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Italy is attractive for foreigners planning to get a well-paid job. This is a developed country located in Europe, where the workers have an opportunity to officially work. But before you decide to leave, find out what positions are available to visitors.

It should be said that jobs in Italy for Indian and jobs in Italy for Pakistani are not only unskilled, migrants who have arrived from other countries also apply for it. People, depending on education and experience, get high-paying jobs. If a person is counting on a large salary, then they will have to pass exams or undergo retraining.

What are the requirements for employers in Italy?

To work legally, you need to purchase a work visa at the consulate. It should be noted that the list of documents differs depending on what the applicant is counting on. But, the list for obtaining a visa remains the same:

  • biometric passports, both domestic and foreign;
  • permission, not less than six months;
  • labor contract;
  • questionnaire;
  • 2 photos;
  • a receipt confirming the payment of the consular fee.

To make jobs in Italy available, provide a package of documentation before your trip 30 days in advance. Also keep in mind that documents are translated into English or Italian. Sometimes additional information is required for the consulate to make a decision to provide it.

What are the most popular jobs in Italy and what salary can I expect?

Without higher education and without speaking Italian, you can also find part time jobs in Italy and part time jobs in Italy for Indian students. Immigrants without qualifications are content with activities in the service sector.

Unskilled women find jobs faster than men. In demand:

  • nurses;
  • housekeepers;
  • cleaning ladies in the office and at home.

It is more difficult for men to find a job, but it is real. Always required:

  • movers;
  • cleaners;
  • handymen.

Among the professions and salaries, you can also distinguish


Working as a waitress in Italy pays well. Of course, a minimum knowledge of the language is required for such a position. Work in a restaurant. The rate is from 800 euros per month. Accommodation is provided free of charge. The employer helps to open a visa and get a job. The design is official, the work is legal.


Washing dishes in the kitchen requires work without knowing the language. Dishwasher work in Italy is paid from 900 euros per month. Candidates are required to be in good physical shape, the ability to work for a long time, since the shifts are quite long. The work is legal, the official management is in place. Accommodation is provided by the employer.

Farm workers and agriculture jobs in Italy

For strong, physically resilient men and women, there is farm work in Italy. This vacancy is the best paid, since farmers are often very rich people who are ready to pay diligent employees from 900 euros per month. It is necessary to work physically, which is why hardy young people without bad habits are needed on farms. There is always a lot of work, but there is always enough free time for rest and entertainment. Accommodation is free.


For responsible, diligent, punctual women there is a job as a nurse in Italy. Responsibilities include caring for the elderly, cleaning, helping with household trifles and hygiene procedures. A nurse's salary in Italy is from 700 euros. Working conditions are comfortable. The work is not difficult, does not require physical strength or endurance. Accommodation is provided.

Fitness trainer

For experienced, responsible, educated people there is a job as a fitness trainer in Italy. This position is well paid - a salary of 1200 euros per month. For a fitness trainer, this is a great opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful European countries, to practice using the language, gain experience and relax. To work in Italy, coaches with work experience are required. Accommodation is provided for the duration of the contract.

Singers, dancers, magicians

There is work in Italy for artists of different genres. Singers, dancers, magicians and other talented artists are required to participate in the performance. The salary is negotiated with the employer. Legal work with official registration upon arrival. Accommodation is free.

Chef assistant

 It's no secret that it is very difficult to become a chef in a restaurant even for those who have education. Before that, you need to go through several stages of career growth: a dishwasher, a waiter, an assistant cook. And only having experience as an assistant, you can get a job in the main specialty.

Working in Italy as an assistant chef will allow you to gain the necessary experience. It also pays well for this position. The salary of an assistant chef in Italy is from 900 euros per month. The work is official, timely salary payments and comfortable working conditions with a convenient schedule and days off are guaranteed.

Web Designer

Computer specialists are well paid both here and abroad. And talented web designers are essential in any country. Now there is a vacancy for a web designer in Italy. The salary is at least 1500 euros per month. The work is legal, interesting, creative. This job in Italy is a great opportunity to gain experience, fill up your resume, and make good money. There is also enough time for rest and travel.


In the province of Crotone, there is a shop assistant job in Italy. If you are looking for a simple job in Italy, a salesperson is one of the best options. This vacancy does not require special skills, special education, and the salary is from 900 euros per month.

How can I get a job in Italy?

To find Italy job vacancies, you need a visa and permission. After moving here, after 8 days, you need to come to the local police station. Here the migrant receives a residence permit, which gives him the right to work officially. It is issued within 60 days after the registration of the application.

Every year, quotas and their number for obtaining jobs by foreigners are determined here. If a person loses his position before the permit expires, register at an employment center.

To find a job, it is desirable to know the language. Without this, one cannot hope for paid work. There are a lot of job opportunities in Italy and Italian language job, also other vacancies. Leave your resume on our website Layboard and you will definitely find your desirable place.