Logistician Jobs in Qatar

  • Logistician

    Engineer - Technologist
    Agency Avanta Works

    1200 $

    Qatar (Umm-Said)

    In city Umm-Said need a reliable worker!! Specialist in the field Logistician. competitive salary 1200$, needed hard worker ready to work, work there will be a lot, Payouts salary 1-2 times a month on hand. Prizes and bonuses available!Details of the vacancy:- help with accommodation - official emp...
    Agency  Avanta Works
    Avanta Works


  • oil & gas

    Transport - Service - Machines
    Agency total oil & gas

    3000 $

    Qatar (Doha)

    I am logistic officer and i want a job i am experienced in oil & gas company
    Agency  total oil & gas
    total oil & gas

    Direct employer

    Experience required
    Full time job
    No English required jobs


How much do Logistician earn in Qatar?

The average Logistician salary in Qatar is 1500$ per month. Entry-level placements begin at 1000$ monthly, while a lot of experienced workers make up to 2000$ each month.

What is the best Logistician jobs in Qatar

One of the most prominent sorts of vacancies for Logistician in Qatar:
  • Logistician

Are Logistician in demand in Qatar?

Working in Qatar as a Logistician is getting simpler annually as a result of the growing variety of jobs in the industry. It can be a lot easier to obtain your Qatar job license as well as find a well-paying work if you're an experienced Logistician.