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The United States is a very developed country, so everyone thinks that it will not be difficult to find a work here. Unfortunately, this opinion is wrong. Most foreigners who come to America on a tourist or even a student visa cannot find a free job. The main thing is to believe that nothing is impossible.

What are the requirements for employers in USA?

To find jobs in USA, you should pay attention to small towns. Here are low prices and a benevolent population;

The tourist should try to find his compatriots. They will help you get comfortable, give you practical advice concerning USA job;

You have to understand clearly how to understand American employers. Try to make a conversation more relaxed and even friendly. Try to analyze all the questions they ask you. If they are not essential, then you need to continue your job search;

US city sites allow you to post your own resume, which is recommended. In it, indicate all your skills and abilities, as well as leave contact information;

It will be much easier to find USA jobs for Indian and jobs in USA for Indian freshers after retraining; study will help with this. This will be wiped out almost every specialized educational center within the country;

Look through the latest posts of the employers to stay in touch with it.

How can I get a job in USA?

To find USA job vacancy and jobs in USA for Indian, you need to draw up a competent CV. It requires a brief description of your own life, the place of study, the presence of certain skills.

It is recommended to describe in detail the former place of work. A prerequisite is the attached photo.

Prepare a cover letter, it will increase your chances.

You can search for companies and organizations on websites or forums. If the company needs an employee and it liked your resume, then:

The company will invite a candidate for an interview if he is in America;

He will contact the foreigner via the Internet, ask some questions, and then send the invitation required to obtain a work visa. During a personal meeting, the main documents will be signed and all the details of the work will be discussed.

If you cannot find USA job on your own, then you can contact a specialized employment agency for help. After a short conversation with a representative of the company, the tourist will be given a list of companies to which the resume can be sent. By the way, the mediator takes care of all the issues related to paperwork.

What jobs are in demand in USA and what salaries can you expect?

The most sought-after profession in America is considered to be a retail salesperson. This specialty is paid in the amount of $ 26,000 per year. If we compare the average annual income of the average American, then it can be noted that such a salary is considered very low. Salary means that even people who do not have the appropriate education can work as a seller.

Also in America there is a shortage of workers in the restaurant business. People are especially wanted in fast foods. Finding a job in America is easy for bartenders, dishwashers, cleaners, maids, waiters and animators. The average salary in the United States for these specialties ranges from $ 20,000 to $ 25,000.

Other in-demand specialties:

  • Accountant.
  • Kindergarten teacher.
  • Doctor.
  • Engineer.
  • Mathematician.
  • Nurse.
  • Manager.
  • Interpreter.
  • Programmer.
  • Secretary.
  • Specialist in the field of mechanical engineering.
  • Builder.
  • Teacher of elementary grades.
  • Financial analyst.
  • Ecologist.

Such professions can be in online jobs in USA variant, if you want to. Remote jobs in USA enjoy great popularity, by the way, and big companies always need online workers.

But it is difficult to find a job in the USA in such specialties as:

  • Architect.
  • Designer.
  • Journalist.
  • Photographer.
  • Director.
  • Political scientist.
  • Musician.

What is the cost of living in USA and what are the reasons to move here?

The main disadvantage is that it is difficult to obtain a work visa and apply for a work permit in the United States. This country needs both qualified personnel and non-qualified labor force. People with education will have to confirm their diploma in order to work.

Working in the United States is accompanied by a long professional and social adaptation.

The main disadvantages of living in America:

  • High prices for medical care.
  • Public transport is rare in small towns.

Among the advantages, one can single out high wages, living in a developed country and the possibility of obtaining US citizenship after a long period of residence in the state.

The main advantages of immigration:

  • High standard of living in the USA.
  • High level of medical care.
  • The opportunity to get a decent education in America.
  • Low rental costs in many cities.

In general you need about 7-8 thousand dollars to live in USA.