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Jobs in Khasab are the jobs that you can get being in Oman. The overwhelming percentage of employed personnel in the country are foreigners. In Khasab and other cities, hard-working immigrants are welcomed with open arms. Local residents have the right to free education, after which they can easily get a job in their specialty. As a result, there are many attractive places for foreign personnel.

Layboard will tell you some consult on how to find a job here: 

Working in Oman is a dream that can come true. Moving here is easy. At the same time, you need to understand that employment in the Arab countries should take place under a contract. The employer sends an invitation, on the basis of which a work visa is issued. It turns out that you need to find a company for employment. How to do it correctly?
Trust the agencies to make your dreams come true. The company will not only find a job according to your wishes. Experts will prepare for interviews so that you are offered the most favorable conditions.

What vacancies are the most in demand?

1.      Executive Operation Supervisor.
2.      Manager.
3.      Driver.
4.      Labor.
5.      Cashire.

You can also find some jobs in companies, if you are great specialist with experience and education.
Don’t forget, that you should know at least basic English or teach it during your work in Khasab, which will be more efficient than doing this by yourself.

What is the cost of living in Khasab?

In Khasab the price of living is about 1000 dollars per month including transportation and living.

What is the average salary can you expect in Khasab?

For example the nurse gets about 2, 200 dollars per month, and the average salary is 2000 dollars in one month! By the way, some employers pay you money every two weeks, depending on your schedule, kind of work and your efforts.
Khasab is one of the best cities in Oman possible to choose for your job, if you want to get high pay, opportunities to work in nice team and to meet new people, also develop yourself!