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Hello, my name is Katya. Right now I'm in Dubai, working as a waitress in a Belong restaurant.The employer is very good, the accommodation is great and the colleagues are super. We have a lot of time to visit beautiful places in Dubai. I'm very glad I resigned and went.
Hello, I want to tell you about my visit to Abu Dhabi. Just a month ago I heard that there was an opportunity to work abroad, but it all seemed to me not serious and less than truthful. I considered a lot of options and decided to take the risk. I flew to Abu Dhabi, I was met by such kind and polite people and they fitted me in, I mean everything as it should be, I'm not running, not looking, not in a panic. I was given a uniform, and now let's get to work). I was very worried about English, when you come here, they understand you, even if the level is weak, and already being here works the survival instinct) So, guys, do not be afraid, take risks, it's all possible!
I would like to say that working in a restaurant in Dubai is one of the best times in my life. In the first place there is always sunny, in the second infinite quantity of places which can be visited, unreal shopping in the malls, white and sand and transparent water on beaches, bars, clubs, cafes, parks, water parks I can list and list, it is a fantastic glass city of a new era. Also there are sociable people, make friends, invite to something, treat, and plus lady's night in all institutions! The staff at my restaurant was great, friendly, and they were always feeding us in the kitchen. I can say that in a short period my English was great, international experience is not easy sometimes, but it was very interesting, I had no such experience in the service industry, really international, I would not have it in another country. Sometimes it's worth the risk to try!
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How much do Auditor earn in UAE?

The average Auditor salary in UAE is 1500$ each month. Entry-level settings begin at 1000$ monthly, while many skilled employees make up to 2000$ monthly.

What is the best Auditor jobs in UAE

The most popular types of jobs for Auditor in UAE:
  • Internal Auditor
  • Quality Assurance Coordinator
  • Accountant

Are Auditor in demand in UAE?

Working in UAE as a Auditor is getting easier yearly because of the growing number of jobs in the industry. If you're a skilled Auditor, it can be a lot easier to obtain your UAE work permit and also find a well-paying task.