The highest paying jobs in Canada

The highest paying jobs in Canada

One of the main things that potential immigrants and residents are interested in is work in Canada. There are many questions: who is hired, how much they pay, where to look for work, what are the available vacancies, and so on. Every year, something changes. What features of work in Canada await you in 2021 after the coronavirus pandemic.

Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world, while possessing a vast territory and beautiful nature. A high standard of living and security, a favorable climate - all this makes Canada very attractive for immigration. And although in order to get the coveted Canadian visa, you need to make a lot of effort. Canada is interested in the influx of labor. It does not reduce the number of immigrants; on the contrary, it opens doors for them. So, in 2021, plans were announced to receive about 1.2 million immigrants over 3 years. 

Of course, moving is always accompanied not only by positive moments, but also by potential difficulties. This article is designed to help you understand immigration issues and make your move easier. For example, few people know that you can get bank details in Canadian CAD currency immediately upon arrival in Canada, online and quickly, without the hassle and waste of time inherent in opening an account with a regular bank. In this regard, Wise will make your life much easier, because in the process of processing all the documents, you can simply forget about the bank account or postpone receiving it due to the need to go to the bank. 

TOP 10 well paid jobs in Canada

One of the main arguments before moving to Canada is high salaries and high wages. Moreover, even if you do not have skilled high salary jobs in Canada, you will still receive a fixed minimum wage depending on the province.

In recent years, the Canadian labor market has performed well. The country creates 335,000 top paying jobs in Canada annually, and the unemployment rate is 5.8%, a record low since 1976. Not surprisingly, many people dream of working in Canada. Let's take a look at the best and worst cities to work in Canada + It is interesting that small towns are catching up with megacities in terms of the rate of development of the labor market. But still, as in all matters concerning the Canadian economy, provincial differences are palpable. For example, in the town of Barrie, Ontario, unemployment was 8.8% in March, and in Quebec it was the lowest in the entire country at 3.6%.

  1. Accounting and Administration. Average salary in the field of accounting accounting in Canada, for example such professions as auditor, accountant, was $ 4237 / month in 2020 The salary value is based on over 20,000 data items. The industry average salary is $ 50,849 per year ($ 4,237 per month).

  2. Art and art industry. The average highest salary in Canada for graphic designers in Canada is around 3,183 per month. The median salary for the art industry in Canada in 2020 was $ 38,196 per year ($ 3,183 per month) and was calculated based on 1,731 salaries.

  3. Childcare and education. The median salary for teachers, educators and educators in Canada was $ 4402 per month in 2020. For childcare and education workers, you will have to obtain the necessary licenses or academic degrees. The median salary in this industry is $ 52,820 per year ($ 4,402 per month).

  4. Construction and maintenance. If you want to get most paid jobs in Canada construction and tech. service, then your salary will average $ 4592 per month. In Canada, manual labor is highly valued, therefore, salaries in the construction sector and those. services are quite high and average $ 55,104 per year ($ 4,592 per month).

  5. Engineers. In 2020, an engineer in Canada earns an average of $ 6667 per month. Engineers are one of the most sought-after professions in Canada, so the average salary for engineers can be higher than in other industries. The average salary for an engineer is about $ 80,000 per year ($ 6,667 per month).

  6. Finance. The median salary for financial workers in Canada is $ 5,989 per month. The financial sector in Canada is very popular and good specialists are very well appreciated. On average across Canada, financial industry workers earn $ 71,873 per year ($ 5,989 per month), calculated on a 5147 salary basis. However, you need to understand that the range of salaries in the financial industry is quite large.

  7. Catering. Average salary in food service in Canada, for example, such professions as cook, bartender, dishwasher was $ 2,721 / month in 2020 Catering is one of the lowest paid in Canada. Even skilled chefs do not earn very much, let alone the service staff. The average salary for food service workers is $ 32,657 per year ($ 2,721 per month).

  8. Health care and social services. Professions such as doctor, nurse, pharmacist and other med. workers have an average salary of $ 5,515 across Canada. To work in the field of health and social. services will have to shell out a high price for education. Here you can read in more detail about what it takes to become a doctor in Canada, and here how to become a nurse (brother). The salaries in the industry are quite high, but they also vary greatly depending on the working specialty. The median salary is $ 66,178 per year ($ 5,515 per month).

  9. Information technology (IT industry). The salaries in the Canadian IT industry are quite high and if you are a programmer or web developer, then expect $ 6806 / month on average. The IT industry is perhaps the most demanded industry in recent years, in which there is a shortage of good specialists, hence the rather high average salary by the standards of Canada - $ 81,673 per year ($ 6,806 per month).

  10. Jurisprudence Lawyers and attorneys earn an average of $ 6,706 per month across Canada in 2020. A law degree is one of the most expensive in Canada, but it will pay off quickly enough if you manage to get the highest paying jobs in Canada. The median salary is $ 80,470 per year ($ 6,706 per month) and even starting positions pay reasonably well.

Working conditions in Canada


On average, the following living and working conditions are expected for workers in demanded professions:

  • work schedule within 40 - 45 hours a week; average earnings of more than 22 thousand dollars annually, tax deducted - from 19 thousand; payments in the amount of one and a half rates for overtime; 

  • renting a two-room apartment costing $ 700 - $ 800 per month; 

  • Public transport pass costs averaged $ 100 per month; 

    • the possibility of migration with a family (in this case, you can apply for social benefits for the maintenance of children from the state). 

You can apply for a permanent residence in Canada after a year of continuous work at one of the country's enterprises. 

The necessary skills to get a high-paying job

1. Your profession should be on the list of professions in demand in Canada. 

2. For permanent work in Canada, knowledge of English and French is required, this must be confirmed by gaining the required number of points, the scoring system. 

3. If you meet all the requirements, apply for a Canadian Immigration Visa (Permanent Residence) online (Express Entry section). 

4. If your application is approved, you will receive confirmation of the Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR), then to work in Canada for Russians you need to apply for an immigration visa, we advise you to contact the nearest Visa Application Center of Canada 

5. Upon arrival in Canada, the foreigner must apply for a Permanent Residence Card (PRC). This is done at the border control point. 

You need to be ready not to give up when preparing documents. After all, applications are considered for a long time, and sometimes the process is also delayed due to the need to provide additional documents. The paperwork process is quite bureaucratic and can be exhausting. And in such moments you need not to lose heart. In one, the opinion of successfully immigrated candidates coincides - it is worth learning English in advance. This is something that will definitely come in handy in Canada - to find a new job, a new social circle, to adapt to a new environment. And not only in Canada, English (in the future) can be very useful. Therefore, you should make a balanced decision, carefully comparing all the pros and cons of moving. Today, you can find many living stories of those who moved to Canada. Many bloggers describe the advantages of moving, as well as the pitfalls that appear along the way. It is worthwhile to thoroughly clarify for yourself what you need to move to Canada. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a work visa for job in Canada?

Obtaining a visa is not required for such categories of persons as candidates who come to the country on a business visit, athletes, representatives of religious confessions, rescuers, organizers of international conferences, media representatives, medical students, speakers, military personnel, diplomats. The next question that arises before the applicants is what kind of work visa should be chosen. As a rule, a work visa is valid only for the period of performance of their labor duties. It allows you to work in the state, and after three years the candidate can even apply for citizenship. 

Do I need to have a higher education for well paid job?

Higher education will increase the chances of immigrating to Canada and getting the best paying jobs in Canada. If it is not there, then it's not scary! You can start your studies in Canada or take one of the fairly high paying highest paying jobs in Canada 2022.

Is there age limit for job in Canada?

If there is an opportunity to immigrate with small children, then it is better to do this when the children are up to about eight years old. If you are talking about yourself, about your age, the sooner the better. Immigration under 30 would be ideal. And, again, if we are talking about a range of up to 30 years, then this is an age in the period from 21 to 24 years.


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