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Had an interview directly with the employer, everything is fine. I worked as a kindergarten teacher, the salary was great. I had enough to live on and even save. For the first time the employer rented us a hotel, everything was great
Canada is a wonderful country, but very expensive. It was hard to get used to such high prices in the store. Also, the first time I lived with a family was very nice and friendly, but people who are used to delicious healthy food - hard because every day they offer, exclusively, rice and sometimes some meat sandwiches. But you can give it up and cook for yourself, but I felt very uncomfortable. But all in all it's not bad.
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Canada is one of the countries to which it is easy enough to move and stay there, or to come temporarily to work there. Canada is near the United States and is one of the most economically advanced countries. Canadian programs created for helping with immigration are considered to be very affordable, yet not every foreigner can expect to be employed. In most cases, there are special lists of scarce occupations for which only Canadians are in short supply, thus opening up access to overseas professionals who can work in this area. Job opportunities in Canada are very high - if you are a successful and good worker, you can even get citizenship and stay in this country forever. Fortunately, jobs in Canada for foreigners are available for everyone and in all spheres, so you will be able to get exactly the job in Canada that will match your skills and work preferences.

What jobs are in demand in Canada?

Jobs in Canada for foreigners are primarily accessible among a huge number of different professions, like medical professionals, petroleum engineers, financial and banking analysts, and experienced technicians. In order to get a job in one of these vacancies, you need to have education and work experience. But as mentioned, jobs in Canada for immigrants are obtainable in a huge variety of fields. It is very popular among foreigners to work in Canada as a truck driver, welder, roofer, concrete worker, bricklayer, as well as temporary employment on farms. If you have the necessary knowledge and skills, a fairly large list of jobs in Canada for Indian freshers and others opens up. Social workers and unskilled professions are often required. There are also various jobs in Canada for Indian graduates available who can get their first work experience right here. Job opportunities in Canada for Indian are large and affordable, provided you are the perfect fit for your employer. But what if you don't have a college degree but want to work in Canada? Jobs in Canada for immigrants are also accessible for those who do not have higher education and work experience! For example, women may find jobs in Canada as a cleaner, housekeeper, nurse, waitress, maid, seamstress, and saleswoman. Men, in addition to construction work, can get a job as a cook, bartender, or security guard. Regardless of gender, foreign workers are required to work on fields or farms, and for example pick vegetables and fruits. To work in these vacancies, it is enough to know English and, desirable, French languages, meet the requirements of the employer and a desire to work in Canada.

Can you work in Canada without knowing English?

Unfortunately no. Work in Canada, and in general in any developed and modern country in the world, will be available for foreigners only if they know English, since English is one of the most popular international languages. Also, if you want to receive a higher salary and generally have more opportunities in finding a job in Canada, you should also know French, since it is the second state language of Canada.

What is the salary in Canada for foreigners?

Job openings in Canada mostly offer a very good salary, which corresponds to the level of economic development of Canada and its citizens. The official lowest wage in Canada is $1,479 per month, which is very low by local standards and barely sufficient for comfortable living. Such wages are paid to illegal workers in informal employment, or to workers who have just started working and are in the process of gaining experience. The average wage is about $4,000 to $5,000, which is a very good result in the world labour market. This salary, or even more, is paid to workers from different sectors of the economy and with different levels of education. Such a salary can provide you with a good life in Canada and a bright future. You can get this or almost the same salary if you love your job and do it diligently. But in any case I recommend you, regardless of the situation, seek only legal jobs in Canada for pakistani and indians, as illegal employment can have unfortunate consequences.

How to get a job in Canada?

There are many different sites for finding work in different countries, but one of the best I think is the Layboard site, which provides the newest, most profitable and safe job openings in Canada. Today, finding a job in Canada is very easy - you just need to have access to the Internet, the desire and ability to work in another country, as well as have the necessary skills and knowledge that may be useful in another country. Almost all vacancies in Canada can be found on sites where employers post vacancies just for foreigners who would like to work in their home country, so it will not be difficult for you, and you will need to put in much less effort than 10-15 years ago.

What's it like to work in Canada?

Life in Canada is at a very high level. It is a developed country with many opportunities for those who would like to work in Canada. Despite the fact that most immigration programs are mainly designed for experienced and qualified specialists, nevertheless, representatives of different professions have the chances of employment in Canada. The main thing is to be patient and not give up. Each Canada job vacancy is designed for a person who can and wants to work, so there are almost equal opportunities here. The main thing is to be a truly valuable employee with valuable knowledge and skills. All jobs in Canada for Indians that we can offer you are official, completely legal and safe to work, so you don't need to worry about it. Working in Canada, you will be able to get acquainted with Canadian culture and people, learn a lot about this country, see its exclusive places and, if all goes well, get citizenship and stay in Canada!