How to get a job in Qatar from India.

 How to get a job in Qatar from India

The state of Qatar is located in southwest Asia. This republic is located on the artificial Qatar Peninsula. The state borders Saudi Arabia. The country is very famous in the world for its revenues, is engaged in mining of oil and gas and is considered one of the most prosperous and economically developed countries in the world.

In 2022, find jobs in Qatar in industries such as:

  • Oil and gas industry.

  • Tourism.

  • The sphere of construction.

  • The sphere of information technology.

Qatar view

Features of employment

It is worth initially noting that it is very difficult to get a high-paying job in Qatar. Basically, all the "profitable" positions are occupied by citizens of this country, and low-paying jobs in Qatar are hired newcomers. This situation in the labor market is due to many factors. The first of them is language. Arabic is considered the official language in the country, and many people do not know it, which creates some difficulties in employment.

In recent years, people are actively entering the English language, and therefore, knowing it at a decent level, you can count on employment in the service sector. The second factor is education and the necessary specialization for work. Only highly skilled workers can get high-paying jobs. The third factor is the desire of local authorities to provide all their citizens with jobs. In order to get a job in Qatar, you must first find an employer and conclude an employment contract with him. On the basis of this document, a foreign national in the country of actual residence will be able to obtain a work entry visa.

The employment contract must contain information regarding the amount of wages, schedule, and working conditions. This document should also specify the rights and responsibilities of the future employee. Once the employment contract has been drawn up and signed, it must be certified by the Ministry of Labor.

A work permit is the main document that allows you to work in this country. The employer is responsible for issuing the permit. He submits an application for a permit to the Department of Labor. It is worth remembering that Qatar has very strict labor laws. According to them, the employee must work for the employer for at least 2 years after getting the job. At the end of this period, the foreign national has the right to change the place of employment. But before changing the place of employment he is obliged to get feedback from the employer about his work, recommendations, and a document confirming the absence of claims against the employee.

If the foreign resident does not receive a document of no claims or wants to change the job on his/her own without having worked for the required 2 years, his/her work permit is automatically revoked.

How to Find a Job

Finding a job in this republic on your own is extremely difficult. It is better to initially ask for help from a recruiting agency. But remember that to find the necessary jobs and arrange an interview with the future employer, you will have to pay about 10% of the estimated total annual salary in Qatar. 

Work Visa

A work visa is not required for citizens of countries such as:

  • Saudi Arabia.

  • Oman.

  • Kuwait.

  • Bahrain.

  • UAE.

Residents of other countries to work in Qatar should apply for a work visa. It comes in two types:

  1. Temporary.

This type of visa is issued for up to one year. Its issuance must be confirmed by the Department of Immigration. The confirmation and the invitation from the employer are sent to the foreign resident in his home country. With these documents, he issues himself an entry visa to Qatar. Upon arrival in the state, the foreign national must undergo fingerprinting and a medical examination, which includes a mandatory blood test for HIV infection.

  1. Permanent. 

This type of visa is issued for 3 years. Issuance of such a document is approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. A permanent visa is issued in about a month. It provides a lot of opportunities but also includes a significant disadvantage: having such a visa, you can leave the territory of Qatar is only possible with a special exit visa. You can get a permanent visa only after the expiry date of the temporary work visa.

Example of work visa to Qatar


Regardless of the type of visa, it is always paid for by the employer.

For a permanent work visa, the employer submits a package of papers to the Ministry:

  1. Valid passport. It must be valid for at least 8 months.

  2. Photocopies of certified documents proving foreign residents' education.

  3. Photographs in an amount of 20 pieces.

Wages in Qatar

Despite the economic development of Qatar, the country in recent years has seen cases of fraud regarding the payment of salaries to foreign residents working in this state. In 2022, this country is planning to hold the soccer championship, so Qatar is now under active construction of soccer stadiums and other facilities. In fact, after the working month, builders received no more than 200 - 250 dollars for their work.

Recently, the situation with such payments has been resolved, and Qatari authorities assure that similar events will not take place on the territory of their country anymore. Foremen and project managers earn on average between $7,000 and $8,000.

Wages in Qatar are paid only in the local currency, the Qatari riyal (QAR). One U.S. dollar is equal to 3.64 QAR.

Qatar currency

  1. The average salary in this country is $4,000 (14,600 QAR), and the minimum wage by law cannot be less than $300 (1,100 Qatari rials).

  2. Domestic staff (drivers, nannies, governesses, cooks, etc.) earn an average of $500 (QAR 1,820) in Qatar.

  3. People working in information technology earn an average of $16,400 QAR. Employees in the oil industry earn between QAR 18,200 and QAR 20,000.

  4. Junior medical personnel in this country earn 3,640 QAR, and highly skilled doctors earn an average of 14,600 QAR.

  5. Working conditions in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Most of the job openings are concentrated in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Finding a job in this field is easiest in the tourist city of Doha.

Most employers offer their workers:

  1. Housing.

  2. Health insurance policy.

  3. Uniforms.

  4. Meals.

To go to work in Qatar in the service sector can be for the following positions:

  1. Maid. Reception representatives and hostesses. Often girls with pleasant appearances and good knowledge of Arabic and English are hired for these positions.

  2. Kitchen worker.

  3. Waiter.

  4. Bartender.

  5. Guest registration agent.

  6. Assistant manager.

  7. The average salary is $600-$700. Bartenders and waiters additionally receive tips of $100 - $150 per month.

Advantages and disadvantages of working in Qatar


  1. High wages.

  2. Possibility of obtaining a residence permit on the basis of a long-term work visa.

  3. The possibility of obtaining citizenship in this country.

  4. The possibility of career growth.

  5. Ability to extend a work visa without leaving the country.


  1. High housing and food prices.

  2. High risk of fraud by the employer.

  3. Workweek lasts six days.

  4. Strict Muslim rules. Even Europeans are forbidden to appear at work or in the street in excessively revealing clothes. All foreign residents are obliged to observe Muslim traditions concerning behavior in public places.

  5. Long probationary period.

  6. In Qatar, probation can last up to six months.

  7. Hot tropical climate.

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Thank you for the informative article. I just recently went to an agency to help me find a job. I hope that soon I will be able to work there myself and enjoy my life.
After reading the article, I wanted to go to Qatar even more to try my strengths and opportunities in a new country!
Mukesh Kumar
I working to Bhrin
Very good and informative information. I had been worked in Qatar as Administration Manager from July 2012 to July 2021. Now I am in India and my age is 56+ but I have a vast experience of 34 years in administration and HR department. Is it possible for me to further work in Qatar. Please suggest and let me know if you have any agent for this.

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