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Little bit about Bahrain

Bahrain is an island State with several islands. It is a fairly rich country with a high standard of living. By the way, statistically, one out of every 15 Bahrainis is a millionaire - that says a lot about income, cost and quality of life in that country.  Bahrain is situated in a rather hot climate, so it would be easy for people with heat to work in. But there are good conditions not only for those who can withstand the heat, but also for those who can’t stand the heat. Occupying 780 square kilometres, it is the third smallest country in Asia, yet Bahrain is a highly developed and attractive country for those who want to work and earn. Manama is the capital and largest city in Bahrain, with the highest number of vacancies.

Bahrain developed the first post-oil economy in the Persian Gulf as a result of decades of investment in the banking and tourism sectors. Also, Bahrain is one of the freest and most democratic countries in the Islamic world. The laws are much more lenient than, for example, in the United Arab Emirates and other similar States. Prices of goods and services are surprisingly low. This creates very favourable conditions for employment, high earnings and a wide range of job opportunities. It is home to foreign workers from all over the world, thanks not only to decent wages, but also to the low cost of living in Bahrain.

What jobs are in demand in Bahrain?

Despite the fact that Bahrain, like its neighbors, is the largest oil-producing country in the world, job vacancies Bahrain can offer you jobs not only in this area. Bahrain has one of the most developed hotel and restaurant industries in the region, as well as tourism and entertainment industries and services in general. That is why Bahrain job vacancy 2021 is not only in the oil-producing field, where mostly specialists with education and extensive work experience are required. 

Most requested vacancies in Bahrain:

  • Hotel/hotel administrator
  • Maid
  • Animators and guides
  • Bartenders and waiters
  • Hostess
  • Construction and repair
  • Retail trade
  • Mechanic
  • Driver

These expat jobs in Bahrain involve both permanent employment, temporary employment and seasonal employment. For this reason, temporary immigration to jobs in Bahrain for Indians and others during the summer season for the purpose of earning a living in the service sector is quite common. The low cost of living in that country allows most of their wages to be repatriated.

What is the salary and cost of living in Bahrain?

The average Bahrain jobs salary is 1,330 dinars (approximately $3,500). But only people with education and considerable work experience can count on such a salary. It is usually difficult for foreigners to obtain high-paying jobs in Bahrain from the outset. Often, foreign residents begin their employment with low-skilled positions, such as drivers, au pairs or couriers. In Bahrain, such jobs are not well paid. On average, couriers, cleaners, drivers and dishwashers earn no more than $1,000 per month. Security and safety officers in different companies receive approximately $1,260 each, and beauty and health workers receive almost the same salary. Pilots and airline employees earn the highest salaries, as their salaries reach $8,000 per month. Foreign nationals with work experience and relevant training may take up employment as pilots and flight attendants, and female flight attendants are available. Jobs in Bahrain for Indians in agriculture can be both permanent (thanks to the year-round favourable climate for crop growth) and seasonal. During the summer, students who wish to be paid well for their physical work may also apply.

All expatriates Bahrain jobs offer employees advantageous terms and conditions for cooperation, so if you choose the right job, you will not have to find a place to stay while you are working in Bahrain. Despite such high wages, the cost of living in Bahrain is much lower than in Europe or neighbouring countries in the region. So you won’t spend all your money on living here, but you can take enough money home.  The high demand for foreign workers is a guarantee of easy job placement for the majority of vacancies. Besides, this country is a good place to rest after working hours, because Bahrain has a lot of entertainment for any taste.

What qualifications do you have to meet to get a job in Bahrain?

Everything depends on the specific vacancy and the direction of work, but basically for all people the requirements are the same. All Bahrain job vacancy 2021 require knowledge of English. This is the most important requirement. If you come to a job that doesn’t require education or work experience, that will be your only requirement. But if you’re going to a high-paying job, you’re going to need an education and experience in the right field. Every employer has his own requirements. Knowledge of Arabic is not compulsory, but if you know it, it will be a good advantage. As you can see, it’s easy to get a job in Bahrain, and it’s a good place to work. Working here is a good chance to change your life for the better, so hurry up and take advantage of this opportunity!