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What are the most popular jobs in Kuwait City?

Al-Kuwait is the center of the country in all possible spheres, as well as a very popular tourist city, which makes professionals in service, hotels and restaurants in demand. It houses central government bodies, various ministries and agencies, diplomatic missions, head offices and units of national and foreign companies and banks. This shows that employment in Kuwait is not only for those who are specialists in the service sector or in the hotel and restaurant business, but also for those who are specialists in various governmental and economic fields, so finding jobs in Al-Kuwait is very simple and accessible to everyone!

What are the features of working in Al-Kuwait for foreigners?

Working in Kuwait implies a good salary and favourable terms of cooperation, as well as the opportunity to build a career in another country, receiving a decent wage for their work. Almost anyone who can work can work in Kuwait. All full and part time jobs in Al-Kuwait are the same as in our country, the requirements are almost the same, but the salary is much higher. Kuwait City job vacancies can offer high and timely pay for your work, and it is very difficult to find a job with a salary like here in your country.

What is the cost of living in Kuwait City?

The cost of living in Kuwait is lower than in other, more expensive countries in the region. The cost of living in Kuwait is lower than, for example, in Europe. No taxes and cheap gasoline are important advantages that make Kuwait a very good city for work and life.And the wages of both professionals and ordinary workers are higher than in the same Qatar or Arab Emirates, where the high demand for jobs for emigrants has led to lower wages, which means that living and working in Kuwait City will be comfortable and uncompromising for you!

What are the requirements for employers in Kuwait City?

The basic requirements for employment in Al-Kuwait are the same as for employment in your country - you have to be educated in the needed industry, you must have little work experience – like a year or two, you should know and speak English, and if you know Arabic - that’s amazing! There are no taxes in Kuwait, even for foreigners who’s lucky enough to find jobs in Al-Kuwait. VAT is also absent. So nothing will be deducted from your salary.

What do you mean, living in Al-Kuwait?

Life in Al-Kuwait is the same as in every capital of every country in the world - many movements and lives. Since Kuwait is a multi-ethnic country where most of the inhabitants are visitors, culture is the gathering of all the cultures of the world. People who are lucky enough to work in Al-Kuwait can feel very comfortable here because there are many foreigners who speak English fluently. Working here is very warm - the city is in a warm climate, so if you don’t like the cold, this place will be perfect for you. Actually, living in this town isn’t just a job. Al-Kuwait offers a wide range of services to both foreigners and locals. Large number of restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers with fashion shops, beaches, trips to the desert. Also, if you are a great admirer of art, you will be interested in this city, as it is one of the largest cultural centers in the Persian Gulf!