Why would you like to join the work process in our company?.

Why would you like to join the work process in our company?

To answer any question at the interview, you will have to make a lot of effort, and prepare very well the answers to possible questions of the employer. A well-written, prepared and thoughtful answer to any question will give the employer an understanding that you are serious and responsible about your work, as well as respect the employer and the place in which you are going to build your career.

the interview

Usually, at an interview, the one who will conduct it with you can ask 10 to 15 basic questions around which your dialogue will be built, and you should thoroughly prepare for each of them. But in any case, if you like any vacancy and you apply for it, then at the interview you will be asked the reason why you want to work in this particular place, and most likely this question will be one of the first, and the first answers make the first impression on a person. This question may not only look like the one mentioned in the title, there are other options such as:

  • Why would you like to work with us?

  • Why do you want to work for this company?

  • Why are you interested in this position?

The employer may provide you with other more intricately disguised questions to answer. Be prepared to answer this question in any form. Believe me, although it looks silly, some employers deliberately strongly mask this question to test the employee's ability to think critically. This skill, along with all other skills, is very important for someone who is building a career.

And this is the opinion that the employer will have about you throughout the entire interview. That is why all answers need to be thought out in advance. This question is asked to find out from you why this career is for you in general, and how it is connected with your life goals and directions of development. This is important for the one you came to work for, as he needs:

  • Find out what exactly attracted you to the opportunity to work at this job, and why it suits you in your opinion;

  • Find out if you know what your duties will be in this position, and if you know exactly how you will fulfil them;

  • Also, the employer wants to make sure that your interest in working in this place for this job is sufficient so that you can make a difference in this job;

  • Find out how your views on life and goals converge with corporate values, and how well you will relate to them;

  • And also one of the main goals of such a question is to find out how much you are aware of the firm in which you came to find a job;

When answering this question, like any other, it is important not only what you say, but also how you say your answer. Conventionally, if you are confidently and tell why you want to work in that place, you will be more likely to work here. Conversely, if you answer uncertainty, get confused, think for a long time, and so on, your chances of getting the profession you want will be greatly reduced. To do this, you need to prepare in advance for the interview and the answers, so as not to think about the answer and not waste time during the interview itself.

The best ways to say why you would want the position

why you would want the position

The best way to correctly say that you want to work in this position is to be as honest as possible, as well as to find out everything that is required from the ideal candidate for this position. At the same time, you absolutely should not lie about your abilities and qualifications, you need to be honest, but try to open yourself from the best possible side for this vacancy to get every chance of getting this job. To do this, think over your answer in advance, familiarize yourself with the organization, and find everything you can about it. Why this firm was created, what it does at the moment, you may be lucky to find reviews about it, and about working in it, try to find out what the internal policy of the company is and so on. And besides, sometimes on pages on social networks or on the website of the company itself, you can find everything you need for your answer.

Your answer should be the answer of the most interested person who wants to get into this particular profession. Even if you do not have experience in this particular area and you feel insecure because of this, since, for example, you have changed your area of work and decided to choose something new for yourself, you should talk about the experience that you have already existed, and compose your answer so that even what, at first glance, has nothing to do with this particular job, according to you, is important enough and complements you in your new job.

Also, do not forget about the constructiveness of the answer, respect for the interlocutor, and many other points. The human factor is the most decisive, and if you are a perfect candidate in all respects, but just be a rude and unpleasant person in life, you will not be hired. Just because you behaved incorrectly and disrespectfully.

Examples of what better not to say

Answering any question correctly, and in such a way that the employer likes it, is difficult, and requires a lot of effort, as well as preparation. At the same time, you can kill all your chances of getting a job with your answers quickly and easily. And to avoid this, you must express your thoughts correctly, and in such a way that the truth looks acceptable and justified.

For example, we all understand that any person needs a job to receive money because without it a person simply cannot live, buy food, rent a house, and so on. But to say that ‘I'm interested in this particular job solely because of finances’ is not the best answer, if not the worst. You are looking for a job to live, as well as to realize yourself and your knowledge. At the same time, the employer is looking for an employee for a vacancy so that he does some work, and does it efficiently so that in the end everyone will benefit. And the employer needs to hire such employees who are interested in the work, love their job and know what they should do. This saves time and resources for both parties. So instead of just saying that you need money, make sure you get all the details of your job offer, especially the part that says what is required of the employee. Read this part, choose what fits your data, and use it during the interview.

Also, there is no need to act boorish when answering, be rude, be overly straightforward, apathetic and self-confident. Your goal is to make the best impression on the employer and show all your skills even in an interview to get you hired. At the same time, you don’t need to suck up and flatter, it also won’t add value to you in the eyes of other people. Your response should be humble and constructive. Also try not to answer in one word, too quickly, or too long. Your answer should contain only what is needed, nothing more and nothing less. And also try to answer calmly. Try to be calm and respond just as calmly.

Essential Tips for Interviews

Essential Tips for Interviews

To make the right impression, it is all-important not only to be the right candidate for your performance but also to look like the right candidate. For a person who sees you for the first time, the very first impression of course will be made by your appearance, this is why you should look strict and have no frills. If you can find out what an employee of this organization should look like according to all local corporate standards, then try to dress for interviews in much the same way as they do. If you still cannot find such information, try to dress as business-like as possible, but do not overdo it. Dress modestly, cleanly and discreetly. Don't choose bright colours in your clothes, stick to pastels, and don't use too much jewellery. If the profession for which you are going to work is more creative, your style of dress may be freer.


“As far as I know, the main task of your company, in addition to what it does in the market, is not so much to help people in good employment with good conditions, but also to help them become a better person, as well as learn and develop in the right directions, at the same time working with you. I really like this, and I think this approach to cooperation is very correct and allows you to get more from employees in the process of work than they could offer at the beginning of work, which is beneficial for both the employer and the employee. Therefore, I would like to work in your company, this approach converges with my inner convictions and goals for life”.

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As for me, to say that you are looking for a job for the sake of money is normal, it just should not be the main thing, right?
Anyway, everyone is almost always looking for a job to make money, and everything else is just normal working conditions, for me.
It seems like a simple question, but there are so many complexities. But at the interview itself, the main thing is not to worry and not to say nonsense. In this case, it doesn’t matter how much you prepared, if you said nonsense, also incoherent
Yeah, sure, 10 to 15 questions. Some employers from the first answer already understand what kind of person is standing in front of them, and they do not have to arrange such a survey for people
Many things are clear even non-verbally, including the employee's attitude to work. That's why I think it's rare for recruiters to interrogate
Why is it so difficult to answer interview questions? Well, it’s clear that I come to work, why to arrange such a circus
It's not clear to me that all that is written here is what employers themselves expect from candidates. Although everything is fine and they themselves understand. Well, yes, they are looking for those who will work not for money but for an idea, for sure
for my family and my future
Beck j
for my family and my future
Beck j
Kindly click this link too contacts the HR manager direct via WhatsApp https://wa.me/+17257050156
I am now in Bahrain and work delivery driver
Mohammad Ismail Hosen
Sir I am ready for interview
Umair tariq
Sir I am ready for interview my whatsapp number 00923488626856
Asif Nazir
I am ready for interview
josphat mwangi gatharia
I want work in my future and my family
I have always wanted to be a part of your organizations, because gaining more experience, and bright future for my career and my family also.
Good morning Sir ,my job is rigger I have Tuv3 card and VILOSI CERTIFICATES I WORK 15YEARS IN SAUDIARABIA M.M.G.COMPANY AND KJIC COMPANY. I like to work in your company. I like to help in our family.
I do duty well as well and respect the my worker and brightre my future
Abdul Muqutadir
Hi sir I am capable for this job because I know my ability and I am ready to do any work anytime anywhere my WhatsApp number+919199928296 I am waiting for your reply Thank you sir Name - Abdul muqutadir Email - [email protected]
tariq mehmood
Binod kumar
Why is it so difficult to answer interview questions? Well, it’s clear that I come to work, why to arrange such a circus

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