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The Netherlands is a famous and interesting land, commonly known for its colourful roses and famous city of Amsterdam. But in fact, not only can tourists come to the Netherlands to see amazing views of the area, but quite a lot of people come to the Netherlands to fill free vacancies, as this is a very good choice of country for this purpose. Jobs in Netherlands for Indians can not just enhance your financial situation, but also give you the opportunity to live in the heart of Europe, in a country with a favourable climate and a lot of interesting places. And perhaps one of all jobs in the Netherlands for foreigners can be the beginning of long-term immigration, followed by a Dutch passport. The Netherlands has the sixth largest economy in Europe and is a major interchange between these countries. It is also very popular with tourists, so it is easy to get a permanent job or part-time jobs in the Netherlands in different service fields.    

What are the most popular jobs in the Netherlands?

Job openings in Netherlands are accessible in a huge range of areas. There is a big request for everyone who can work, and many doors are open for hard-working and good labourers. On all job vacancies in Netherlands that are free and accessible at the moment employers are ready to hire foreigners, so you don’t have to worry about it. In general, there are a lot of unoccupied jobs in Netherlands for foreigners, and now I give you a rough list of available vacancies: 

  • Chef

  • Sous Chef

  • Snack Chef

  • Waiter

  • Dishwasher

  • Janitor

  • Barista

  • Architect

  • Restorer

  • Builder

Here’s only two variants of positions: part time jobs in Netherlands and full-time. A full-time employment is a job for workers like IT professionals, technical professionals and experienced marketers, and some people are able to find work in the health or education sectors. Some part-time positions are like seasonal jobs, meaning hard handwork on fields or greenhouses. For instance, picking strawberries, vegetables and fruits or packing flowers. Job opportunities in Netherlands are very wide and almost everyone can get a job in the Netherlands if they want

What are the requirements for employers in the Netherlands?

The requirements of every Dutch company for employees are to meet international requirements for foreign workers. As with every currently accessible for foreigners vacancy in all open for non-native workers countries, there is one important necessity: knowledge of English language and work permit. All jobs in the Netherlands for Indians require a command of at least English, preferably certified, or other ability to prove their knowledge. Without it, it is almost impossible to find a normal job. Unless you can work some kind of semi-legal job with a high risk of fraud from your employer and deportation from the country. It is not a high-paying job at all - it is absolutely necessary to know English. From this one can make that regardless of the vacancy, at all jobs in the Netherlands, proficiency in English is the very important criterion. In addition to English, it would also be good to speak Dutch. The second requirement is qualification. It can be either a university degree or just a lot of work experience, or both. Every employer has his own individual regulations to know before going to work.

What is the salary in the Netherlands?

In comparison with other European States, Dutch workers do not have the highest but not the lowest incomes. This varies greatly by region and occupation. Officially, the minimum wage is 1,635 euros per month, but this is for those who work full-time. Also, for these people, wages may be closer to 2,000 euros, or higher. And for those who work at part time jobs in Netherlands, the wage is counted as hours worked, so may differ from the official lowest salary. 

What is the cost of living in the Netherlands?

The housing prices in the Netherlands rely upons on where you work. When you obtain a job in the Netherlands north, where Amsterdam is located, the cost of living will be higher than in other regions. Rental prices in big cities are equally high. Renting an apartment in a good place can cost about 1,800 euros. That’s why people often rent flats with neighbors to make it easier to pay rent. Apartments on the outskirts are cheaper, the cheapest and cost up to 1,000 euros. Public utilities in most cases cost up to EUR 200 per month, depending on the size of the apartment and the number of people living in it. The cheapest means of transport are trains, bicycles, subways, trams and buses. It is very expensive to keep a car, as is taxiing. Food is cheap, and on average one person spends 100-150 euros a month on providing food. 

How to find jobs in the Netherlands?

How to get a job in Netherlands from India? Very simple and quick, if you know exactly what you want. There are many agencies that do this. Find all available jobs in the Netherlands for English speakers on the special source - Layboard, which majors in helping people searching jobs anywhere in the world. This site is very easy to search, so if you want to find a good job for yourself in the Netherlands, you must check on this website.