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The Kingdom of Oman is a promising country for building a successful career. For those wishing to find a job abroad, new opportunities are opening up for the development of eastern countries, as an optimal place for future labor activity. Working in Muscat is the most profitable for foreigners, as the income level in the capital of the Kingdom of Oman is almost 2 times higher than in other regions. A country with a high level of income, exotic nature and peculiar culture is the best choice for those who want to get a job abroad, change their lives and get acquainted with new traditions. Oman is a state in which everything is fine with the environment and infrastructure. There is practically no crime here, and the local population is very loyal to foreigners.

What are the most popular Muscat job vacancies for foreigners?


Job seekers can qualify for a successful employment in Muscat on the positions:
- the waiter;
- hostess;
- supervisor;
- receptionist;
- administrator;
- manager.

What are the requirements for jobs in Muscat with salary?


1.      Reliability. You said and you did it. There is a problem all over the world - people talk a lot but do nothing. Because of this sad tendency, people stop trusting each other. To avoid this, prepare 2-3 stories in advance about how you have already solved a similar problem for other companies. Share your success stories with specific examples.
2.      Sociability and presentability. You must be able to present yourself, be able to sell your ideas. Remember, whatever you do, being able to sell yourself is important! In general, you compete with the whole world on a daily basis, and even with yourself. This is a constant struggle that leads to self-development and success. You must be interesting to the world, interesting to other interlocutors
3.      Knowledge of English. The better you know English, the more chances you have of finding a high-paying job. The more vocabulary you have, the more you can tell about yourself.

Therefore, listen to English-language podcasts, learn different phrases every day. Go to English courses right now! Sign up for conversation clubs, pump your skills in the linguistic direction. It will not be superfluous to know at least the basics of Arabic, it will play into your hands.

What salary can you expect in Muscat jobs today?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) belongs to the category of countries in which the principle of "healthy economy" operates. They are among the most developed countries in the Middle East and the world in general.

A specialist with experience in a particular field is valued in the UAE much higher than a person without work experience and education. The average salary of a person who has an idea of \ u200b \ u200bthe business and the principles of its conduct, as well as a higher education, ranges from 6,000 to 12,000 dollars per month.

There are many representative offices of large international companies in the United Arab Emirates. 90% of branch managers are expats, including from developed Western countries.
A specific feature of the local labor market is the difference in pay for different ethnic groups. The country has a medieval division of people into the elite, consisting of indigenous Arabs, "white" expats and hired workers with dark skin from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, etc. For the same job, the "white", as a rule, gets more, than a migrant from South Asia. Of the migrant workers, British citizens are in the most privileged position, as the Emirates is a former British colony. Without texting all this, everyone always has a chance to get work in Oman Muscat.

How to find vacancies in Muscat and or to get part time jobs in Muscat?

What do you need to find a job?
In order to apply for a vacancy, you must:
- have a passport (not expired);
- be proficient in spoken English;
- have a presentable appearance;
- work experience will be a plus.

How to look for a work in Oman correctly?

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