Exploring Chances in Qatar's Medical Industry for Indians.


Denis Popov

Although Qatar has a fairly high density of medical workers, there is still a demand for them. It is a great opportunity for Indians to earn a good salary while working in another country. At the same time, you will move up the career ladder and acquire new skills and knowledge. In addition, get familiarized with an interesting culture.

Understanding the Healthcare System in Qatar

Spending on this industry per capita is among the highest in the Middle East region.

Medical service is provided by both the public and private sectors of the economy. The Covid-19 pandemic gave an impetus to the development of this sector of the economy. Digitalization of medicine was implemented due to quarantine measures.

The need for workers in this sector of the economy has also grown and continues to grow. Last but not least, it is also due to the greater popularity of medical tourism. The quality of treatment for both citizens and foreigners is very high. It is often free, but there are cases when you have to pay for medical services.

As of 2020, 90% of nurses working in Qatar were foreigners. At the same time, 69% of doctors worked from abroad. There are not many inhabitants of the country, and few citizens want to work in medicine. As for pharmaceuticals, the country's market is dependent on imports. There are some local producers. Medicine prices are among the highest in the region. It is because there is no control over pricing.

Growth and Opportunities in Qatar's Healthcare System

A necessary step before considering the possibility of working in another country is to look at the threats to this industry. It is important to pay attention to the main development trends and prospects.

What is expected in this industry?

  • this industry will continue to grow

  • it is projected to become a $7 billion market by 2025

  • by 2027, the number of users will be 901.50 thousand

  • annual income growth rate of 17.87%

It is worth highlighting the National Health Strategy of Qatar, which should be implemented by 2023. It consists of the fact that it is planning to build a world-class healthcare system. This system should become available to all citizens. And in addition to providing effective treatment. Various research projects and new startups have been created.

Qatar's Healthcare System

Opportunities for Indian Professionals in Qatar's Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector in Qatar has been growing in recent years. New hospitals and clinics will be built. The demand is growing. There are many lucky chances for successful career advancement.

The above facts and expectations regarding expansion show that the number of workers for work in the health economy is increasing. Qatar cannot meet all demands. So this is a great opportunity for Indian medical professionals to develop their overseas careers.

For specialists from India, this is an opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills. Work experience in another country will certainly not be superfluous. Good salaries will be a nice addition. However, keep in mind that the salary depends on the position you work in and the experience and skills you possess.

There are certain cultural differences between India and Qatar. It is worth considering this when moving. But maybe it is another culture that interests you? After all, each country has different traditions, customs, and rules. There are also medical regulations in Qatar. Working in new conditions is always a great experience.

Navigating the Job Application Process in Qatar's Healthcare Sector

Before looking for a job, you need to know the main points that are necessary to get a job in Qatar. We have prepared an instruction that will give you an approximate understanding of what, where, and how it is happening:


  1. Create a resume. Tell us about yourself, what you do, what you can do, what experience you have;

  2. Choose a job that matches your requirements and qualifications;

  3. Get an interview. It is important not to be afraid to ask questions, make sure that you are not a scammer;

  4. Enter into an employment contract;

  5. Next, you need to get a work visa.

Perhaps these recommendations will help you when getting a job.

Essential Qualifications and Certifications

To work in the medical field, you must have certain qualifications, certificates, and work experience. For example, here is a summary of what you need to work as a doctor:

  • medical education and documents confirming it;

  • five years of experience;

  • a letter of recommendation from your place of employment;

  • take the PROMETRIC exam to confirm your qualifications;

  • a certificate confirming that you have completed training at CCT (Certificate of Completion of Training);

  • knowledge of English;

  • knowledge of the Arabic language will be an advantage.

In addition, some personal qualities will be an advantage. You need communication skills. If Qatar is a new country for you, it will not be superfluous to get to know the locals. Be able to work in a team, because this skill will be needed anywhere. Patience and attention to detail will help you communicate better with patients.

Interviewing and Negotiating Job Offers

Interviewing and Negotiating Job Offers in Qatar's Healthcare Sector

An interview is an opportunity to discuss working conditions, and salary and ask everything that interests you.

Before the interview, you can write down some questions that you would like to ask the employer. Do not be afraid to clarify points that are unclear to you. Also, prepare a notebook and a pen. If you have questions during the conversation, you can write them down so you don't forget.

What answer should you give if you are asking about the expected salary? When estimating your salary, rely on your knowledge and work experience. If you are confident in your skills, you can say that you expect a higher salary. This method can work because it is not uncommon for people to underestimate what they are capable of.

Working in Qatar in the health economy will be a great chance for Indian professionals for career advancement. Labor market is waiting for workers to perform medical work.

Starting from just an employee, improving your skills you can even reach a professional role. Extensive opportunities in the fast-growing healthcare sector in Qatar will allow us to gain valuable experience.

There is a demand for workers in this field. In addition, a large number of foreigners from all over the world and competition will stimulate you to develop in the future. Acquaintance with a new culture will bring many new impressions.

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I advise you not to miss the opportunity to read such valuable advice. Listen to them, because they have been useful to me personally. I will definitely start implementing them and share my impressions.


If you are interested in Qatar because you recognize that it is a truly modern country with great opportunities. However, before visiting, you should read articles like this one. I am repeatedly convinced that there is never too much information.


It's important not only to learn how to search for vacancies but also to interview potential employers. I used to underestimate this step, but after reading this article, I came to many conclusions. Thank you to the authors for sharing useful thoughts.


In my life, I have had many interviews from employers. I wish I had come across this article earlier. Moreover, the information described above will be useful not only for those who want to get a job in Qatar, but also for residents of other countries.



You shouldn't delay your employment in Qatar. I have repeatedly seen that you need to prepare in advance. If you are a specialist, prepare certificates that confirm this, because this is one of the most important criteria that have been spelled out in this article.



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