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Good afternoon. I have been working in Oman (Muscat) as a supervisor in the Mumtaz Mahal Restaurant complex for three months now. I am happy with the work. Oman turned out to be a very green and beautiful country. There are places to relax in your free time, there are even oases, not just one desert! Of the products you can buy anything you want. The price-quality ratio is good! In general, I am satisfied with the place of work and the country too!
Let me talk briefly about my experience. Pros - beautiful and prosperous country Cons - the country is very expensive.
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How much do Trailer driver earn in Oman?

The average Trailer driver salary in Oman is 1500$ per month. Entry-level settings start at 1000$ per month, while many skilled workers make up to 2000$ each month.

What is the best Trailer driver jobs in Oman

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    Can I obtain a Trailer driver job in Oman without language skills or experience?

    Yes. Lots of companies are open to employing staff members with minimal knowledge of the language. Of course, business choose skilled workers. But some companies in Oman hire Trailer driver with no experience.