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Muscat Salalah Khasab Nizwa Sohar 🔥 Remote job

Remote - Company Placement Manager

Manager - Secretary - Communication
Agency Virtual Internships

1500/month $

Oman (Sur)

Virtual Internships - top 100 Global Ed-Tech startup backed by 500 startup. We are looking for resilient, multi-faceted problem solvers. Benefits: Multi-national working environment with members from many countries around the world. Several chances of being promoted, our Head of Compa...
Agency  Virtual Internships
Virtual Internships


Remote job

(Remote) Sales agent and representative

Marketing - Advertising - PR
Agency Arsha Fruit

3000+ $

Oman (Muscat)

(Remote) Sales agent and representative An experienced and devoted marketing executive is needed by our client to deliver the marketing strategy in support of the business goals. You'll be accountable for the following: introducing the business to operators (B2B). direct promotion of the busi...
Agency  Arsha Fruit
Arsha Fruit


Without experience
Seasonal job
No English required jobs
For all
Remote job

How to find a job in Oman?

Layboard is probably the first site you should go to! Below we will consider all the questions you are interested in, we will explain the situation and give the finest advice. If you follow them- wait for a success. 
So, if you are young and energetic, want to get a job without problems, and gain new impressions, then take a closer look at job opportunities in Oman. The Sultanate of Oman has a wonderful location - the coast of the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea. The climate here is hot, warm even in winter, it does not rain in spring and autumn - the amount of precipitation is small. It's warm in winter. You can see mountains, deserts, and beaches. Unlike the neighboring state of the UAE, Oman cannot boast of skyscrapers and modern architecture. These are mainly traditional classic buildings. Nightlife here is also more modest. More than 70% of the population are Arabs who preach Islam. A quarter of the population are foreigners, mostly of Arab origin from nearby states. Many mulattoes, as historically the local population was mixed with African slaves. This is the difference from the primordial Arab states.

What salary can I expect in Oman jobs today? What is the cost of living here?

Job search in Arab countries is quite real, thanks to the high standard of living at the expense of the oil and tourism business. The prices are quite reasonable and the salaries are quite high. It all depends on the profession, but earning from 1000 dollars. here is the norm. Moreover, you can successfully combine work and leisure in your free time. Hotels and restaurants of world brands take care of their staff and can provide vacations, accommodation, meals. Therefore, you will be able to combine a good income and acquaintance with the amazing beauties of the Arab world.

What are the requirements of vacancies for foreigners in Oman?

First of all, you should know at least basic English. This is especially important if you want to get a job in the service sector. You need to have such qualities as sociability and responsibility! Hardworking workers are especially appreciated here, which can help you move even further.

How can I find jobs in Oman for expats and what are the features of work in Oman?

It is quite possible to find vacancies in Oman, since there is no unemployment here. The local population naturally has a priority, two dozen professions are intended only for them. But the rest of the vacancies, especially in the hotel and restaurant business, are quite real for labor migrants from other countries.

The work and salary of local residents is different, they are provided with a good social package. Tuition at universities is paid for. Typically, educated Omanis find prestigious office jobs.
Foreigners must take care of their own insurance. It is necessary because treatment can be expensive. All this is prescribed in the contract when applying for a job.

What are the most popular vacancies in Oman and are there part-time jobs in Oman?

If you are looking for a job, take a look at the following vacancies in Oman, in actively developing industries: waiters, bartenders, cooks, hostesses, work for girls at the reception, nail master, hairdresser. Finding a job in any field will be much easier if you use the services of an agency, especially if you have no experience. Knowledge of English is required. Work experience too.

Employment specialists will help you determine the most suitable field of work for you. In Arab countries, there is a special mentality that does not allow you to simply come and ask for a job. You need a contract, which is drawn up after the interview and recommendations of the employer. Work for girls and young people is provided, as a rule, with housing. By agreement, you can be paid for travel and help with paperwork.

You can find a job in Oman on websites on your own not only in Muscat, but also in other cities. The local population is reluctant to find a job as laborers, so vacancies in this area are in demand without special qualifications. All these professions can be used by you both for a full-time job and for a part-time job.

What are the features of job offer in Oman?

Successful Oman job hiring depends on the skills, experience and demand for the profession of a foreigner. Equally important is the knowledge of Arabic or at least English at a good level. In various fields of activity, the work week lasts from 40 to 48 hours, and weekends fall on Thursday and Friday. To find a job in Oman, use all available methods - from professional social networks to tourist trips to this beautiful country. The state puts in the first place the standard of living of its citizens - there is one of the highest living standards, a favorable environmental situation, a high level of remuneration of people.
It is worth arriving to Oman in order to find a job, thare are a lot of opportunities for you especially!