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Pakistan is a suitable country, if you want to get a good income. The fact that Pakistan is not very popular with foreigners as a place to find work does not exclude the availability of good offers there. Today our Layboard has collected for you some information that will help you get a job in this country without problems.

What are the main features for foreigners of working in Pakistan?

Citizens of almost all countries in the world need to apply for a visa in advance to travel to Pakistan. Moreover, this will have to be done in your home country. If you try to apply for a visa in a third country without a residence permit, work permit or similar document, then with almost one hundred percent probability you will be refused.

In order to work in Pakistan, you must at least know English at a level sufficient to fluently express and understand others, but in some cases, depending on the place and specifics of the work, basic knowledge of Urdu, Bengali or Pashto may be useful.

We also want to tell you some pieces of advice, if you decide to leave your country, in order to get new job in Pakistan.

  1. Pakistan does not have the best relations with Afghanistan, Israel and Armenia. Therefore, it is better to keep silent about visiting these countries. Even if you have traces of your stay in the above-mentioned states in your passport, you should not write them in the form in the field "Last visited countries" - maybe they will not notice. And by the way, despite the widespread misconception, an Indian visa is not at all an obstacle to getting a Pakistani visa, as well as vice versa.
  2. There are different guidelines for what to write in the list of Pakistani cities that you are going to visit. It is definitely worth giving up any mentions of Baluchistan, Azad Kashmir and the Tribal Zone (you are unlikely to get to the last two territories anyway). It is also better to keep silent about Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In principle, it will be enough to indicate Karachi, Multan, Islamabad and Lahore.

How and where to look for Pakistan latest jobs?

Many online resources provide you with vacancies, but our Layboard is one of the best for you to find your vacancy in Pakistan.. You will find here a lot of jobs in Pakistan 2021 and descriptions of all the details and you can immediately contact the employer, as they will mainly leave their contacts.

What are the most popular job vacancies in Pakistan, and what our site can recommend you?

  • Supervisor and assistant supervisor;
  • Clerk;
  • Computer operator;
  • IT specialist and IT operator;
  • Manager;
  • Driver;
  • Technical and support staff;
  • Superintendent Assistant.

Such vacancies are not singular, almost every company requires such specialists and even more than one. There is always work for a builder or programmer who is well versed in his business, however, it is advisable to cooperate (especially at the initial stage) only with reliable companies with a good reputation.

What is the average salary for today’s job in Pakistan?

The average wages for a person in Pakistan is 700 dollars per month without taxes.

What is the cost of living in Pakistan?

You need to spend about 315 dollars every month. Cost of living in Pakistan is lower than in USA and the rent here is lower too.

What are the disadvantages of living and working in Pakistan?

Expats planning their lives in Pakistan should be aware that crime rates are known to be particularly high as Pakistan is frequently featured on international lists for crimes such as murder and other violent crimes.

People living in Pakistan can face some difficulties when it comes to healthcare. The country as a whole is working towards a much healthier future, in areas such as dentistry and nursing. However, this does not change the fact that in most of Pakistan's poorest areas, health facilities are few and far between.