Overview of Saudi Arabia's Labor Market and Employment Sectors.


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The Kingdom's plans include three main goals: a vibrant society, a thriving economy, and an ambitious state. Employees who want to earn well are constantly on the lookout for trends that help them keep up with the times. This is the right decision, so we recommend that you continue reading this article for useful information.

According to Vision 2030, the following sectors lead the list of the most influential sectors in achieving the vision's goals; therefore, they contain many of the jobs needed in this country in all professions:

  • Communications and Information Technology.

  • Retail and small businesses.

  • Transportation, supply chain, and logistics.

  • The financial sector.

  • The education sector.

  • Mining sector.

  • Clean and renewable energy.

  • Tourism, sports, and entertainment.

  • The medical sector.

  • The military industry.

  • Culture and arts.

  • Social development and support of the nonprofit sector.

  • Wildlife protection and development.

There are plenty of jobs anyway, so you can start looking. Choose the conditions that are favorable for you, even if the salary looks very attractive. You must consider your strength and prepare not only physically, but also mentally.

High-Demand Professions in Saudi Arabia

High-Demand Professions for Expatriates in Saudi Arabia

You can even track current jobs that are offered in quantity online. If you are still in search of a profession, pay attention to this search every day. The following specializations are the most demanded in the labor market of this state for the development of the mentioned sectors:

  • Information systems technology.

  • Computer software development.

  • Information security.

  • Business and financial management.

  • Marketing and advertising.

  • Information systems management.

  • Industrial engineering.

  • Supply Chain Management and Logistics.

  • Finance, economics, and investment management.

  • Insurance and risk management.

  • Financial mathematics.

  • Actuarial and banking sciences.

  • Specialties in mining engineering.

  • Nuclear engineering.

  • Electrical engineering.

  • Sustainable energy.

  • Aeronautical and aerospace specialties.

  • Mechanical engineering.

One of the most important and in-demand professions in 2021 is cybersecurity. It is known for the abundance of inputs and data on the Internet and belongs to the field of information technology. There are no fewer users on the Internet, on the contrary. Such specialists are very valuable, so you have many reasons and motivations to start training.

Saudi Vision 2030 has achieved many economic and development goals, so there has been an increased need for work in designing monitoring systems for various stores and companies in various areas of expertise.

Jobs in hospitals and health care are the highest paid in the country. But the prerequisite here is education and passing several exams. The country has a very responsible attitude to the medical field, so they thoroughly check doctors before hiring them. 

Due to the digital transformation, the dependence on professions related to network design and the use of electronic programs of all kinds has increased in recent years, especially in Saudi Arabia in 2021 with the achievement of Vision 2030.

There is a huge and growing demand for jobs in computing and programming. Among these occupations are: mobile app and website programmer, computer systems specialist, and network marketing jobs.

Now there is an active concern for the environment. In this regard, people are needed with the appropriate knowledge, which in practice will be beneficial. Epidemiology is one of the most successful and popular specialties in the world in the last two years. Therefore, the job of an epidemiologist is one of the most important. 

Opportunities in Education, Financial Services, and Tourism

Many public and private institutions produce thousands of graduates each year in engineering and mechanical sciences, health care, agriculture, teaching, and other fields.

These institutions include the Royal Technical Institute in Riyadh, the Hofuf Technical School, and centers in Jeddah, Medina, Abha, Taif, Unaiza, Dammam, and other cities. They train thousands of people in various fields, including machine tools, metalworking, electromechanical, auto mechanics, electronics, and industrial equipment maintenance.

Another important institution is the Institute of Public Administration in Riyadh. Founded in 1961 as a semi-independent government agency, the institute offers courses in administration, law, accounting, computer science, maintenance, human resources, secretarial skills, and management planning. Today, the institute has branches in Dammam and Jeddah, as well as a special branch for women in Riyadh.

There are also several private training centers to meet the needs of the market. The financial services sector also requires a lot of workers, but you have to be good at it. The tourism sector offers great opportunities. Hotels, restaurants, bars, and beaches are in constant need of workers.

In-Demand Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Tips for Expatriates Seeking In-Demand Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Those who want to work in this country in the near future will need a work visa, which will allow them to live and work in the SA Kingdom permanently. To proceed, you must already have a job offer and will need to provide an employment contract as well as official invitations and medical information.

Once you arrive in this state, you must apply for a permit that gives you the legal opportunity to live and work in the state for up to two years. Anyone who arrives in the country to work must have a legal employer who will sponsor them.

One must always carry the iqama (residence and work permit). Failure to show the card upon request could result in a fine. The iqama is limited to one or two years (depending on the length of the employment contract), after which your employer will have to renew it.

Before the permit is issued, you will have to have your fingerprints taken and undergo a medical examination. This is to make sure there are no contagious diseases such as HIV. 

Working in Saudi Arabia is lucrative and promising, which is why many people from other countries come here. Everyone can find their work vocation by taking the time and effort to do it. As a result, all the work will show its fruits, so the main thing is to be patient.

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It's a valid point to keep track of popular professions. From the lists in this article, I was able to choose several interesting directions. I will study them in the future.
I recommend everyone to read this article. I support the opinion that one should keep track of current professions. Of course, this applies only to those people who want to achieve success. I belong to this category, so I do not stop developing.
Saudi Arabia is really continuing to evolve. I chose the medical field for myself many years ago. It's nice that medical specialists are valued there and offer appropriate salaries. That is why I am thinking about moving.
I studied a lot, so now I can choose several jobs. In this article I read a lot of useful information and even got a charge of motivation, so thank you.
I have long been interested in working in Saudi Arabia. This article helped me to get a lot of useful information that I did not know before. Now I am more aware of this topic.
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