How to get German work visa from India?

How to get German work visa from India?

A visa to work in Germany is a document that is issued in several stages. Every year, the horizons for the employment of Ukrainians expand and more and more countries offer good vacancies in Europe. Work in Germany today is in great demand among men and women from Ukraine who seek to find a comfortable and paid job for themselves. Germany is one of the most developed countries in Europe. Work in Germany is distinguished by high pay, manufacturability and accuracy. Official work in Germany is available to all citizens of Ukraine - both men and women. Our candidates must have at least 25 years of age, completed secondary and vocational education, and work experience in the specialty. Our company offers to sign an employment contract with an employer, which guarantees your safety during your stay in Germany. In addition, we provide all employees with a full social package and accommodation. 

Yes, this country has always attracted not only tourists, but also migrant workers. Why? If only because the country is actively accepting new workers. Moreover, it is conveniently located in Europe. 

In this case, the visa is also issued in advance in the home country of the student. In addition, a work visa is not required if you will be interning on European Commission scholarships, working as a foreign student during vacations or doing internships in youth exchange programs for no more than three months. A complete list of such programs can be found on the website of the German Foreign Office.  

First of all, the preliminary check, which the applicants to compete with the local unemployed passed through, is canceled. It extended to all professions, with the exception of the scarce ones. Today, in order to obtain a working contract, an applicant only needs to provide evidence that his education is recognized in the Federal Republic of Germany. In the presence of a recognized diploma of secondary education, potential labor migrants are issued a visa for 6 months with the purpose of looking for work. Previously, this procedure was valid only for specialists with higher education. The innovations include knowledge of the German language, added to the list of requirements for obtaining a work visa. In addition, an expedited issuance of a work visa at the embassies of those countries from where they go to Germany is also provided for migrants. But how to get German work visa from India?

Types of German work visa

As such, there is no German work visa. There is a national type D, its effect is broader than just employment. But if the applicant comes to the country specifically to get a job in Germany, he needs to take care of the permission of category D of the corresponding subcategory. 

There are three main types of German work visa requirements for Indian citizens. Long-term visa D. It is obtained in the case of a business trip, short courses, seminars, etc. 

  • Тype C - short-term (stay up to 90 days: no longer than 3 months every six months) - it is received by travelers, as well as those who go on a short-term business trip, to language courses, exhibitions, concerts and sports competitions, to visit relatives; 

  • EU Blue Card A pan-European document that gives the right to work in all countries of the European Union. However, Germany has its own requirements for such workers: Mandatory presence of higher education, recognized on the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany. The presence of a signed labor agreement with the employer. The minimum wage for especially valuable workers (engineers, mathematicians, IT specialists, etc.) is 39,600 euros / year. For the rest - 50800 € (actual at the time of writing the material). The EU Blue Card issued by other EU states is recognized in Germany, but can be subject to rechecking for compliance with internal regulations (in most cases, they are similar in all countries of the European Union). One of the types of work visas with simplified issuance conditions is the Blue Card. You can get a card if the following conditions are met: the migrant has a higher education diploma comparable to that of a German; an employment contract with a German company has been concluded; employment takes place for a position corresponding to the qualifications specified in the diploma; the salary per year exceeds 55,200 euros (for some professions this threshold has been lowered, among them are designers, physicists, chemists, engineers and others). 

An immigrant needs qualifications to obtain a German work visa. The law distinguishes 4 types of workers: 

  • unskilled - employment does not require a profession, for example, a janitor, a cleaner; 

  • qualified - the owner of the profession, at least 2 years of study, enough secondary education - plumber, electrician; 

  • IT specialists - without a specialized diploma, but with three years in the last 8 years of proven work experience; 

  • highly qualified - higher education and management personnel. 

For the first group, work in Germany is only possible for EU citizens. The immigration law does not provide for the hiring of people from abroad if the vacancy implies the lack of any qualifications. 

The second type of workers gets permission if they do not compete with the local unemployed. Since March 2020, restrictions on the list of professions have been canceled. 

The easiest way to move is with a higher education diploma, which is recognized in Germany. In the new law on labor immigration, there are no significant changes in this regard. 

What are the requirements for German work visa?

Many people think that a German work visa for Indian is something unattainable and impossible to obtain. Compared to previous years, the rate of refusals for German visas has decreased, although it remained at a fairly high level. 

Required documents: 

  1. International passport. 
  2. Internal passport of India. 
  3. 2 photos. 
  4. Certificate from the place of work, study, pension certificate, business registration. 
  5. Tax certificate (if there were no Schengen visas for the last 3 years). 
  6. Booking a hotel in which you will actually stay. 

This is a one-size-fits-all list that you will need for almost any type of German visa. 

In fact, the slightest mistake in drawing up a package of documents, filling out questionnaires can lead to refusal. 

German work visa application process

For this, in turn, you need to find a vacancy in Germany that suits you, go through an interview followed by signing a contract or receiving a guarantee of employment upon arrival in the country. You will have to do your job search on your own. Today it is quite easy to do this by visiting numerous Internet sites on Google. However, in comparison with the usual job search, job search in Germany has some peculiarities. In particular, writing a resume and contacting a potential employer has certain subtleties that you may not be aware of. Therefore, it is better to contact a company that specializes in finding specialists to work in the West. After going through all the stages of search and selection, you need to contact the German embassy with a package of documents. When the documentation has been reviewed, the consular officers will make a decision to issue a work visa in accordance with the paragraph of the migration law. 

You need to start the procedure for applying for this visa by collecting documents. Consider the features: 

  1. Application for a visa (questionnaire). To be completed in German. It is necessary to provide 2 copies to the Consular Section.
  2. Passport. Requirements for a travel document are standard - the presence of 2 free pages with the inscription "Visas", as well as the validity period - no more than ten years. 
  3. Three (!!!) photos. We stick one photo on the questionnaires and attach another one separately. Requirements for the photo on the link 

Further, the documents differ for employees and entrepreneurs: 

  • for employees - an employment contract signed by both parties, or an offer to work with a specific place. 
  • for business owners - a description of the company, its structure, etc. 5. Proof of skill level, which includes: 
  • Autobiography (in German or English). 2 copies. Type of autobiography - table.
  • Diploma of education with apostille and notarized translation (original + 2 copies). If your diploma is from a university, then you need to confirm its equivalence. Printouts are taken from the "Anabin" databank. 
  • Labor book. Translation into German must be notarized (original + 2 copies are submitted) 

There are many nuances of opening German work visas, the procedure is not the easiest, but efforts will be rewarded with decent wages in an EU country. 

A distinctive feature of work visas to Germany is the period for consideration by the Consular Service of the application. For hired employees - from 4 to 6 weeks. For entrepreneurs - 6 months or more. 

An important distinguishing parameter of a national visa to Germany is the amount of the application processing fee. For adults - 75 euros, for minors - 37.5 euros. This is disadvantageous for Germans, since Polish and Lithuanian work visas are free. 

Please provide a complete set of all required documents at the time of submission of documents. When submitting the required documents, please indicate the case number (the so-called barcode, which will be communicated to you when submitting documents), the applicant's surname and first name. 

A preliminary registration for submission of documents at the Visa Department of the relevant foreign mission at your place of usual residence can be made online via RK-Termin *. Each applicant must make a separate appointment (for example, for a family of three, three appointments are required). 

German missions abroad in India are geographically divided into consular districts. The zone of authority is determined solely according to the actual place of residence of the applicant.

If you decide to make money, and maybe even settle in Germany, then you cannot do without a work visa. Of course, sometimes people travel on a tourist visa and find work, but they violate the law and can earn not only money, but also trouble.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does German work visa cost?

Job seeker visa Germany cost from India is specified specifically for your case. But Indians should expect a price around 75 €. If you are applying at a visa center, and not at the consular service, then add a service fee, the amount of which may vary. Be aware that in the event of a visa refusal, neither the consular nor the service fee will be refunded. 

In addition to the direct costs of obtaining a visa, you need to provide for the costs of: 

  • translations;

  • recognition of a diploma; 

  • German language proficiency document.

How long does a German work visa take?

A national visa is initially issued for a period of 3–6 months. Upon arrival in Germany, she is changed at the Ausländeramt for a residence permit. It is given for the period of the specialist's working contract. With an open-ended contract, the duration of the stay is usually 2 years. If after this period the labor migrant has a job, then the visa is extended for another 2 years. So, it can be extended up to 5 years. In the first 3 years, the holder of a work visa is not allowed to change employer (IT specialists are prohibited from working in other fields) without the knowledge of Ausländeramt. 

Where I can get German work visa?

After the consul makes a decision on the visa, you will receive a notification. It is necessary to arrive at the consulate with a foreign passport on appointments on the day in order for you to receive a visa. You can get a visa at the embassy. 


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