The highest paying jobs in USA

The highest paying jobs in USA

All working people want to have a high salary, and this is normal, since everyone - both you and me - want our work to be appreciated with dignity. Everyone has some desires, dreams, needs, and in order to do all this, funds are needed. But it so happens that not everyone can earn as much at once as they would like. 

The path to getting a high-paying job is very long and more often than not, in order to get a job with a high salary, you need to work long enough and hard enough, even if we are talking about a country like the United States. It would seem that in a rich and successful country that solves many world problems, and whose currency is used by the whole world, getting a high-paying job is quite simple and quick. And unfortunately this is not the case, and in this country it is also necessary to go a long way in order to receive a large salary. But there are still people who make a lot of money doing their job, and they have the strength to achieve this. And this clearly suggests that this is quite real. 

The highest paying jobs in USA are most often obtained in large corporations, in a very scarce specialty with a small number of specialists. And you can also become the founder or co-founder of any successful business. But this is a rather dangerous path, since not every business is destined to become successful. In any case, in this text we will analyze in detail all the ways to get one of the best paying jobs in USA, and how realistic it is for local residents, and for foreigners who want to get such a job in the USA.

TOP 20 well paid jobs in USA

It is a well-known fact that medicine in the United States is very expensive. Also, training in medical universities and institutions of America is expensive, and the training itself is very difficult, and exceptional accuracy and care is required from the future employee, since doctors work with people, and often how a person lives his life depends on them. All this leads to the fact that the first positions in the list of the most highly paid jobs in USA are occupied by vacancies related to medicine.

  1.  The highest paid worker in the United States is anesthesiologist with an average annual salary of $ 267,020 per year. This is a very dangerous and risky job,

  2. Surgeons. The median salary for a surgeon in America is $ 255110 per year.

  3. Dental and maxillofacial surgeons with an average annual salary of $ 242,370 per year

  4. The next five positions are also occupied by doctors. They occupy such vacancies as: obstetrician and / or gynecologist ($ 238,320 per year), orthodontist ($ 225,760 per year), psychiatrist ($ 220,380 per year), Family doctors and general practitioners ($ 211780 per year) and general practitioners (196490 $ per year).

  5. Employees in the top management of companies and top managers. These people have an average monthly salary of almost exactly $ 200,000. Then there will be those who, on average, earn less than this amount.

And again, a little medicine.

  1. Dentists-implantologists (those who create and install dental and jaw implants) earn an average of $ 191,000 per year.

  2. Pediatricians who work with children earn an average of $ 183,000 per year.

  3. And ordinary dentists earn even less - $ 176,000 a year.

  4. The medical assistant to the anesthesiologist earns a lot, more than the assistant would seem to earn. Their salary is $ 174,790 on average per year.

  5.  Pilots, co-pilots and flight engineers. They are also those who are also responsible for human lives and the safe transportation of people. The salary of those who work in these positions averages $ 169,560 per year.

  6.  Petroleum Engineer. The one who works in this vacancy has an average salary per year of $ 156,370. As you can see, engineers have a great chance of getting one of the highest salary jobs in the USA. Moreover, there are not enough petroleum engineers here.

  7.  IT specialists of the information systems manager. The average salary for such workers is $ 152,860 per year. These are those who, for example, work at Apple and create new iPhones, iPads and MacBooks, as well as improve iOS. But it is worth considering that there are a lot of specialists in this area here. That is Silicon Valley alone in California. And by the way, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that hiring of computer and information systems managers will increase by 10% over the next decade.

  8.  Architects and engineers earn $ 148,970 per year. Here you will also have to compete with local experts, of whom there are many.

  9.  Podiatrists earn an average of $ 148,000 per year. But these specialists are already quite small here, and those who have the necessary qualifications have every chance of getting one of the most paid jobs in the USA.

  10.  A marketing manager makes a little less than a podiatrist on average - $ 147,000 a month. There are also many of these workers, but all managers in the United States have many opportunities.

  11.  The financial manager earns on average a little less than his fellow manager - $ 146,000 per year.

  12.  Lawyers earn an average of $ 144,000 a year. Lawyers are in great demand in America, even though there are already a lot of them every year the demand for them is growing.

  13.  Sales managers (they are even more in demand) earn an average of $ 140,000 per year.

  14.  Science researchers in the field of natural sciences also earn an average of $ 139-140000.

  15.  And one more manager closes the list of twenty of the highest paying jobs in the USA. These are compensation and benefits managers, and they make an average of $ 132,000 a year.

The average salary per year should be understood as the average salary for everyone who works in such vacancies throughout the United States. That is, those who work for them may have a salary a little more and a little less. But in any case, this list of the highest salary jobs in the USA reflects well the demands of the local labor market.

Working conditions in USA

All jobs in this country have very good working conditions, and even more so they will be at the highest paying jobs in the USA. In addition to a good social package, you will receive a good job and a big salary. Also, your employer has a positive effect on your retirement if you decide to stay, live and work in the States.

You may be given the necessary leave, but in many American companies, new employees who have just started working in a particular company are given only 1 week. And already with seniority, this figure can grow up to 4 weeks. In most cases, all these points are regulated by the organization itself.

You will also need insurance to live in the United States. Some companies pay for it in full, some compensate for some part. And the types of insurance themselves differ from company to company. But it is worth remembering that even with insurance, medicine is not cheap. And that is why doctors receive such high salaries.

In addition, every company that hires a person to work in one of the highest paid professions in the US can provide various bonuses and benefits, for example, a transport pass, free access to the gym, etc. And if you are really a very good specialist, your company will provide you with all the goodies available in order to make your life easier.

The required skills to get a high-paying job in USA

Whatever you think, in order to get one of the best salary jobs in the USA, you need to have the appropriate level of qualifications and a large amount of knowledge. Those who are going to start here any of all possible highest paying careers in the USA will have a long way to go. Every decade there are more and more new rules for hiring, but nothing much changes for high-paying jobs in the States.

  • Work experience. In order to receive a simple salary, not necessarily very high, you will still need to have work experience. Most employers don't want to waste time explaining more about how they want you to do your job. They want you to already know what you need to do. Therefore, a rather large work experience increases your value as a specialist, will help you get exactly the job you want, or maybe a better one, and increase your chances of faster career advancement and an increase in salary.

  • What other skills do you need to get a job in America? Few know, but networking is critically important in the US. It means knowing the right people at the right companies. It will definitely help you in your career, but it should take some time before submitting your resume to an employer. Indeed, more often than not, before it reaches the recruiter's table, it must be selected by an automatic verification system. Therefore, it is incredibly important to have someone in the company who can submit your resume directly to the recruiter and reduce the chance that you will not get the job you want. In addition, in the United States there are many events geared precisely to so that you can find such acquaintances for yourself.

  • It is also very important to create a correct and correct resume that will accurately reflect all your skills and capabilities. In a country like the United States, you may not be hired because you have too many skills that are not needed for a particular job. This makes it very difficult for employers to select potential employees for an interview, and they simply let them through. This is called overqualified. Therefore, when submitting a resume, you should not indicate too many skills in addition to what is listed in the vacancy text. It is necessary to indicate only what the employer asks to have, and maybe a little more only if it directly relates to your future work and can help you in the future. It requires you to briefly describe your own life, the place of study, the presence of certain skills. When writing a resume for an American company, it is recommended to describe in detail the former place of work, and perhaps even indicate why you left there. A prerequisite is the attached photo. In addition, if you prepare a motivation letter, your chances of getting the desired vacancy may increase, since employers and recruiters indirectly get to know the person, his interests, needs and characteristics through motivation letters.

  • I will mention the fact that you definitely need to know English only here, because without knowing English there is no point in hoping to get one of the highest paying jobs in the USA. And in general, knowledge of English is vital for working abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a higher education for a well paid job in USA?

The most important request for those looking to get a high-paying job in the United States is having a higher education. Without it, you will be able to find a job, perhaps even a good one, but it is unlikely that your salary in such a job will be higher than $ 30,000 per year. For the United States, this is very small. But if you have received an education, you already have this opportunity. For employment, you will need to provide your employer with a diploma that confirms that you have the necessary qualifications, and if it is in any language that is not English, it, like all your documents on your education, will need to be translated into English. For some of the highest paid professions in the US, in addition to the translated diploma, you need to pass a special exam, which is drawn up in accordance with American educational standards. This exam will prove your qualifications, and is guaranteed to give you the opportunity to get a job in the United States. Such examinations are compulsory for all medical and legal professionals.

In general, it is very necessary to have an education, and in general it is obligatory. And it must necessarily correspond to the work that will subsequently have to be done. Sometimes education is interpreted somewhat loosely. For example, there have been cases when physicists became visa holders in order to then work as programmers. But in fact, in order to get a high-paying job in the United States, one diploma is not enough. You need to get this vacancy and work on it for a certain amount of time. Even if you already have experience in the field, your potential employer may not immediately give you the highest salary possible. As you work, your annual salary will gradually increase.

Do I need a work visa for a job in USA?

Necessarily. To obtain it, you need to go through a fairly tough selection, but if you are a good specialist with good qualities and can benefit both the company and the state, you have a fairly high chance of getting it. In America, there is a quota that distributes the issuance of a certain number of work visas. The quotas are valid for one year. Those who live in countries where free trade is established and an agreement has been signed with the United States are considered prime candidates for an American work visa. There are different types of visas. For example, a work visa is issued when the employer requires short-term services. For those who are going to work at one of the highest salary jobs in the USA, an absolutely different one is needed - Н1В. Highly qualified migrants with higher education can obtain such a visa. This type of work visa is in most cases issued to people working in healthcare.

  • So, if you find a job in the USA where you really want to work, have the necessary skills and are sure that you will be interesting to the employer who posted the vacancy that you liked, you should contact this employer and send him my resume. If your potential employer likes your resume, he will contact you online and ask you some clarifying questions. If everything suits the person who hires you and he is ready to take you to work in his company, he will send an invitation required to obtain a visa for work. And after you have received a visa and arrived in America, during a personal meeting, the main documents will be signed and all the details of the work will be discussed.

  • If your husband or wife is American, the rules are different for you. The fiancée (or groom) of an American (American) who has a K1 visa has the right to get a job. In order to obtain permission to work, it is enough to receive a social card, which will be valid for 90 days. At the end of this period, the couple must legally marry, and the foreign citizen must apply for a Green Card. After that, you can safely work for any of the best paying jobs in USA.

What is a Green Card? This document acts as an identity document that must be used when applying for a job for any foreigner. The green card gives a foreigner almost all the rights and freedoms of a Native American with the only restriction - a ban on voting during the presidential election. Most employers may not hire you, even if you have a visa, but there is no green card. To obtain it, you need to contact the Immigration Service.

Is there an age limit for a job in USA?

As in the rest of the world, the most demanded workers are people aged 18 to 50. During this period, it is important to start working, because if you are going to work at the best salary job in the USA, you need to get an education and some kind of work experience, which also takes a lot of time. But if you are a good specialist with excellent qualifications, you will be hired even at 49 years old. The main thing is to find a job on time and start working.

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