Work visa for South Korea from India

Work visa for South Korea from India

For south korea job visa for indian you will need to apply for a South Korea law if the purpose of your trip will be for work, equipment assembly or maintenance, service, study trip, or a stay longer than 90 days.

Information about South Korea

The Republic of Korea is a state in East Asia, the southern part of the Korean Peninsula, established after World War II in the territories occupied by the US troops. The capital city is Seoul. A visa to South Korea is not required for a short stay. However, you must have one if you are staying for a longer period or if your trip is of a business nature.


For many years, the Korean Peninsula region has been a hotbed of political and military tensions. They have been particularly heightened following North Korea's ballistic missile and nuclear weapons tests, US- and Republic of Korea-led military exercises, national holidays celebrated in North Korea, and hard- to-predict incidents in the demilitarized zone. Despite the calming of the situation since the beginning of 2018, a renewed escalation of tensions cannot be ruled out.

For the working tourist from India, the threat of crime is low. Cases of robbery, fraud or theft are rare. However, there are areas in Seoul and other major cities where greater caution is advised. It should also be borne in mind that contact with the police (numerous offices in the cities) is difficult for language reasons.

Particular attention should be paid to road safety. It is common for drivers to cross intersections at red lights. The police also do not allow motorcycles and scooters on sidewalks and pedestrian crossings.

South Korea is in a seismically active area. There is a threat of typhoons from June to November. For information and tips on how to deal with an earthquake or typhoon, visit the following website.

Peculiarities of obtaining a work visa

Do you dream of working in South Korea? Would you like to combine work with exploring this super interesting and modern country? Read about where to start looking for a job in South Korea, learn about visa requirements and check out useful job links. If you're an IT professional, you'll also find interesting information and advice on where to look for work.South korea work visa for indian is not so difficult to get

How to get work visa for south korea from india

South korea work visa for indian citizens  are for qualified professionals or those who are fluent in English and want to teach it. For those who speak Korean, the choices are even greater: hotel business, service industry, work as bartender, waitress, au pair, etc. In South Korea there is a dress code, so before the interview it is better to make sure that you are dressed accordingly. Many companies require a criminal record certificate before starting work. A certificate is also one of the requirements for obtaining a south korea work permit visa for indian. It is important to note that Korean employers pay special attention to your education. Ideally, your position should match your degree.Is Korean language proficiency required?

It all depends on the situation. In many multinational corporations, especially in the IT sector, English is enough, but you should add that Korean language basics will be important in the hiring process. It is always a good idea to learn the basics and stress at the interview that you have started to learn Korean and are willing to learn more. Vocabulary, phrasebook and grammar. If you are a better listener, a great course is "Korean, Basic Audio Course".

Work Options in South Korea and Visa Requirements 

Indian nationals must have a work visa in order to work legally in South Korea. The easiest and best option for young people (up to and including 30 years of age) is to obtain a Working Holiday visa, which does not require sponsorship from an employer or a job obtained before traveling to South Korea. The visa is easy to obtain and is issued for a period of one year. You can fly with the visa affixed to your passport and look for a job locally in South Korea. Bottom line: if you're under 30 and dream of working in South Korea, be sure to read the Working Vacation article. Read more about how to get this visa in the article Working in South Korea: Working Vacation.

A popular job among foreigners is teaching English as a foreign language. Many interesting offers can be found on these portals:

  • Learn4Good is a job board for jobs related to teaching English as a foreign language;

  • ESL Cafe - vacancies for English teachers in South Korea;

  • Craigslist - mostly ads for English teachers or unskilled workers (waiters, bartenders, etc.);

  • GoAbroad - offers for teachers as well as information on visas (in English);

  • Xpatjobs - jobs for English teachers in South Korea.

  • Jobs for IT Professionals in South Korea

For those who are not going to be English teachers, Korea also has interesting prospects. One of them is the information technology industry, where specialists are in high demand. If you want to work in South Korea, it is best to apply to large companies that have experience in recruiting workers from abroad. You can find Korean companies that have offices in India or the EU and ask about the possibility of transferring to South Korea before you accept the job. Multinational companies such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai recruit all year round.

However, if you want to find a company that will already directly hire you for a job in South Korea, use well-known job sites:

LinkedIN offers from South Korea - LinkedIn hardly needs a wider introduction. Large database of offers for professionals, ads mostly in English;

Work Korea is a portal with job offers for professionals. The advertisements specify whether a visa is required or not;

Peoplenjob - Jobs for professionals. The advertisements are in Korean or English. Unfortunately, all the ads don't specify if a visa or Korean language skills are required. I can only advise you to send your resume, it doesn't cost anything and it might turn out that a company wants to hire a foreigner;

RobertWalters - English and Korean classifieds for professionals.

Indian emigrant workers may enter South Korea without a visa and stay for up to 90 days within 180 days from the date of first entry. To enter Korea, you need an identification document, which can be an ID card or a passport. An extension of your stay can only be applied for at the immigration office based on your passport. The grounds for obtaining an extension of stay can be marriage to a South Korean citizen, doing business or legal work. Registration is required. The entry document must have a reserve period of validity of 3 months from the planned date of departure from South Korea. There is no border entry fee for Indian applicants travelling on their own, this also applies to truck and bus drivers. Tourists are not required to have a return ticket or a certain amount of money.


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