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What are the features for foreigners of working here?

Kuwait is a wealthy country in the Middle East, located between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, washed by the Persian Gulf. The small state owns about 6% of the world's oil reserves, which ensures the well-being of the local population and arouses the interest of labor migrants. Immediately, we note that it is impossible for foreigners to obtain citizenship in Kuwait, and the right to property and conduct business in the country is very limited.

Jobs in Kuwait in 2021 are available in the oil sector, finance and banking, and require doctors, construction workers, programmers and some other skilled trades. The main problem of the state lies in the huge dependence of the economy on the oil sector, due to which more than half of the country's GDP and over 90% of the budget revenues are formed.

While in Kuwait, expats have access to government health care.

There are no taxes in Kuwait, even for expats.

The population of Kuwait in 2021 is about 4.3 million people. According to various sources, up to 70-80% of the country's labor force consists of foreign workers, and until recently, local authorities in every possible way welcomed the influx of labor migrants. Today the situation is gradually changing and finding a job in Kuwait is becoming much more difficult. After all, foreign applicants occupy positions of both unskilled workers and positions that require high qualifications and experience, and are accordingly adequately paid.

To move to Kuwait, a foreigner must first find an employer, sign an employment contract and obtain a work permit. These are prerequisites for formal employment. Work in Kuwait is carried out on a temporary basis. During the entire term of the contract, the employer acts as a sponsor and is responsible for the foreign specialist. That is, all administrative procedures, including obtaining a work visa and a work permit for the applicant, are the responsibility of the local company.

What jobs in Kuwait for foreigners are presented?

There are part time jobs in Kuwait and normal work schedule working such are:

  • fitness instructor and personal trainer;
  • hostess;
  • hotel or restaurant administrator;
  • masters of manicure or hairdressing;
  • stylist;
  • waiter, cooker.

How to get jobs in Kuwait 2021?

Vacancies are equally available to all applicants, the only thing that matters is work experience, qualifications and knowledge of the English language. Our site- Layboard has made a number of paragraphs about finding a reliable employer in Kuwait:

  • Fill out an application on our website, be sure to attach your photo to your resume.
  • Choose from the list of current vacancies an option that meets your experience and qualifications.
  • Have an interview with a representative of the employing company.
  • Conclude an employment contract with the host.
  • Wait for the visa to open.

All expenses for paperwork and air tickets are borne by the employer!

What are the requirements for foreigners for Kuwait job hiring?

Organizations put forward fairly high requirements for applicants, including:

  • fluency in English;
  • the level of education and qualifications;
  • experience.

Employers offer a high level of salaries, accommodation and and paid vacation.

What is the cost of living here?

The average sum of living is 574.48 dollars for one person for a month.

What is the average salary in Kuwait?

It is 1,200 KWD per month. Salaries range from 360 KWD to 5,700 KWD.

When applying for a job, almost every ambitious young specialist dreams of "breaking through" to the very top of the career ladder and heading the company where he works. Vacancies in Kuwait companies offer you such professions as manager, assistant or administrator. You can really achieve a lot in these areas. What if you want to achieve director status in Kuwait jobs here? Then, you must understand, that the director's work presupposes that the leader, first of all, has such personal qualities as responsibility and organizational skills. In addition, the director will not be able to effectively carry out his duties if he does not possess:

  • highly developed intuition;
  • a heightened sense of justice;
  • the makings of a leader;
  • analytical mindset;
  • stress resistance;
  • sociability;
  • the ability to find compromise solutions;
  • purposefulness;
  • striving for self-improvement.

Do not forget that everything is possible in Kuwait! Kuwait jobs salary, Kuwait vacancy can help you to achieve director status or to get suitable employment. How can you achieve good results and what principles to adhere to so that your affairs develop in the best possible way? In the workplace, whether it is manufacturing, service, trade or elsewhere, in most cases you have to deal with people. Achieving harmony with others is essential for successful work. Do not be too selfish, learn to be a psychologist and take into account not only your own benefits, but also the interests of others in your actions. This behavior will earn the respect of your colleagues. Do not be afraid to "roll the cart", that is, do the rough work. Many great people worked hard before becoming outstanding. As the saying goes, "water does not flow under a lying stone."

We sincerely wish you the best of luck in receiving Kuwait job vacancy and jobs in Kuwait!