The highest paying jobs in the UK

The highest paying jobs in the UK

Work is one of the most important parts of a person's life. And in order to maintain the process of life, eat, buy clothes, live somewhere, move around the place of residence - all this requires money. This is the reason why everyone wants to have a high paying job. But not everyone can get it.

All people who can work want to get enough money for their work. And each profession has its own salary framework, based on which employers pay money to workers. And sometimes this money is not as much as we would like. And even in a country like Great Britain it is quite difficult to get a high-paying job, as in the whole world in general.

Why do people go to work abroad?

In fact, dklk each has its own reasons, and there may be several of them. They depend individually on each person. But in general, there are some common ones. For example, if a person lives in a poor country, but wants to make his life better, he is likely to go to work abroad, to richer and more successful countries. To work in countries such as Great Britain come not only ordinary workers who are looking for quick ways to earn a considerable amount of money, but also those who have a diploma, but cannot find a decent job in their country. Т the highest paying jobs in UK mainly offered by large British or international companies looking for experienced professionals in scarce professions. Financiers, bankers, engineers, programmers and doctors have good chances of finding a job. They also receive the highest salaries in Britain.

Why do people from different countries come to work in the UK?

Working in this country, especially for highly qualified specialists, is an excellent opportunity to move to live in a developed country and significantly increase the level of income. All of this is available to anyone who is qualified to qualify for one of the best paying jobs in the UK. The largest cities in Britain are considered the most attractive places for immigration. Unfortunately, it is a little more difficult for foreigners to find a job in England due to the need to obtain a work permit and, accordingly, competition with both local residents and other visiting workers. However, there are always options, especially for well-qualified and scarce specialists with good knowledge of English.

TOP 15 well paid jobs in the UK

Despite the fact that in the UK all work is paid well, and all legally working people receive a salary that matches their skills, abilities and qualifications, there are owners of such professions, professionals in which are always in demand and very scarce. It is expected that most of these best paying jobs in the UK belong to medicine and the financial sector. But in any case, if you legally stay and work in Britain, then qualified specialists can count on decent wages, which will definitely be enough to live here, and not be afraid of deception on the part of the employer. And if you ever wondered which job has the highest salary in UK, I can answer it and even give some examples. Below is a list of 15 of the top paying jobs in the UK.

  1. Financial director. Anyone who works can count on a very good salary in any case, since the average salary of such specialists per year is £ 112,666

  2. Vice President of Sales. Those who can get a job will also receive a very good salary. The average salary of these workers per year is £ 109,278

  3.  Vice President for Design and Technological Works. Quite a difficult job, requiring high qualifications. Average annual salary - £ 108,623

  4. Orthodontist. All doctors around the world receive some of the highest salaries, regardless of specialization. Average annual salary for orthodontists - £ 99,010

  5. Dermatologist. Another doctor, quite popular in Britain, and very scarce, like an orthodontist. Average Dermatologist Salary per Year £ 93,282

  6. Director of Sales Management. The average salary for this vacancy is £ 92,692 per year.

  7. Neonatologist. It is also a very interesting job with a shortage of specialists. If anyone did not know, neonatologists study the growth and development of infants and newborns, their diseases and pathological conditions. These doctors receive an average of £ 92,003 per year.

  8. Rheumatologist. Also a very helpful doctor who is highly regarded, especially by the older generation. The average salary for a rheumatologist per year is £ 91,724.

  9. Ophthalmologist. The average salary per year is £ 91,704. These are also highly demanded specialists, as vision problems in today's conditions appear more and more often.

  10. Director of public catering. The average salary of these specialists per year is £ 91,578.

  11. Nephrologist. This doctor treats kidney problems and the average salary of these doctors is £ 91,521 per year.

  12. Plastic surgeon. The average salary of such surgeons per year is £ 90,922. They are also quite in demand, but there are a lot of such doctors.

  13. Senior directors (of any company) receive an average of £ 90,059 a year, but this amount can be very different depending on the company in which the person works.

  14. Pediatrician. Working with children in medicine is also well paid, with the average salary of these specialists per year at around £ 89,723.

  15. Anesthesiologist. This is the doctor who is responsible for the anesthesia during the operations. Average annual salary £ 89,501.

As you have already noticed, the most in-demand specialists are doctors of various profiles, since most of the list of most paid jobs in the UK is occupied by workers in the field of medicine. It is in great demand all over the world, and good doctors can find work almost anywhere in the world.

Will I be able to get this job right after I start working in the UK?

Unfortunately no. In order to receive such a salary, you need to work at one job for a long time. But if you come to work in Britain on time, towards the end of your career and retirement, you will receive a salary above the average for your profession. And at the beginning of a career, it will be correspondingly less.

Working conditions in the UK

The working conditions in this country are very good, especially for the most paid jobs in the UK, which provide those who work for them at least enough money for a good life. But some of the highest paid professions in the UK can, in addition to comfortable working conditions and high salaries, offer additional benefits that do not relate to work. In each company they are different, somewhere there may be many, somewhere few. This could be something like reimbursing insurance (full or partial), a public transport ticket, or even paying for a gym. For good specialists, nothing is spared.

How much time per day should I work in Britain?

The duration of work, or in other words, how many hours a day a person can work, is regulated individually. For men, it is not standardized, for women and young workers who have just started working, it is limited. The working hours of adult men are not limited in any way by law, and in theory men can work as long as they want. However, most employers cooperate in accordance with the collective bargaining principle, whereby the average working time is 43 hours per week. And in most cases, the actual average working day - 8 hours, in the UK, as a rule, is determined by the employment contract.

What is my salary if I get a job in the UK?

Those most paid jobs in the UK are characterized by very high salaries. Of course, such salaries are not received immediately, but vacancies from the top 10 highest paying jobs in the UK will be able to provide you with a very high salary. But what can new employees, who have just started working, expect? This of course depends on qualifications, diploma availability and the number of years worked in the same or a similar job. But all skilled workers, even at the beginning of their careers, can count on salaries ranging from £ 40,000 - 

£ 50,000 per year. This is a very good indicator both for Europe and for the whole world in general. If you have enough work experience in the right field, you can count on almost the same, or maybe even more than indicated in the top 15 highest paid jobs in Britain.

The required skills to get a high-paying job in the UK

There are different jobs in Britain. There are for those who have several diplomas, a scientific degree in any science and other achievements. There is also work for those who have no education and work experience. It requires completely different specialists and workers who can work and can do it efficiently. What unites all these works? The answer is simple - requirements. Yes, in order to get a job in any country, you need to be able to do something and meet different requirements - generally accepted, and specific requests of the employer to each employee individually. What are the most basic requests for those who want to get a job in Britain? This of course depends on what kind of job you want to get.

  • Your job opportunities, salary and other factors directly depend on your education. If you are going to work in a vacancy where education is not required, you can easily find yourself a part-time job, or full-time but with low requirements. In general, in such a job, you are unlikely to need education. But if you want to work in a highly paid and permanent job, you need to have a special education for this, which must be confirmed by a diploma. Unfortunately, education and work experience in a country other than England may not meet all requirements of UK labor law. This makes the process of getting a job a little more difficult, but you can still count on good employment, especially if you are a really good specialist and you have not had any problems with an education at any university in the world, you will most likely go through the confirmation process simply and quickly. In order to check your qualifications and employment opportunities, there is a special service that deals with these issues. This agency acts on behalf of the UK government. Thanks to him, online you can get confirmation of your qualifications and level of English proficiency. The document is officially recognized throughout British territory, therefore, after passing this confirmation, there will be no questions from employers about your qualifications. In turn, for the legal employment of a foreigner from a non-EU country, an English employer must also go through a certain procedure. This, to some extent, equalizes the rights of the applicant and the employer, and also confirms the employer's ability to employ foreign workers.

  • You also need to know English, as looking for a job here without this skill is a waste of time, and this applies to high-paying jobs and all the best jobs in the UK without a degree. For successful employment and obtaining a visa to England, knowledge of the language must meet the minimum level B1 of the common European classification, which must be confirmed by the appropriate certificate. Knowing an additional language, especially one of the common European languages, will give you an additional advantage in competing with local citizens and other expats.

  • In addition, in order to get a good job, you need to write an equally good resume. It should be ideal: superfluous information, original and separate for each organization, since each employer has its own, individual requests and requirements for employees. In the resume, in addition to basic information, it is advisable to indicate at least two contacts of your employers for whom you worked in the past, who can vouch for you and give a positive description as a specialist. Be sure to supplement your resume with a cover letter, where succinctly describe why you are interested in working for this company and what benefits the organization will receive if you join it, as well as tell about your previous work experience in such a vacancy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need a work visa for a job in the UK?

Necessarily, especially for most paid jobs in the UK. There are different types of visas and separate visas are required for different types of employment. For example, a visa for those who want to do any business in Britain needs a different visa than for those who will work as a doctor, and for those who will work as a waiter in any restaurant. In most cases, for highly qualified specialists who have received an invitation to work from an English company, a work visa to England of the Tier 2 category is issued. have a sponsorship certificate. If you want to open your own business in the UK, the immigration offices will help you with all the necessary documents and permits without any problems. Entrepreneurs have even been assigned a separate visa category, which indicates the country's interest in the inflow of investments from abroad.

Visa processing begins 3 months before leaving for England. Therefore, if you are planning to work in Britain, and have already decided on a place of work. you need to start the process of processing all the necessary documents and permits as early as possible. The processing time for visa documents is approximately 15 days. And if you are looking forward to long term employment in Britain, you can count on obtaining British citizenship. It can be drawn up after 5 years of legal residence in England. After this period, you can apply for permanent residence on a work visa, and if everything goes well, you will be able to obtain British citizenship. By the way, the period required to obtain citizenship in this country may be shorter if you inject large funds into the British economy. You can open any business project here that will be useful for the population and help you with investments.

Do I need to have a higher education for a well paid job in the UK?

It depends on what you mean by the expression "well paid job", since work without qualifications can also bring good money. And you need to understand that the highest paying jobs in the UK without a degree can offer a maximum salary of up to £ 35,000 - £ 40,000. This is the maximum salary for those who have no education, but have good qualifications. If you don't have work experience, which also plays a big role in your potential career, and education, your salary may be even lower. But nevertheless, there are plenty of jobs here for people without education, and you can easily find the best jobs in the UK without a degree, subject to all the conditions of legal employment. And by the way, the top 10 jobs in the UK include those jobs for which you do not need to have any education and just a good qualification is enough. But you can be lucky and you can get a job that will pay high and will not require special education. This can be some kind of creative profession, or, for example, a tester of products of different companies. It all depends on your hard work and on your luck.

Can I work in the UK without knowing English?

No, since this is one of the categorically necessary skills to get a job in Britain, and even more so the most paid jobs in the UK. For example, if you will be working in management or marketing that involves constant contact with people, you cannot do this without a good command of English. Knowledge of other languages is median and you can do without them, although they are also very useful. 

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