Want to work abroad? Here are the things you need to do.

Want to work abroad? Here are the things you need to do

Today, more and more Indians are thinking about moving and working abroad and starting a new life. According to statistics, more than 6 million Indians are already working abroad, very satisfied with their work.

In this article, we will tell you why working abroad is so in demand, and we will consider in detail all the pros and cons of such work.

Why has work abroad become so popular among Indians? Main reasons:

  • Difficulties in finding an international job in your desired country or the absence of the desired vacancy;

  • the possibility of big profits in a short time.

These are the two main reasons given by people who leave working abroad. The first reason is not entirely true. There are vacancies and any kind of work everywhere, another thing is that many people consider it unsuitable, but when they come abroad, most find the same job, only the salary will be an order of magnitude higher.

For example, the work of a picker of vegetables, fruits, maids, waiters, and couriers does not require higher education, high qualifications, and extensive experience.

It can be concluded that the main reason for employment abroad is precisely high wages, but we should not forget that in large European countries there is also a problem of unemployment, so finding a good job abroad is not so easy.

All working abroad is divided into two categories: official and unofficial. This work is divided into all groups:

  • Highly qualified personnel (doctors, engineers, managers, managers, and others);

  • Handymen (construction workers, waitresses, salesmen, workers in the fields, in the kitchen, and others).

Both groups of vacancies are in demand, only for highly qualified personnel, there will be other requirements, for example, work experience of 5 years or more, perfect knowledge of the local language, high level of training, and so on.

Low-skilled personnel was in demand for their high working capacity, diligence, and performance of large volumes of work. Working abroad is especially popular for low-skilled personnel.

As far as their experience, everyone chooses the dream job for himself.


Pick the right job you want

Considering any, even the simplest, work in a vacuum, that is, without taking into account external factors and the characteristics of the performer is highly incorrect. We are all a little different. Character, upbringing, hobbies, and education - all this affects our abilities, preferences, and degree of satisfaction from this or that occupation. We add here external factors: the atmosphere, the environment, the features of work abroad processes, corporate rules and etiquette, and the behavior of colleagues.

Almost any company, especially a large one, strives for "equal working conditions" in the broadest sense, up to the introduction of a strict dress code. Such attempts to equalize the incommensurable and unify the non-uniform are doomed to failure from the outset. Rules that are created for everyone do not suit anyone. Should we expect people who are unhappy at work abroad to be loyal, highly productive, and motivated? The answer is obvious.

Choose your destination

Choosing a country for immigration is very different from choosing a country for a tourist trip. Arriving in the country as tourists, we usually enjoy our stay at the hotel, the beauty of the sights, and the rest from work. But when you come to a country to live in it, it can open up in previously unknown ways: difficulties in finding a job, good housing, high prices, an unusual climate, etc. So that all this does not take you by surprise, it is very important to study the information about it as carefully as possible before arriving in a country and decide whether it suits you or not. So, what should you look at first when choosing a country?

Climate and weather

Of course, everyone wants to live in a country with a favorable climate. However, each person has his own preferences, so there is no ideal country in this regard. Some people can't stand the heat very well, while others hate the cold. It is important for someone to observe the clear change of seasons, while someone cannot imagine Christmas without frost and fluffy snow. It is very important to understand which climate is right for you, as well as how willing you are to endure the disadvantages of the climate of a particular country. For example, in Canada, temperatures range from +35 in summer to -40 in winter.

Economic indicators

When choosing a country for immigration, it is very important to compare the cost of living in each of them. The main indicator is the ratio of average wages and prices for housing, food, and transport. Also, look at real estate prices and the average mortgage rate. This will give you an idea of how realistic it is to acquire your own housing in the future. Countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Great Britain, and Ireland are among the highly developed countries in terms of economy.

Country Immigration Policy

What ways of obtaining residency and citizenship does the country offer? How easy/difficult is it? How long will the entire immigration process take? How welcome will you be in your new country?

All these questions should be approached individually, as a lot depends on your education, work abroad experience, age, and financial capabilities. The same immigration rules may be more beneficial to some professions and less beneficial to others.

Job Opportunities

In every country, there is a shortage of qualified specialists in certain industries. After reviewing the information about which specialists are needed in a particular country, you may find that your specialty is in demand in a different country. This means that it will be easier for you to move there than to other countries. We also advise you to go to sites with vacancies and see if there are many vacancies offered in your specialty and what is the average salary. Perhaps your profession is in demand in many countries, but one offers better salaries and job opportunities than another.

Choose your agency or program provider

If you decide to get a job in the Czech Republic or another country, and at the same time want to save your time and nerves, you should use the services of intermediaries.

Firms involved in international employment will take over the search for vacancies and the preparation of documents necessary for traveling abroad.

They will help you understand the peculiarities of the labor market abroad, translate documents into a foreign language, and tell you about the availability of a job that will meet people with your qualifications and experience. Cooperation with legal intermediaries usually increases your chances of obtaining a visa, speeding up the employment process.

In order to get a quality service and get a good job, you need to choose a reliable company for cooperation. There are several factors that you should pay attention to when choosing an assistant in such a responsible matter.

1. The first and most important factor is legality. As soon as you contacted the company, ask the manager for the number of the order for issuing a license for mediation in employment abroad (the license itself, as such, is no longer issued). It is this state body that issues licenses and has accurate information about true licenses.

2. An important indicator of the reliability of the company is the office itself - when you choose an employment agency, at the very first phone call, ask where the office is and how to get there. Some "underground" agencies may operate without a license from home and may not be easy to find once paid.

If possible, visit the office. If you don’t have a way to do this, ask me to chat with you via video call using, for example, Whatsapp.

3. Documents that you sign will also help you make sure the company is honest. Particular attention should be paid to the following issues:

  • whether a contract for the provision of services is signed between the intermediary and the client

  • how payment for services is carried out and whether supporting documents on payment are provided

4. The official account is an important factor, indicating openness.

Only licensed resellers can accept payment as follows.

5. The more you know, the better you sleep. And this is exactly such a case. Work abroad  through everything: the company's website and additional Internet resources (Facebook, Instagram or youtube), look at reviews in search networks, and be sure to ask the intermediary the following questions:

  • what type of visa are you offered?

  • who will handle it?

  • Is an agreement (contract) signed between the employer and you?

  • How will you be paid for your work abroad, the possibility of paying advances?

  • What social guarantees will you have with official employment abroad?

Today, the job market abroad is overflowing with offers. Often unseemly "entrepreneurs" lure clients with a low price or surprisingly good working conditions, and unusually high wages.

Plan your logistics, finances, and accommodation

Previously, in order to rent an apartment in our city, we read advertisements on poles. Friends were asked if they had any friends who were looking for tenants. And renting a home abroad, before arriving in another country, seemed to be a daunting task. Thanks to the Internet, everything has changed - rental sites around the world will help you.

  • Airbnb.com is the most famous site for finding accommodation from owners. You can find a variety of options - from an old castle in the UK to a boat in Holland. Here you can advertise that you would like to rent out your property or find tenants. Airbnb, a listing site, charges a small commission to both the owner and the renter. Registration on the site is free.

  • 9flats.com is the European equivalent of American Airbnb. There is also a rental fee, and the choice of places to stay is just as wide, from a spacious attic in Madrid to a palace in Venice that used to be home to aristocrats. 

  • Wimdu.com is a European site aimed at tourists who are looking exclusively for apartments or houses. Unlike previous options, Wimdu does not offer exotic accommodations. Look at a cozy apartment in Croatia near the sea. Wimdu has its own application for guests and hosts, as well as a blog. 

  • Homeaway.com is an aggregator of various housing search sites. The site's slogan is Get HomeAway from it all (run away from it all). We offer you to escape away from the everyday routine by choosing one of a million options.

Learn about your country and its culture

Mobile apps have taken independent travel to the next level: all the features of a small travel agency can now easily fit in your pocket. GPS and maps, a currency calculator and a city guide, a dictionary, and a convenient hotel search - a competent set of applications helps to plan trips and save time, money, and nerves while sitting in a cafe, driving a taxi, or lying in bed. You need to know all about the country so as not to get a culture shock.

  • PackPoint - list of things

For half a day they packed their suitcase, and then “everyone forgot, they didn’t take anything.” If this sounds like you, try PackPoint. Set the city, date, and length of the trip and indicate what you will do (for example, go to restaurants and lie on the beach), and the application based on the weather forecast will give you a ready-made list of things. You can remove the excess, and add your favorite mug, without which you can’t go anywhere. Mark each item in the application when you put it in your suitcase - then you will definitely not lose sight of anything.

  • Skyscanner - flights, hotels, car rental

The Skyscanner app instantly finds cheap flights, hotels, and car rentals. If you have flexible plans, choose a whole month instead of specific dates and get a price chart that shows which day the flight is cheaper. For inspiration, click "Search everywhere" and find out where it is most profitable to fly from your city. In one click, see the best offers for the weekend or popular destinations. When you select your tickets, Skyscanner will redirect you to the purchase page and will not charge you any fees. At the same time, look for a hotel and a car for rent where you are flying - we have all these functions in one application.

  • SkyGuru - fight against aerophobia

SkyGuru tells passengers in real-time what happens in flight and why. Taxiing along the runway, takeoff, jump, roll, bumpiness - the application methodically comments on absolutely everything. For aerophobes, it is useful in that, firstly, you stop twitching because of incomprehensible things, and secondly, it is a good distraction. It's like flying with a psychologist friend who understands aviation and engages you in a soul-saving conversation.

  • Rome2Rio - complex route planner

It happens that you have to get from point A to point B via C and D. For these cases, Rome2Rio is useful - an application that builds complex routes, including between countries. It will give you ideas on which buses to take from Antalya to Tbilisi and how many trains to change in order to get from Moscow to Ulaanbaatar without a flight. For each segment, the approximate price and the site where you can buy tickets are indicated.

Learn all about visa, permits, and legal documents you need. Get them ready

If you want to work abroad here are the things you need to do:

1. In the vast majority of cases, obtaining working holiday visas is more difficult than obtaining a tourist visa. The list of required documents, as well as the procedure and terms for their execution, depend on the legislation of a particular foreign country and the policy of consular departments. But there are some general principles. As a rule, a work visa is issued upon application from a company based abroad or an international company with a branch in India. In this case, you must be required by the foreign employer as a qualified person, and the holiday visas category will be determined by the level and nature of your skills.

2. The embassies themselves are advised to bring to interviews any documents that somehow confirm the qualifications of the candidate. In principle, it can be anything: a certificate of completion of an internship, a university diploma, certificates from work. Here it is worth following the principle of "it will not be superfluous."

3. Calculate the timing. This is a general rule regarding both the issuance of student visas and the period of your moving abroad. It is important to make sure in advance that your passport is valid for a long time, coordinate the time with the employer, and take care of buying tickets. It's no secret that sometimes the diplomats themselves are dragging their feet. But these organizational problems, in the end, fall on your shoulders.

4. Do not try to deceive an embassy employee. If the information you provided is found to be false, you may be permanently denied a visa. Forgery of documents, of course, is out of the question.

5. Carefully study the list of documents and all the conditions, and nuances of their execution. Each of the foreign departments forms its own rules of the game here, so refer to official sources. Today, thanks to online services, you can not only contact the embassy and pay the visa fee but also track the process of processing your documents. Take advantage of these benefits to keep things under control at all times.

Go for it

According to the PR manager of one portal that provides seasonal employment abroad, in 2022 the number of vacancies increased by 10%. However, there are also significantly more people who seek moving abroad. In recent years, there has been an increase in demand for IT employees by 6-8%. At the same time, programmers in India began to be laid off. Foreign employers, on the contrary, show more interest in them.

Therefore, specialists in this field of activity are widely in demand abroad, and on an ongoing basis.

There is still a demand for workers in the entertainment business. Dancers are required in many countries, although their salaries have become less. Foreign countries are in need of salters and fish gutters. True, the contract is not less than six months. You can earn up to 3,000 euros per month on this type of activity. Seasonal working abroad is also available without intermediaries.

So don't hesitate and go now!

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