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Arad Branding is a large international company that has 12 offices in different countries, including two offices in Chennai and Delhi, India, and soon new offices in China and Arab countries. Arad Branding Company operates in the field of exporting and supplying more than 400 products in all fields to all countries of the world. Traders and sellers who are active in the field of all types of products in all the fields like medical products and equipment, welding products, agricultural products, building materials, minerals, industrial products, food products, safety products, and so on, whether they have an office or not, can work under ideal conditions as commercial representatives of our company anywhere in the world. Since the production lines of our company's products are mainly in India and Iran, the quality of the products is guaranteed, and at the same time, due to the existence of many material and human resources in these countries, the final price of our products is cheaper than other countries. It is a very good opportunity for all sellers, whether they are wholesalers or retailers. All of you can cooperate with our company as a commercial agent with a very small investment and buy at a cheaper price than other countries and sell at a higher value using the business relationships and marketing information you have from the markets of your countries and earn great profits. From the ideal conditions of our company as an international exporter and supplier of different types of products, it can be pointed out that different fields of commercial work are available for all sellers and they can act as representatives on different types of products that they are skilled in selling. Also, if you have found the customer yourself and we are only the supplier of goods, seventy percent of the profit from the sale is for the representative, and if the customer is entrusted to you from our company, the profit of the representative will be thirty percent. You can contact the following numbers for more information and product purchase or more explanations regarding the granting of commercial representation.

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Mahdi Haghighat

Senior sales Manager


Address: Headquarter Office: G1, #4/608 V.O.C Street, Perungudi, OMR, Chennai Tamil Nadu, 600041, India

and 21Alley, Lankaran Alley, Payday Fard St. Pasdaran, Tehran, Iran

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp number: +447700307598

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☎: +44-77-0030-7598 ✉: [email protected]