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