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South Korea is one of the world leaders in the field of information technology, production of cars, mobile phones and other high-tech products. Jobs in South Korea for Indian and other foreigners in 2021 is available, first of all, for qualified technicians and holders of professions in short supply for the Korean economy.

What jobs are in demand in South Korea?

It is quite difficult to find a good job in South Korea, since the competition for filling such positions is very high. In addition, in their attitude to work and labor efficiency, Koreans are significantly superior to other countries, since they are ready to spend up to 12-14 hours a day at the workplace, not to mention the level of their qualifications. The most prestigious and demanded professions in the country are:

  • Medical workers;
  • Lawyers.
  • Educational workers.
  • Engineers.
  • Translators.
  • Software developers.
  • Designers.

It is extremely difficult to get a job at one of these positions, since the list of requirements for their replacement is long, as is the line of applicants. At the same time, there is another list of industries characterized by softer admission rules. It looks like this:

  • Chemical industry.
  • Electronics.
  • Automotive industry.
  • Manufacturing of semiconductor products.
  • Agricultural industry.
  • Fishing.
  • Steel production.
  • Shipbuilding.
  • Building.

It is much easier to find a job Korea in one of these areas, since for most employers the job seeker's specialty or work experience is not important.

How to get a job in South Korea?

Finding  jobs in South Korea can be a real challenge for a person. This country is famous not only for its good standard of living, but also for the large number of specialists in various fields.

Therefore, it is extremely difficult for visitors to compete with local residents, who not only have good theoretical training, but also have the favor of employers.

Despite such selectivity, qualified specialists are always in demand and can count on getting a position.

The main criteria for selecting an applicant to fill a vacancy in 2021 are:

  • Higher education.
  • The presence of a specialty.
  • Professional skills.
  • Knowledge of Korean or English (both are better).
  • Extensive work experience.

Employers look at these criteria first. In addition, each company has its own specific requirements that must be met in order to obtain a position.

If the applicant does not fit any criteria or has insufficient qualifications, then he will not get a high-paying job.

A long-term work visa is only possible if the immigrant has an invitation from an employer registered in Korea. Based on this, it follows that a person must find a job and agree on all the conditions while still in his home country. The most popular tools for finding job vacancies are:

  • Large recruiting agencies.
  • Sections of ads in Korean print media.
  • Direct communication with the employer.
  • Internet resources.

The most popular of the above methods of job search are Internet resources. It is they who have the largest number of various vacancies and make it possible to choose the best job for themselves, and without any material costs. One of the best sources is Layboard, which offers you such a great number of vacancies, employers, countries and vast amount of information.

What is the salary in South Korea for foreigners?

Jobs in Korea for Indian and other citizens provide you with a high salary. There are several "buts". The level of wages in South Korea is directly dependent on the degree of a person's qualifications and the demand for a particular profession. According to official figures, the average salary in the country is about 3,000- 3600 dollars. However, such information does not reflect the real picture of the labor market, since there is a huge variation in the level of its remuneration.

As a rule, in different regions of the state the same position is paid in different ways. In addition, salaries in South Korea may vary depending on the nationality or gender of a person. Representatives of the weaker half of humanity receive on average 150-200 dollars less than men. Often, this rule applies to immigrants as well.

The salary level in South Korea depends on many factors, among which the following professions occupy the leading positions:

  • Executives - 6,000 dollars.
  • Plastic surgeons – 4200 dollars.
  • Lawyers – 4000 dollars.
  • Dentists – 3400 dollars.
  • Builders – 3000 dollars.
  • Ophthalmologists – 2700 dollars.
  • Factory workers – 2600 dollars.

The minimum wage is 1,015 dollars, of which only 700 remains after all taxes and duties have been paid.

As a result, for a normal life it is necessary to receive at least 2500–3500 dollars, and if a person wants to immigrate with his family, he must be a qualified specialist and speak at least two languages in order to find a good job.

Can you work in Korea without knowing Korean?

Working in Korea without knowing the language in 95% of cases involves unskilled labor, often illegal. Proficiency in English, or even better in Korean, is a great advantage. The visa-free regime with Korea for tourist trips allows foreigners to come to the country in a short time.

Jobs in South Korea for Indian freshers means work on illegal positions, if you don’t know Korean. If you know at least basic English- this will be good for you.

What it's like to work in South Korea?

Work in Korea can be the best decision you ever made, because this country is the best country for for development and earnings. Jobs in South Korea for foreigners offer you a way up your career and personal ladder. But remember, in order to find a more or less decent, well-paid job, you need to be a real professional in a particular industry and speak at least two languages